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   Chapter 7 Make Her Obedient

Overwhelming Adoration: Haughty CEO's Luscious Lover By Lan Zhen Characters: 6829

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Mike's body needed to be cremated, so the farce was over.

Blair was immediately sent to the hospital. Mary staggered and struggled to stand firm.

Her scalp was almost pulled out by Blair, and her face seemed to be scratched a few blood marks. Now Mary was in a terrible state.

However, she didn't care at all. All she thought about was her grandfather.

Mike was dressed elegantly with his eyes closed. He folded his hands and put them on his lower abdomen.

If his face was not so pale, Mary would think that he was just asleep. He would wake up sooner or later.

But Mike was going to be put into the cremator.

The hot flame in the furnace swept over his face, and Mike was pushed in.

"Grandpa! No! " Mary screamed and seemed to follow Mike.

"Sister! Calm down! Grandpa had passed away. Do you want to die? "

Serena held Mary's hand and comforted her hypocritically.

Mary sneered and tried to get rid of Serena, but the door of the furnace was slammed shut at this moment.

Mary turned around and stared at her fiercely, "Don't pretend to be mercy here! Don't you want me to die? "

"How could it be? Sister, grandpa is gone. You are my only family in the world. " Serena's crying voice was almost heartbreaking.

But later, she lowered her voice and said with a sly light in her eyes, "sister, it's too easy for you to die like this. I'll drain all your value one point one and ruin your reputation! "

Mary felt a chill on her back and pushed Serena away hard.

Without getting angry, Serena cooperated with her and fell to the ground obediently.

Hot tears streamed down her cheeks. "Sister! I know you killed grandpa by mistake and feel sorry for him, but I believe that grandpa won't blame you... He love you the most. He will forgive you! "

"You... You are slinging mud at me! " Mary was so angry that she raised her hand and was about to slap Serena.

Suddenly, a cold hand stopped her.

"Mary! You've gone too far! It's just too much! "

She didn't even need to raise her head. Mary could tell who the hero was just by his voice?

They had known each other since childhood. She thought he knew her well enough. She thought he would stand by her side and support her unconditionally no matter what happened.

But she was too naive.

She turned her head and looked at him in despair, smiling sadly. "Even you think I'm bullying her?"

"Don't you?" Murray snorted.

The desperate smile at the corners of her mouth became more and more fierce. "If I say no, do you believe me?"

Annoyed, Murray threw Mary away.

He didn't believe it! She knew he wouldn't believe her at all.

Mary looked at her fiance stiffly, or to be exact, her ex-fiance. He felt sorry for her enemy and helped her up. "Are you okay, Serena? Does it hurt? "

"No," said Serena, shaking her head. Serena gave her a defiant smile in others' blind area.

She was going to do something bad.

As expected, the next second, Serena's eyes turned red in an instant. "Brother in law, don't blame my sister. She was just angry for a moment and her brain was hot, so she vented her anger on me. Don't blame her!"

Serena knew what Murray was afraid of. No man could accept his woman cheating on him. Murray was no exception.

He hated both Mary and the title of her husband.

It was obvious that calling him brother-in-law was adding fuel to the fire.

As expected,

his eyes widened in anger. "I have nothing to do with that woman!"

It was like a sharp knife stabbed into Mary's heart ruthlessly.

It was so painful that she couldn't breathe.

Mary was like an isolated island in the vast sea. She was helpless and on the verge of collapse.

Mike was pushed out of the cremator, and his flesh and blood turned into ashes.

Mary finally broke down and rushed forward, holding the urn and crying.

"Grandpa! Don't leave me alone! Grandpa... " Her voice was getting lower and lower. She knew that no matter how much she said, it was in vain.

The white haired old man would not appear again. He would not teach her with a crutch harshly anymore. He wouldn't ask her if she was painful after that. He wouldn't...

He couldn't do anything. There was no Mike in this world.

In the Western Suburbs Cemetery.

It was drizzling.

Mike was buried here, and the urn was covered with soil.

The tombstone was cold, with a photo of Mike and his achievements.

Mary stepped forward and touched the cold tombstone inch by inch. As is she could feel the aura of Mike from it.

After bandaging her arm, Blair rushed back from the hospital. She had never been so filial, just because after Mike was buried, the lawyer would announce a will and divide the property.

Seeing this, she felt that Mary was pretending. She shouted, "you are indeed a bitch that no one wants! You don't even know the etiquette! Is it possible to touch the tombstone casually? "

She really didn't understand. She just thought that she could be closer to grandpa in this way.

Mary angrily turned her head and gave Blair a cold look. However, she made three deep bows to the tombstone.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry. Mary offended you. "

The raindrops slid down the tombstone and fell on the old man's eyelids in the photo. Mike seemed to be sad.

Without his protection, Mary's future must be bumpy.

Outside the cemetery, a low-key luxury Maybach was parked.

The car window was rolled down.

He stared at the direction of Mary with a handsome and angular face. His eyes were as dark as ink.

The driver looked at Mary worriedly and said, "boss, Miss. Mary didn't hold an umbrella. It's raining heavily. Do you want me to send her an umbrella?"

Mary stood in front of the tombstone, her face was pale and bloodless. Her hair was already wet on her face, and her thin clothes were also wet, sticking to her body. The white dress was like the wings of a cicada, outlining her curvaceous figure.

What a temptress! She was so embarrassed, but her beauty could not be hidden.

"Give her." Oliver closed his eyes.

Mary's unruly appearance suddenly emerged in his mind. She didn't need his sympathy!

As soon as the driver pushed the door open, he was stopped by Oliver. "No, stop."


There were several muffled thunder rumbles in the sky, and the rain seemed to be a little hasty.

"Let her suffer, or she can't learn to be obedient according to her personality."

The funeral was over.

Mary wiped the rain off her face and tucked her wet hair behind her head.

She was extremely cold and stiff.

She was sleepy and wanted to go home to sleep. Maybe everything would be fine after a sleep.

She would still marry Murray as usual. Her grandfather was still alive, he would hit her hard with his walking stick.

Everything was still the same.

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