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   Chapter 3 Run Away (Part One)

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"Janette, why are you here? You're a wanted criminal now."

The gate of the Mao family villa were blocked by the servants with Sharon leading the group.

Gasping for breath, Janette tried to squeeze into the crowd. "Let me in. I need to see my father!"

"Are you that shameless? Don't you know what you've done? If I were you, I'd just stay in prison and rot in there!"

Sharon spat brazenly.

Janette wasn't interested in arguing with her anymore, especially knowing that Robb would be here anytime soon.

"Sharon, please let me in. I just want to make sure my father's fine."

The number of servants that had gathered at the door were now increasing. To Janette's surprise, none of them seemed familiar.

"You changed all the servants?"

"No. Only those you're familiar with. Janette, the Mao family has already disowned you."

Sharon seemed pleased with herself. "I can let you in if you kneel down in front of me and beg for it."


Janette never thought she would do this to her. When did she start hating her so much?

Seeing the look on her face, she could tell that Sharon was dead serious.

"Sharon, I regret bringing you back to the Mao family twenty years ago."

Slowly, she got on her knees.

She straightened her back, trying to maintain the last shred of dignity she had left.

"Yes, you saved me. But did you ever bother to care about my feelings? Ever since I was a child, you've outshone me in every aspect. For the past twenty years, I've wanted nothing more than for you to disappear.

Why do you think you're so much better than me? Dad and Robb only care about is you.

I'm so happy to finally see you kneel in front of me."

Hatred filled Sharon's eyes.

"Let her in." Sharon turned around and paused for a few seconds before quickly entering the house.

Janette stood up and turned around. She saw a few cars approaching.

'Robb is quick! What does he want?'

"Why aren't you coming in?" Sharon urged. With just one glance at Janette, she instantly understood what was going on.

Janette came to her senses. She went in and slammed the door behind her.

"You must hide." Sharon opened the door of the storage room and reminded, "Don't make any noise."

Janette nodded slightly before hiding.

Three minutes later

Before Sharon could respond, the door was kicked open. Frightened, she dropped the cup of coffee she was holding. When she met Robb's stony gaze, she looked away in guilt.

A thick silence stewed in the air.

"Where is she?"

Robb glanced around the living room, but couldn't find who he was looking for.

Robb's strong aura made Sharon tremble involuntarily. She took a deep breath and asked, "You mean my sister? I thought you sent her to prison."

"She escaped."

"Well, she's not here. The Mao family has already disowned her. She's not even allowe

d here."

Janette lowered her head in nervousness.

Robb nodded and parked himself on the sofa.

"Robb, aren't you going to find my sister?"

It was dark and damp in the storage room. Sharon didn't know how long Janette could hold on. For now, she had to lie to Robb and get him to leave.

"She'll be back. It'll only be a matter of time."

Robb smiled. To him, Sharon's story didn't seem plausible. Janette was probably here and was just hiding.

"What if she left A City?" Sharon glanced at the storage room out of the corner of her eye.

"My men have blocked the city. She couldn't escape even if she had wings."

He stood up from the sofa and slowly approached the storage room, his hand gripping the doorknob.

"Don't make me catch you lying."

"Robb, how dare you come here? Where are all those promises you made me when I allowed you to marry Janette? Is this what you meant when you told me you were going to treat her well? Get out! You're not welcome here!"

Jeff stood at the stairway. When he caught sight of Robb, he made his way downstairs.

"Da-" The word "Dad" got stuck in his throat.

Robb didn't know what to say amidst the situation.

"Robb, get out of here!"

Jeff roared. He thought that Janette was still in prison.

As far as Jeff was concerned, it was his fault for allowing his daughter to marry Robb.

"Janette knocked out the guard and escaped. She's on the wanted list. Do you think you can protect her forever, Sharon?"

Robb said coldly.

"Robb, you've already ruined one of my daughters. Now you want to hurt the other one? Get out!"

Jeff was so riled up that he coughed a few times, his face flushing.

"Dad." Sharon supported her father as she shot Robb a sharp look. "Aren't you leaving? My sister's not here!"

Sharon gestured for him to leave.

"Oh, I'm leaving but not until you open the door to the storage room first. If she's not there, I'll see myself out."

"If my sister isn't here, can I call the police for trespassing?"

Jeff placed his hand on Sharon's. She turned and found Jeff slightly shaking his head, indicating that she shouldn't open the door to the storage room.

"No one in A City would dare to arrest me. Since you can't be convinced, I'll have to open it myself. Isaac, open the door of the storage room for me."

The bodyguards then surrounded Sharon and Jeff to stop them from doing anything.

Isaac slowly approached the door and kicked it open. "Mr. Xi, the door is open."

Robb chuckled as he approached the room, taking his time. Sharon's face turned pale in an instant.

The brightness of the living room shone into the storage room. In the corner, it could be clearly seen that something was being covered with a white jacket.

Robb frowned at the musty smell. "Janette, you'll make it much easier for me if you come out yourself."

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