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   Chapter 5 Let Her Go

Overwhelming Adoration: Haughty CEO's Luscious Lover By Lan Zhen Characters: 6602

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Mary glared at him and thought, 'How dare you to be so shameless!'

Looking at the sparks in her eyes with interest, Oliver suddenly had an idea that if he could tame the little wild cat, it would be a great pleasure in his life.

Mary gritted her teeth and nodded, but there was no timidity in her eyes.

As a wild cat, of course he had to be tame it well, then he would enjoy it.

Oliver walked towards her, "Why should I let you go?"

The distance between the two was only one finger, and Mary could clearly feel the fluctuation of his chest when he spoke.

The intense pressure made Mary out of breath. She took a step back quietly.

"What can I do to make you let go of me?"

Oliver continued, "Why should I let go of a prey who I was about to get?"

This time, Oliver pressed more tightly, and his skin was burning her like a soldering iron.

Mary stepped back and bent her legs to the edge of the bed, "I'm not your type."

Mary knew that a man like Oliver would never marry a woman who was completely useless to his career. He approached her just because he wanted to play with her.

But she didn't want to.

She didn't want to have anything to do with him. This man was too dangerous. If one was stuck in the mud, the loss would outweigh the gain.

Oliver squinted slightly, "I haven't eaten you before. How do I know you are not my taste?"

With his eyes fixed on her waist below her collarbone, Oliver said dirty words calmly.

Mary felt disgusted. She had underestimated this man.

"Mr. Oliver, I can't afford it." She admitted defeat.

No one dared to deal with the devil, and Mary was no exception.

She pretended to be calm, bypassed Oliver and prepared to escape.

When she passed by, there was a fragrance.

Oliver's gaze changed, "But I don't want to let you go."

He reached out his hand and grabbed the woman's arm. Pulling.

"What are you doing?"

Mary screamed in panic. She lost her balance and fell heavily on the bed.

The bed was even softer than the one in the hotel and she fell into a big pit. It was as soft as lying in the clouds.

Mary was not in the mood to enjoy it at all, because Oliver had leaned over.

"Don't do that!" Mary stretched out her hand to stop him, but her cat claws were nothing in front of the man.

As soon as she was pressed ninety percent off, she was firmly imprisoned and had no strength to fight back.

Oliver got close to her and took a breath at her neck.

He closed his eyes and thought for a long time before muttering, "you smell so good!"

But he was so handsome, as three-dimensional as a European male model, with deep eyebrows and deep eyes, and his thin lips slightly pursed.

Mary wriggled restlessly and resisted to the end, "psychopath! Let go of me! "

The faint fragrance and unconscious twisting were more desirable than the deliberate attraction.

Oliver felt a rush of fire rising from his lower abdomen. It swept over his heart in a flash.

His body was burning uncontrollably...

"Don't move!" His voice was unusually hoarse.

Mary suddenly became quiet.

The two looked into each other's eyes for a long time before the fire in his eyes extinguished.

"Are you afraid?" he asked.

Mary nodded. Everybody are afraid of psychopath. She was no e


The little wild cat sometimes pretended to be obedient, which made people particularly satisfied.

With a thin layer of clothes, his hand went down her spine, from the neck, spine to the coccyx. His hand drew a perfect arc. There were some calluses on his fingertips. When they passed by her, it seemed as if an electric current had passed through, limp and itchy.

Mary couldn't help trembling. No matter how arrogant and aggressive she was, she was an unmarried woman, so she should be afraid.

However, Oliver enjoyed this feeling very much. He liked arrogant cats, lying in his arms. Although disdainful, it was enough for him to be obedient.

Mary's lips trembled, "let me go."

She was almost begging.

"Do you think it possible?"

The man sneered.

Their skin clung to each other, and the iron was burning her.

"Please," Mary was so humiliated, "let me go..."

Oliver ignored her and put his fingers on her waist.

Mary could feel the coldness on his thin lips, as if thousands of insects were eating her.

The feeling of disgust and humiliation surged. Cold tears rustled down, like a burst of flood, uncontrollable.

Tears ran down her cheeks to the corner of Oliver's mouth.

He looked up and met Mary's empty eyes.

His desire was instantly extinguished, and he let go of Mary.

The blue veins on his forehead bulged. Her obedient look made him very unhappy, as if he had forced her!

"You don't want to?" Oliver gritted his teeth and his eyes flashed with ferocity.

He asked while knowing the answer.

Mary stared at the ceiling blankly and said, "it doesn't matter."

Anyway, she was notorious and had been called off the engagement. She was on the chopping block to let anyone torture.

Oliver frowned unhappily. He had no interest in forcible deal!

Mary suddenly stood up and felt light on her body. She came to her senses in an instant.

Was she let go?

Oliver stood in a condescending manner and said nothing. Mary jumped up. Her body was a little weak, but she stood firmly.

"Thank you, Mr. Oliver." The next second, she ran out of the door desperately.

Seeing her back without hesitation, his heart sank.

This woman couldn't wait to escape?


He couldn't help but sneer, "you will come back again."

Like a snake being strangled for seven inches, Mary stopped and slowed down unconsciously.

She froze, but didn't turn around. She gritted her teeth and said angrily, "I won't come back."

Only fools would put themselves in danger.

The smile at the corners of Oliver's mouth became deeper and deeper, and his eyes were dark. "You will come back."

His tone was determined.

Mary was furious. Her feet were on her body. Why did he say that she would come back?

He wanted her back? No way! Never in my life!

"In this city, as long as I have the ability to help you, only I am willing to help you."

Mary didn't want to have anything to do with this big wild wolf.

"Thank you for your kindness, but I don't think I need you."

Then Mary walked out of Oliver's villa quickly.

Fortunately, Oliver didn't catch up with her. She walked out for a long time. When she looked back, she found that the villa was half hidden. It was dark like a cage that could imprison people.

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