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   Chapter 21 Wild Pussycat

Overwhelming Adoration: Haughty CEO's Luscious Lover By Lan Zhen Characters: 3906

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But before she could run far, she was caught by Oliver quickly.

She wriggled in his arms, knowing that she couldn't escape today, so she smiled and discussed with her, "no! Let's do it after taking a shower! "

But Oliver didn't care about those. He carried Mary on his shoulder and said, "Take shower later!"

'Take a shower now? Are you kidding me?' What he needed now was to put out the fire!

Mary was thrown on the bed rudely by Oliver. Although the bed was very soft, her brain was still a little dizzy. When Mary was about to scold Oliver, Oliver turned his head and kissed Mary, which made her mind wander again.

With her scent filled in his nose, Oliver held her little hand and whispered in her ear, "Wild pussycat, take it off for me."

Mary's mind went blank after the gentle kiss.

"Good girl," said Oliver with a smile.

At this time, Mary's eyes were wet, shining with luster, and her lips were red and lovely. She just stared at Oliver, and her eyes were blank.

Oliver couldn't help kissing her, and Mary curled up her sensitive toes.

Oliver was very satisfied with her performance. He raised the corners of his mouth evilly, "hmm?"

It was just a short word, so evil and attractive that it made her blush and heartbeat.

Mary's face turned red. She stretched out one of her legs and kicked Oliver hard. But this kick made Oliver easily catch her ankle.

Even though every cell in Oliver's body was eager to get her, he still held it back.

Oliver felt even more uncomfortable. He tried his best to control himself and coaxed, "relax, honey, relax. It'll be fine soon. "

It was like coaxing a child.

Mary felt that she was almost killed by him.

"Baby, be good," said Oliver softly.

Mary didn't listen to him, but clenched her teeth more fiercely. She felt extremely humiliated. She used to be the noble lady of the Gu family, but now she was reduced to such a situation... Thinking of this,

she couldn't help but burst into tears.

Oliver kisses her tears, "Don't cry. I'll give you the best."

It was drizzling outside the window. The rain fell from the sky, patting the leaves, making the sound.

The bedroom window was not closed, leaving a narrow gap. The wind penetrated through the gap and blew the heavy curtain.

In the bedroom, on a huge dark blue bed, the woman's skin was as white as snow, dazzling in the dark blue quilt.

Mary's eyes were blurred. She felt like a small fish, rolling in the boundless sea. The waves rolled up her body, threw her into the air, and then stretched out big hand to roll her back. It repeated and drifted away, without direction.

Mary whimpered, with a sobbing tone, as if begging for mercy or complaining.

Oliver was like a beast, tireless.

He stood up and looked at his little woman. Her face was flushed like a rose.

He smiled and said in a low voice, "beg me?"

Mary still bit her lips and refused to say anything.

It seemed that Oliver was interested in her begging.

At this moment, Mary, whose mind was blank, finally couldn't help but say, "please... Please... "

'Damn it! Oliver, I'll teach you a lesson!'

Mary was still not used to his behavior. She grabbed his back hard, and her nails scratched his strong back.

She looked like a wild cat waving its teeth and claws.

He finally stopped making fun of her.

After the sex, Mary was so weak that she collapsed on the bed.

Oliver bent down and saw that Mary's beautiful eyes were slightly open and her black hair was messy. Her bangs were wet with sweat and clung to her forehead. Her little face was white and red.

He raised his hand and brushed away the messy hair that covered her forehead. He leaned forward and looked at her carefully for a while. Then he kissed her smooth and full forehead with a smile.

An indescribable sense of satisfaction filled his heart without his noticing.

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