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   Chapter 2 Disappointment (Part Two)

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She needed to explain everything to Robb Xi or else he would take out his anger on the Mao family. She could take anything that was thrown her way but not the Mao family.

"Do you think Robb Xi is the type of person you can just see at your will?"

The man waved the baton in his hand and hit Janette Mao with it.

"Miss Xi told me to teach you a lesson." The man smiled faintly and hit her again.

Janette Mao bit her lower lip as the sweat dripped across her face, falling to the floor.

Once again, Nicole Xi had something to do with her suffering.

"Well, aren't you stubborn? Let's see how much you can stand." The man grew excited as he hit Janette on the body again and again. Eventually, she was paralyzed from the pain.

"Mr. Xi, Mrs. Xi is here." It was Isaac's voice—Robb's only trusted subordinate. More often than not, wherever he was, Robb was also there. A look of surprise appeared on Janette's face.

'What is he doing here? Is he here to make fun of me?' Janette thought to herself.

The man was enjoying himself so much in hitting Janette that he didn't notice the door of the interrogation room was pushed open.

The baton was taken away from him. The man turned his head as if to scold whoever took his baton away. However, upon recognizing Robb, he got on his knees.

"Mr. Xi..." He was frightened.

"Do you think you can just hit my woman because you want to? How dare you!"

Robb smiled disdainfully as he kicked the man on the abdomen. In response, the man curled up on the floor in anguish. After a while, he got up again and positioned himself next to Robb.

"Mr. Xi."

Isaac got on his knees to wipe Robb's shoes. Then he threw the used towel on the man's face.

Disbelief was written all over Janette's face.

She couldn't believe that Robb had rushed to her defense.

Robb slowly approached Janette. Janette's eyes twinkled, noticeably flustered.

Robb reached out to place his finger under Janette's chin, forcing her to look up at him.

"Last night, Sharon came to me and informed me that the Mao family has already disowned you."

Upon hearing this, Janette closed her eyes in despair as her tears gushed out.

Irritated, Robb withdrew his hand. He thought he could handle facing Janette, but seeing her like this already affected him greatly.

"Robb, please let me and my family go. I'm so tired."

Janette clutched her chest, wanting to cry but unable to. After a while, she chuckled.

"Janette, marry me. I will treat you well."

"Janette, I'm so lucky to have you."

"Janette, why did my brother marry you? You are no better than me."

"Janette, anyone who's going to marry my brother needs my approval. Else, I'll get rid of her myself. Just wait and see."

Robb's and Nicole's voices echoed in her mind.


you should reflect on yourself and your actions in prison."

Robb had an unreadable look on his face. Sighing, he turned and walked out of the room.

"Mr. Xi, if you tell Mrs. Xi that you're doing this for her sake, she won't blame you."

A wave of mixed emotions surged in Isaac's heart. At that moment, the door closed, leaving Janette inside.

"Really? Maybe."

Robb had only seen despair and stubbornness in her eyes—no love.

"Inform the officer here that no one is permitted to visit Janette."

The two got into their car and left the police station.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the road, a car pulled over as its window slowly rolled down.

Inside the car was a woman staring coldly at Robb's car. She was none other than Kelly Xia. Her long brown wavy hair hung over her shoulders, covering her face. She drummed her red-painted nails on the car ledge as she smiled scornfully.

"Now that Janette's in prison, what are you still worried about?" The man had the same scornful smile on his face as he planted a kiss on the woman's face.

"Nicole may be stupid but I'm not. My goal is to keep them apart forever."

Kelly Xia leaned against the man's chest. "Nicole has to pay for hurting Edward."

The man let out a snicker as he played with the woman's ear. "You're so vicious."

"You like it, don't you? Don't forget that Edward is also your son."

"Mrs. Xi, is the temperature okay? What else do you need?"

Workers arrived, lugging furniture inside the interrogation room. Within a few moments, the once bare interrogation room was now furnished.

The coldness eventually dissipated with the arrival of the air conditioner.

"Did Robb ask you to do this?"

Janette asked as she stood on the thick carpet, holding a pot of hyacinth.

She seemed delighted as she had once told Robb that hyacinth stood for apology.

"Mrs. Xi, we're just following orders. We don't know the name of the customer." After making sure that everything was arranged, they left.

She was the only one left in the room now.

Lowering her gaze, she carefully placed the hyacinth on the table before turning the TV on.

'By now, the Mao family probably already knows that I poisoned Edward.

Sharon must be over the moon to see me like this. She's probably celebrating right now.'

It seemed that the workers must have done something to the TV set as only few channels were accessible.

She couldn't access any of the news channels.

She put the remote control down and placed her hand on her watch which also happened to be a phone.

This was a gift from her father, Jeff Mao. She didn't expect that it would come in handy today.

She dialed her father's number. The beep from the phone echoed in the interrogation room.

Unfortunately, the call wasn't picked up. At that moment, distress filled Janette as she came to her senses.

Her father had never refused her calls before. This only further proved that something had happened.

The TV screen turned blank before connecting the news channel.

"I heard that Mrs. Xi poisoned a member of the Xi family. Is there any truth to this, Mr. Xi?"

"You've recently started purchasing the Mao family's properties. Are you implying that you have cut off your relationship with the Mao family?"

"Mr. Xi, did you ever expect Mrs. Xi to be capable of doing something like this?"

Robb stood at the gate of the Xi Group. His cold eyes swept over the reporters before finally fixing it towards the camera.

Palms sweaty, Janette held her breath as she waited for Robb to speak.

"It's none of your business," he said, his tone palpably disgusted. Without saying anything else, he turned and left.

All the headlines were instantly updated as the media outlets tried to analyze the current situation of the Xi family and the Mao family.

When Robb read the news, he hurled his phone at the wall, consequently cracking it screen.

Frightened, Isaac shut his mouth and shrank back, lowering his head.

"Isaac, when is that woman coming back?"

Robb smiled, the look on his face unfathomable.

"In about two days."

"Order our men to guard the airport. Inform me right away as soon as she gets off the plane."

When the elevator doors opened, Robb walked out, expressionless.

Isaac picked up his phone and followed him out of the elevator.

His phone was still ringing. It seemed as if the calls were coming from the same place—the police station.

Isaac's eyelids twitched. He knew that the only person who could be calling from there was Janette.

He feared for his life if anything ever happened to Janette.

Robb turned around, narrowing his eyes. When he saw the caller ID, he roughly grabbed the phone coldly. "Hello."

"Mr. Xi, Mrs. Xi knocked out the guard and escaped."

"Impose a blockade on the entirety of A City. You need to catch her."

Since the phone had a crack, Robb got a cut on his hand—a small wound that was bleeding.

What had gotten into her?

Why did she escape?

What if a member of the Xi family caught her?

"Go to the Mao family." He took off the SIM card and entered the elevator again.

They got in the car and left for the Mao family's villa.

Needless to say, the Mao family was in absolute chaos.

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