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   Chapter 2 Disappointment! (Part Two)

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Janette Mao didn't ignore the hatred of Robb Xi. She had to make it clear to him, or he would vent his anger on the Mao's. She could die, but the Mao's couldn't.

"Is Robb Xi the man you can meet at any time?"

The man waved the baton in his hand and hit Janette Mao with it.

"Miss Nicole has told me to teach you a good lesson." The man smiled faintly and hit her again.

Janette Mao bit her lower lip, and the sweat streaked across her pale face and fell to the ground.

It was Nicole Xi again. She even put her hand here.

"Well, you are so stubborn. I want to see when you can put up with it." The man became interested. The baton hit on Janette Mao's body again and again, and the sharp pain paralyzed all her nerves.

"Mr. Robb, Miss Janette is here." 'It was Isaac's voice. A flash of surprise flashed through Janette Mao's eyes. Isaac was the only trusted subordinate of Robb Xi. Wherever he was, Robb Xi would definitely be there.

But why did he come here? Was he here to laugh at her?' Janette Mao thought.

The man hit so hard that he didn't notice that the door of the interrogation room was gently pushed open.

The baton was pulled away from his hand. The man was about to scold angrily, but when he saw the person, his feet became soft and he knelt on the ground.

"R- R- Robb Xi. "

"Is my woman can be hit by you as you like? How dare you! "

Glancing at the man's face, Robb Xi smiled disdainfully and kicked at the man's belly. The man curled up on the ground in pain. Soon, the man got up again and stood next to the Robb Xi as his pain receded.

"Mr. Robb."

Isaac squatted down and wiped Robb Xi's shoes repeatedly. A towel was thrown on the man's face, covering his face.


Janette Mao couldn't believe that Robb Xi would get angry because of her.

Robb Xi walked towards Janette Mao, and the familiar aura slightly approached her, too. Janette Mao's eyes twinkled and she was flustered.

Robb Xi held Janette Mao's chin with his slender hand and forced her to look at him.

"Last night, Sharon Mao came to me and said that the Mao's had given up on you."

His breath sprayed on Janette Mao's face. Hearing the news, Janette Mao closed her eyes in despair, and her tears fell.

Annoyed, Robb Xi let go of her. He thought he could be hardhearted when facing Janette Mao, but even a tear of Janette Mao could make him collapse now.

"Robb Xi, please let go of my family and me. I'm really tired."

Janette Mao covered her chest with her hand, and her eyes were blurred. She wanted to cry, but she couldn't. Slowly, she laughed.

"Janette Mao, marry me. I will treat you well."

"Janette Mao, I'm so lucky to be liked by you."

"Janette Mao, why do you marry my brother? Why are you better than me?"

"Janette Mao, my brother's bride must be admitted by me, or I will pull her down from that position by myself. Just wait and see."

Robb Xi and Nicole Xi's voice echoed in her mind.

"Janette Mao, who will let me go if I let you go?"

"Janette Mao, you should reflect on yourself in prison."

With an unreadable look at Janette Mao, Robb Xi sighed and slowly walked out of the interrogation room.

"Mr. Robb, if Miss Janette knows that you are doing this for... She won't blame you. "

Isaac had mixed feelings in his heart. At the same time, the interrogation door blocked the face of Janette Mao.

"Really? Maybe. "

In Janette Mao's eyes, he saw stubbornness, despair, but no love.

"Inform the officer here that no one is permitted to visit Janette Mao."

The special car of the Xi's drove away from the police station through the heavy rain.

On the other side of the road, the window of a car slowly rolled down.

In the car, the woman stared coldly at the car of the Xi's. Her long brown wavy hair hung down, covering her face. Her nails were painted in red, and the lachrymal mole under her eyes rose slightly as she smiled.

"Now that Janette Mao is in prison, what are you still worried about?" The man smile scornfully, and then he kissed the woman on her face. His red hair was hidden between her hair, partly hidden and partly visible.

