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   Chapter 27 Murray and Serena

Overwhelming Adoration: Haughty CEO's Luscious Lover By Lan Zhen Characters: 6773

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Mary didn't feel sad for a long time. The only thing she could do now was to ask Serena and the ambitious people of the Gu family to pay back all their sins. She wanted to take back the Gu family, which had comforted her grandfather in heaven.

She put away her emotions, shook her hair, put the card into her bag, and casually took a pair of sunglasses. She returned to her usual arrogant look and slowly walked downstairs.

When she went downstairs, Jenny had changed her clothes and it was proper. However, it could not cover up her seductive figure.

"Where is the car key of Oliver?" Mary went downstairs and asked straightforwardly.

Bowed her head, Jenny replied, "Mr. Oliver doesn't like others to touch his things."

Subconsciously, she told Mary that she was not qualified to touch anything of Oliver.

Mary sneered, "what's wrong? Do you want me to call him and ask him myself if I can touch his things? " With these words, Mary was about to take out her phone and make a call to Oliver.

Seeing this, Jenny's heart jolted. She remembered that she had just made Oliver unhappy this morning. If she bothered him for such a small thing now, she would probably have to suffer a little. Mary was now favored, and at this moment, she could not use her own body to block the muzzle of the gun.

In three seconds, Jenny had made a thorough analysis of the pros and cons.

Mary also opened her eyes and looked at Mary. She didn't click the screen. In fact, she wasn't sure whether Oliver would give her the car key or not.

After a while, Jenny raised her head, pointed at a small cabinet beside the TV and said to Mary indifferently, "the car key is here. What kind of car do you need?"

Her tone was cold and stiff.

Mary didn't say anything. She put away her phone and walked down the stairs. "No, thanks. You do your job. I'll pick it myself."

She opened the box. There were all kinds of car keys in it, such as Maserati, Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari and so on. There were all kinds of expensive cars. She picked up a key of Maserati subconsciously, but when the cold key chain fell into her hand, she was stunned. Finally, she put down the key, turned over a key of a BMW and left.

Now she had to keep a low profile. After all, in other people's eyes, she was a drowned rat?

What if she gave them a deadly blow when they thought she couldn't afford any waves? What would they do? Would Serena's face be distorted?

Mary thought with evil interest. She suddenly found that she had been blackened by Oliver after staying with him for a long time.

Today, she hadn't decided how to face Serena, but yesterday in the cafe, she was sure that Serena must be in a panic.

She didn't know what Serena was going to do behind her, so she'd better keep an eye on her.

Now she had to treat Serena seriously.

Thinking of this, Mary stepped on the gas and the car rushed out of the underground garage.

On the way, Mary had been calculating where Serena should be now? However, Mike had just left. The Gu Group must be in a mess now, and it was impossible for Serena not to be present.

Mary stopped the car at a path at the gate of the Gu Group.

The Gu Group was very big, at least 50 floors high, standing in the center of the city. The sun was shining in the sky, and the Gu Group building was shining like fish scales in the sun.

Mary too

k off her sunglasses, rolled down the window, and looked up at the Gu Group that her grandfather had built all his life.

Before her mind drifted away, a woman in a light pink suit jacket came out of the building.

Mary narrowed her eyes and stared at the woman in the distance. It was Serena.

She made the windshield raise and slowly drove the car forward to approach her.

She had never taken Serena seriously before. In her eyes, Serena was just a delicate and weak girl who could be bullied by others. She didn't expect that Serena was the one who stabbed her!

A wolf in sheep's clothing!

Mary stopped the car 30 meters away from her.

With the phone in one hand and the latest Hermes bag in the other, Serena stood in front of the stairs with a smile, as if waiting for something.

In the past, she was timid even when Mary talked to her. Serena didn't dare to look straight into her eyes. Now that Serena had gained the upper hand, she looked exactly different from before. She wore top-grade clothes and wore light smile. She did look a little graceful and beautiful.

Mary tapped the steering wheel from time to time with her fingers. Until now, she still couldn't figure out why Serena was against her? Although she was not very close to Serena, she did not bully Serena or push Serena away when Serena was taken to the Gu family. Although she did not take Serena seriously, she did not do anything excessive to Serena. She had never argued with Serena about anything, including things. As long as Serena liked, she would not touch. Therefore, she couldn't understand why Serena was aimed at her.

Why did Serena kill her grandfather who loved her so much?

While Mary was thinking about it with a frown, Serena hung up the phone and turned her head to look at the direction of Mary.

Mary was shocked and quickly bent down to avoid her sight.

A black Benz passed by her car and stopped in front of Serena.

Mary raised her head slightly and glanced ahead. But when she saw that, her body suddenly froze.

The license plate number of the Mercedes Benz was actually from Murray! ! !

At that moment, Mary felt her blood flowing back in her body. Her limbs were numb and she didn't feel anything.

Murray... Although she had never thought of him these days... Serena and he... Why were they together?

As soon as Murray got out of the Mercedes Benz, he bypassed the car and stood in front of Serena. The two of them smiled and talked for a while. The smile on Serena's face became more and more brilliant. At the same time, Murray opened the door of the passenger seat for Serena. Then, Serena slowly smiled at Murray and got in the car.

The passenger seat...

It occurred to Mary that when she was still with Murray, Murray indulged her so much that he even unscrewed the lid of a bottle of water for her. He even promised in her ear that he would only allow Mary to sit in the front passenger seat, which was her exclusive seat.

But now, everything changed in a short time. It was okay that he didn't trust her and he didn't call her when she was kicked out of the Gu family. But why did he hook up with Serena in less than a week!

Murray closed the door of the passenger seat in person, then he walked around the front of the car and sat on the driver's seat.

His movement was perfect and smooth without any hesitation.

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