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   Chapter 5 The Last Stubbornness!

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In a romantic French restaurant, the candle light was flickering. Robb was shaking a glass of wine in his hand while the sound of violin was echoed around.

He raised the long brown wavy hairs of the woman who sat in front of him and placed them behind her ears, revealing the lachrymal mole in front of her.

"Robb, don't just watch me eat. You eat too." Kelly Xia's voice was sweet.

As the beef was put to the mouth of Robb, he smiled and ate it slowly.

"You look beautiful when you eat."

After drinking up the red wine, Robb cut the beef in front of him considerately and exchanged it with Kelly Xia.

"Robb, I won't leave this time. You said you would marry me when I came back. " Kelly Xia wiped her fingers with a white tissue gracefully.

"I've arranged everything. You can get married at any time you want." Then Robb took out a diamond ring from his pocket.

Seeing the diamond ring enter her middle finger, a smile appeared on Kelly Xia's face. She stood up and kissed Robb on the face.

There was a red lip print on Robb's face.

At the table not far away, Janette witnessed what had just happened and remained silent.

It turned out that he was not cold, but his tenderness had never been for her.

But why did he propose to her back then? Why did he chase after her?

The one who fell in love with someone would lose.

Janette took the red wine as a vent of anger and gulped it down one after another.

She couldn't drink much. Her face turned red after only a few drinks.

"Miss Janette, you have seen it too. Is it time to go back?" Isaac took the wine glass and glanced at Robb. He was relieved that no one noticed Janette and him.

People around looked at them strangely. In the current state of Janette, they would be discovered by Robb sooner or later.

"Okay, let's go." Fortunately, Janette was still awake.

She stood up and almost fell, and then she sat back weakly.

On the other side, a woman slowly walked in.

"My lady, can you do it? How about I ask someone to help you? " Isaac couldn't wait to take out his phone and make a call?

"Janette, it's really you." The woman walked in and screamed. The next second, a glass of water splashed on Janette's face, and Janette instantly woke up.

"Julia Su..."

"This glass of water was spilled on you, because you made me fired." Julia Su held the arm of the man who came alone with her and leaned against him.

"As I said before, you made yourself fired." Janette said in a low voice.

In fact, there was not much enmity between Janette and Julia Su. When Julia Su spoke ill of Janette behind her back, Jeff heard it. Coincidentally, Julia didn't finish a few tasks at that time, so Jeff used some connections and fired her.

But Julia Su was jealous. Why could Janette live such a free and easy life? So when she was fired, she tried to fall in love with a rich man.

"I heard from the restaurant that someone drank wine in an uncivil manner. Janette, you are really a bumpkin. "

After saying that, Julia Su left at the man's request.

It took Janette a long time to react. She picked up her bag and wanted to leave, but was blocked again.

"Janette." Kelly Xia delivered a tissue to Janette.

Janette shrunk her head a little bit and she didn't expect herself to be so embarrassed in front of her rival in love.

"Robb is on the phone. Are you waiting for him to come out?" Kelly Xia smiled innocently. It was impossible to image Kelly Xia was in fact a mother of a child.


If he saw her here, he would be very unhappy. She had achieved her goal and could leave now.

"Okay." Kelly Xia made way for her. Janette staggered. Seeing this, Isaac immediately stepped forward and held her arm.

"Isaac, I think you don't want to work here anymore." Robb fixed his eyes on Kelly Xia and then he saw Janette was also here.

He was in a good mood. He raised his eyebrows slightly, and his lazy nasal voice was a little seductive.

Janette raised her eyes to look at the man. Maybe it was an illusion, Janette always felt that his peripheral vision had been on her.

"It's me. It has nothing to do with Isaac. I just want to see Kelly Xia. She has been abroad for so long. I miss her."

"Now that I have seen it, it's time for me to go back."


Her stubbornness didn't allow her to admit defeat in front of Robb. She turned around and turned her back to him. "It's over, Robb."

It was so tired to love him.

"Send Miss Janette back to where she should go." He put his arm on the shoulder of Kelly Xia, and his angular face was still calm.

This time, Isaac didn't dare to resist and took Janette out of the restaurant.

In the police station, the number of policemen doubled.

Standing at the door of the interrogation room, Janette looked coldly at the uninvited guest sitting inside.

The coffee was still steaming. Nicole stared at her playfully.

Janette pursed his lips and said nothing.

"Janette, my sister-in-law, I'm here to send you the divorce agreement. You see how careless my brother is. He even forgot this. I have to help him."

It was really ironic.

"Of course, don't be afraid that the Xi's will treat you unfairly. You can choose any house in Pear Garden."