"Nicole Xi is stupid, but I'm not. My goal is to separate them forever. "

The woman leaned against the man's chest and said, "Nicole Xi has to pay the price for hurting Edward Xi."

The man let out a pleasant laugh and g

ently held the woman's earlobe. "You are so vicious."

"You like it, don't you? Don't forget that Edward Xi is also your son. "

"Miss Janette, do you think this temperature is appropriate? What else do you need? "

Workers came and went to add furniture to the interrogation room. In just a few minutes, the interrogation room was full of furniture.

When the air conditioner was turned on to a suitable temperature, the coldness in the room was gradually dispersed.

"Did Robb Xi ask you to do this?"

With a purple hyacinth in her hand, Janette Mao stepped on the soft cushion.

Joy flashed through her eyes. She had told Robb Xi that the hyacinth stands for apology.

"Miss Janette, we just follow the customer's requirements. As for who he is, we really don't know." The workers answered and then kept silent. After making sure that everything was arranged, they all left.

She was the only one left.

Lowering her eyes slightly, she carefully put the hyacinth on the table and turned on the TV.

She thought, 'Now, everyone in the Mao's should know that she poisoned Edward Xi, right?

Sharon Xi must be so happy to see that I'm going to die. Is she celebrating it now?'

It seemed that someone had done something on TV. It couldn't receive the signal outside, so only a few fixed television channels were accessible.

There was no news about the outside world.

Janette Mao put down the remote control and put her hand on her watch. In fact, it was also a phone.

It was a customized phone from her father, Jeff Mao. She didn't expect it to come in handy today.

She dialed her father's number. The beeps from the phone echoed in the interrogation room.

But no one answered. Janette Mao suddenly came to her senses and her heart was in a mess.

Her father had never refused to answer her phone. Now, it could only prove that something had happened.

The TV screen turned white. A moment later, it connected to the outside news.

"I heard that Mrs. Janette poisoned one member of the Xi's. Is that true, Mr. Robb?"

"Now you are starting to purchase the property of the Mao's. Are you implying that you have broken up with the Mao's?"

"Mr. Robb, have you ever thought that Mrs. Janette is so vicious?"

The man stood at the gate of the Xi Group. His cold eyes looked down at everyone, and finally fixed on a camera.

With sweat in her palms, Janette Mao held her breath and waited for the man's answer.

"It's none of your business." He opened his thin lips slightly and said in a tone of disgust as usual. Without saying anything else, the man left a group of reporters at the gate of the Xi Group.

The headlines were constantly updated. They were all analyzing the current situation between the Xi's and the Mao's.

Robb Xi throw out his phone when he saw the news. As a result, a crack was clearly visible on the phone.

Isaac's was frightened and he didn't dare to say anything. He lowered his head and tried to minimize his sense of existence.

"Isaac, when will that woman come back?"

The evil smile appeared on Robb Xi's face again, and his expression was unfathomable.

"In about two days."

"Ask someone to wait at the airport. Tell me as soon as she gets off the plane."

When the elevator door opened, Robb Xi looked away, expressionless.

Isaac picked up the phone and followed him out of the elevator.

The high-quality mobile phone was constantly vibrating. Looked like the phone calls were all from the same place - the police station of A City.

Isaac's eyelids twitched. He remembered that there was only one person there, Janette Mao.

If anything happened to that woman, he was afraid that he would not live long.

Robb Xi turned around and squinted his eyes. When he saw the caller ID, he took the phone coldly and said, "Hello."

"B- Boss, Miss Janette knocked out the guard. And ran away. "

"Blockade A City. You must catch Janette Mao."

The crack on the phone became deeper and deeper until the screen was completely black. Robb Xi's hand was cut, and the small wound was bleeding.

How could she be rebellious like this?

Why does she run away now?

What if she is caught by the member of the Xi's?

"Go to the Mao's house." He took off the SIM card and changed the destination.

The convoy moved in one direction.

In the Mao's house, it was now in a mess

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