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   Chapter 26 Fight With Me No Way!

Overwhelming Adoration: Haughty CEO's Luscious Lover By Lan Zhen Characters: 6543

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Although Jenny didn't like Mary, she had to do. After Oliver had told her.

A pile of beautiful dresses what was prepared by Jenny were put in the clothes cart and sent to the bedroom.

After putting it away, Mary smiled at her sweetly and said politely, "Okay, thank you very much."

Suppressing her anger, Jenny forced a smile and said, "Miss. Mary, you're welcome. I should be polite for guests."

How could Mary not understand what she meant, but she did not want to argue with a maid so much. Although the Gu family had declined, the thin camel was bigger than a horse, and she did not need to take a maid seriously.

Mary didn't want to argue with her any more. She pointed at the bedroom door and asked her to leave, "then please go out, Miss. Jenny. I have to change my clothes."

Jenny was afraid she would lose control in the next second, so she didn't say anything and turned away directly.

Mary was not disturbed by the inexplicable maid at all. She looked around the clothes on the hanger casually, some low-key and gorgeous, some noble and elegant, and was about the same as what she had worn before.

Maybe it was because of the black dress or Jenny, Mary casually chose a black dress. The dress looked like a camisole, and there was not much pattern on it. The chest was decorated with hand-embroidered lace, and a suitable rose extended on the waist. This design could make the person who wore it slimmer, and the hemline of the dress was decorated with handmade lace.

She stood in front of the mirror with the dress in her hand and thought it was good, so she picked up the dress and changed it.

The size was suitable for her, neither big nor small, as if it was tailor-made for her.

Looking at the girl in the mirror, Mary raised her neck and looked around.

The strapless dress was designed with two thin shoulder straps hanging loosely on her shoulders. In the mirror, her neck was slender, and her collarbone was delicate. Her two fair skinned arms were exposed outside. Although her chest was not as big as that of Jenny, it was not small. It could be said that it was just right. It did not look frivolous, but pure and charming.

Mary looked at herself in the mirror with satisfaction. She stretched out her hand and smoothed her messy hair, showing her arrogance in her bones.

Finally, she selected a pair of silver high-heeled shoes for herself. The high-heeled shoes were designed like sandals. Several silver straps with water diamonds were attached to the back of her white feet, shining with a thin white light.

Many people didn't dare to try this kind of bright color, because it would set off their skin color, but Mary liked these bright colors, because she could control them.

Wearing a pair of silver high-heeled shoes could only be her plus point, which made her skin more fair and smooth.

But the only thing that made her unhappy was that there was no cosmetics here, and she could only go out without makeup today.

When she was thinking about whether she should buy some cosmetics, her phone rang. It was Oliver.

Mary picked up her phone and looked at the caller ID: breeder. She frowned and answered the phone impatiently, "what's up?"

With a black pen in his hand, Oliver sat in t

he boss's chair and asked lazily, "have you got up?"

"It's none of your business."

Mary put her phone on speaker and threw it on the bed. She walked towards the window and opened the curtain. The bright sunshine poured in.

Mary squinted her eyes, put her hands on the window and closed her eyes to enjoy the breeze.

"Ha ha." On the other side of the phone, there was a low laughter from Oliver.

"Have you had breakfast?" He asked.

"You mean the seafood porridge made by your maid?"

"You ate?"

"Yes." Mary opened her eyes and commented, "the taste is average."

On the other end of the line, Oliver chuckled again, "well, the taste is ordinary, not as good as yours."

Mary was a little annoyed when she heard that Oliver started to talk nonsense again. She said, "Oliver! Are you calling to talk about this? ... Are you too idle in the company! Or do you want me to comment on your sexy maid with big breasts and buttocks? "

Oliver raised his beautiful eyebrows. He could tell the impatience in her tone, and her resistance to Jenny, so he stopped teasing her and asked, "What are you going to do today?"

As he spoke, the pen knocked on the desk, making a muffled sound.

Mary looked at the birds rotating and chirping around the branch, and muttered, "I don't know. I haven't thought about it."

"Then take a day off and leave it to me." Oliver said, "The second floor of the bed cabinet on the left is my secondary card. No password. Take it and buy whatever you want."

Hearing this, Mary was in a worse mood and said sarcastically, "what's wrong? Am I really a drowned rat? Do you really keep me as your mistress? " Mary lowered her head and took a deep breath of fresh air, trying to push away the dull feeling in her chest.

On the other side of the phone, Oliver didn't say anything.

Just when Mary thought Oliver had hung up, she heard a low voice from the other end of the phone.

"Being my woman, you will get much more than what you get in the Gu family, including your arrogance. In Y City, no one dares to offend you except me."

Mary was stunned. She didn't expect a person like him to say that. For a moment, she was moved, but the next second, she had to realize clearly that he was just greedy for the freshness of her body for a while. Moreover, she used to be the daughter of the Gu family, but now she was reduced to a drowned rat. For a person like him, it was extremely exciting.

One day, he would be tired of her body, and her youth would pass in the blink of an eye. What would happen then? What should she do then?

Mary smiled bitterly and said nothing. She walked to the bed and hung up the phone.

She wanted to go downstairs directly, but when her hand touched the doorknob, she suddenly stopped. She looked up at the bedside table on the left and hesitated for a while. Finally, she walked over, opened the drawer and took out the card.

Being driven out of the Gu family, she was penniless. Her only clothes was wet in the rain. She didn't know where it is.

In addition to these, the only property was the pendant on her neck.

Thinking of this, she couldn't help but reach out to grab the pendant. Her eyes were a little sore, which was the only thing grandpa left to her.

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