Pear Garden was a famous rich area in A City. Ordinary people had to work for hundreds of years if they want to buy a property here. Moreover, the real estate was limited, and it could be said that even if they had m

oney, they might not be able to buy one.

The compensation was really rich.

Nicole unfolded the divorce agreement and turned to the page for signature. The signature of Robb was there. She didn't know how long it took him to sign here.

"Sign it!" Nicole said indifferently, but in her eyes, her eagerness was clear to see.

"If you think a property in Pear Garden is not enough, you can also choose one property of the Xi's as you liked."

Seeing that Janette didn't take any action, Nicole said again. She looked at Janette with disdain. She knew that this kind of woman didn't deserve Robb.

"I don't want the house in Pear Garden, nor do I want the property of the Xi's. Just divorce."

Janette took the pen and signed on the divorce agreement.

She did it with all her strength.

Taking over the divorce agreement, Nicole stood up with satisfaction and was about to leave. But before she left, she turned around and said, "By the way, the Xi's has used their connections this time. You may die. Good luck to you."

The door was closed.

Six days later——

The light in the interrogation room was still on, and Janette leaned weakly against the corner of the wall. She seemed to have stayed in the room for a century, and now she could not tell whether it was night or day outside.

Since Nicole left that day, no one had come to visit her, as if she had been forgotten.

"Janette, you can leave now." The door was opened, and the dazzling light made her squint slightly. Behind the police, Sharon stood here in plain clothes, with Jeff next to her.

Jeff's hairs were grey, and he walked slowly with the help of a walking stick in his hand.

"Don't ask anything. Just go." The policeman opened his mouth first when he saw Janette opened her mouth slightly and wanted to say something.

"The Mao's is gone." Sharon suddenly said in a sad tone.

"What do you mean?"

Janette stood up and held Jeff.

"The Mao's business is on the verge of bankruptcy. In order to bail you out, Dad sold all the property."

Sharon turned a blind eye to the warning in Jeff's eyes. "I stopped you before."

When Robb proposed to Janette, Sharon stood out and opposed. She said that she could see love in Nicole's eyes, but Janette was overwhelmed by surprise and ignored it.

"I'm sorry."

All the grievances of Janette turned into tears.

"It's my fault to make you kneel down, but I will do it again even if it happened again. Let's settle. "

Sharon wiped away Janette's tears and said, "Don't cry. It make you so ugly. We have to find a job later. "

"Okay." They walked out of the police station. Sharon kept talking about the interesting things in the past, and consequently the atmosphere was not oppressive.

At noon, Janette rented a small house and came to the talent market.

It was a graduation season, and the talent market was crowded with people, including many students from famous universities. Janette was glad that she had enrolled one of the best universities in A City in order to follow the pace of Robb.


"Fashion design."

"Graduated from A University?"



"Janette Mao."

"Janette Mao?"


The man was in his fifties. He was bald and wore casual slippers. When he heard the name of Janette, he raised his head and became indifferent.

"I don't think you are suitable for our company."

Janette's CV was thrown into the trash can by the man.

Janette clenched her fists, took a deep breath and took out her CV from the trash can.

And so on. Every interviewer who heard her name was either cold to her, or polite to ask her to leave. No matter how stupid Janette was, she could guess that something was wrong.

The Xi's made it.

After coming out of the interview room, the CV was deformed in Janette's hand.

She hold her phone. After thinking a while, she dialed a familiar number.

"Hello." The languid voice of Robb came from the phone.

"What do you want?"

Robb was stunned by Janette's rebuke. "What do you mean?"

"The Mao's has gone. It's enough, right?"

Tears welled up in Janette's eyes. People came and went, and no one noticed her. They just thought that Janette was a college student who couldn't find a job and complained to their families about their grievances.

"Robb, is that Janette?"

"I'll tell her."

Janette's eyes were gloomy, and her tears were forced back to her eyes.

She called him on impulse. How could he care about it when he has a beauty in his arms?

"Janette, I'm going to be engaged to Robb. Are you coming?"

"I sent the invitation to your home."

Kelly Xia said it happily.

"I have moved, and I don't have time." Janette refused subconsciously.

"But, Janette, I haven't told you the date. You... "

Before Kelly Xia could finish her words, the phone was taken away by Robb. "Kelly Xia asked you to come. You just come."

Hearing the beeps of the phone from the other side, Janette hung up the phone.

"Janette Mao, come here." It was the man who had just interviewed her.

Janette turned around and trotted over.

"Mr. Robb called me just now and asked me to take care of you. Well, I have a position in my company and it's a little hard. But it's also a chance for you to practice."

"What position?"


Disdain flashed through the man's eyes. He was in a good mood at the thought that the daughter of the former Mao's had become the cleaner of his company.

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