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   Chapter 1 The Death Of Eric

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At the hospital

A twenty-year-old girl, with long flowing hair, was standing in front of the operating room. She was comforting her mother. "Mom, calm down. Dad will be fine."

The mother's shoulders kept trembling as she cried. She looked at her daughter, the only child present at the moment.

She kept shaking her head and said, "I don't know where your two brothers went. Something so terrible happened, yet they are nowhere to be found. They don't care for their father at all."

Sherry Shao, the girl, stared at the operating room. Her eyes were red, and she was on the verge of collapsing.

It was supposed to be her birthday party today until she received a letter. Her father, who always loved her so much, got sick with a heart disease. All of a sudden, it was like her world crumbled down.

The woman turned to look at Sherry Shao and asked, "Sherry, what did the letter say? Why did your father become like this after reading the letter?"

"Mom, I didn't see the content either. Everything became chaotic when Dad fell down. Maybe some guests took the letter away."

Sherry Shao helped her mother, Macey Ni, walk to the bench and they sat down. Macey Ni was still in a daze, her head spun wondering what on earth could cause her husband to collapse like that.

She wiped her tear-streaked face with a tissue and said, "Sherry, you must find out what happened or your father might die with a heart full of regrets."

The only thing Sherry Shao could think about was for her father to survive this tragedy.

At the airport

Lyman Huangpu exited with his suitcase, followed by three tall men. Galen Wan, one of the three men, walked to him with his hands in his pockets.

He hesitated for a while before he asked, "Sir, are we going to the hospital now? Or should we go after two days?"

His words made Lyman Huangpu smile. He asked, "Why are you in such a hurry? I haven't heard the good news from the Shao family yet. I won't show up like this. I will only show up when they're fighting for the family properties."

Galen Wan smiled at his answer. He hadn't played such an interesting game for a while now.

Lyman Huangpu looked down at the platinum watch on his wrist, then gave orders to the men. "Well, I have to go somewhere. You three head on to the villa first. I've asked Rosaline to arrange everything. I'll be back by tomorrow."

Galen Wan nodded and walked towards the two men behind him. Lyman Huangpu then strode out of the airport. He knew in his heart that there was only one thing he needed to do now.

After exiting the airport, Lyman Huangpu got into a taxi and fastened his seat belt.

The driver turned around only to find out that he was wearing designer clothes. He asked curiously, "Sir, where are you going?"

Lyman took out a bill from his wallet and gave it to the driver, telling him the address.

The driver could not hide his surprise at his words. The address that he gave was a newly established area filled with villas. No wonder the man was generous.

The driver immediately started the engine and

began driving. Lyman Huangpu finally came back after so many years. Now, he could take everything back from Eric Shao.

After forty minutes, the driver stopped the car in front of a villa. He turned around to look at Lyman Huangpu sitting in the back seat.

Seeing that he had fallen asleep, the driver reached out and gently nudged his arm. "Sir, we have arrived. Please wake up."

Lyman Huangpu slowly woke up and opened his eyes. He saw the familiar house in front of him and unfastened his seat belt before going out of the car.

After that, the driver immediately drove away. The villa looked like it was newly built, but it felt off. It was said that someone died there so the place felt ominous.

Lyman Huangpu held his breath as he reached out to press the doorbell. He couldn't calm down. It felt like his heart was suspended in the air.

An old woman opened the front door. When she saw the familiar face, her eyes were instantly filled with tears. She looked at him and cried hard.

She held Lyman Huangpu tightly and wailed, "Lyman, you're finally back. I have been waiting for you to go home for so long."

The sight of her made him reluctant to let go. He said, "Rosaline, we haven't seen each other for many years. I was really worried that you wouldn't recognize me."

Rosaline was stunned. She stopped hugging him and pulled his hand instead to lead him into the villa. Looking around, she said, "Lyman, look at this place. It's designed just like the way it was when your parents were still alive. Do you like it?"

He walked into the villa to confirm what she said. Looking at the familiar home in front of him, he clearly knew what he should do for his parents.

He held her arm tightly. In a serious voice, he said, "Rosaline, you can stay here and wait for Inna to come back."

When she heard him mentioning Inna, a sad look marred her features. "Lyman, do you really think we can find her? She was only three years old at that time, and she's still missing until now."

Holding Rosaline's hand, he said, "Don't worry. I have sent someone to look for Inna, so there should be news about her soon. I'm back and I want the whole family to be complete. The Shao family will pay for everything they did in the past."

Rosaline smiled in relief. As long as the family would be able to reunite, she wouldn't mind waiting more. It would be worth it.

Howell Shao returned home at seven o'clock in the evening and he then rushed to the hospital. When he walked out of the elevator, he saw his mother and sister waiting outside the operating room.

"Mom, what's wrong with Dad?"

Macey Ni stood up at once and slapped him. She scolded, "How dare you show up this late?! A few hours have passed already."

No matter how hard she hit him, Howell Shao didn't fight back. He quietly accepted her complaints. From the side, Sherry Shao held their mother's hands to stop her.

She sniffled and asked, "Howell, where on earth have you been? I called you so many times, but you fell off the grid. I wasn't able to get in touch with you."

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