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   Chapter 3 Cerebral Hemorrhage

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Seeing this, Mike was shocked, "bastard! What are you doing? "

All the people in Y City knew that Mary was shrewish and disobedient, just like an aggressive kitten. At ordinary times, Mike only felt that he was too spoiled to Mary, so that Mary was too willful. He didn't expect her to be like this!

How could she do this to her half-sister!

Serena successfully framed Mary and gave Mary a defiant sneer. She said in a low voice, "Mary, you are so arrogant, but you are defeated by me!"

Mary seemed to understand something in a flash. Who else could easily get her number and know her whereabouts except her sister?

"Bitch!" Mary raised her hand and was about to slap Serena.

Seeing this scene, Mike had a deeper impression of Mary's arrogance.

"Bastard! Stop! "

Mike's voice echoed with the dull thunder in the sky—

His voice was covered by the thunder.

Mary's brain was bloodshot, and the little wild cat was about to explode with rage.

Serena was slapped to the ground. Her right cheek was burning and her brain was buzzing like beehives.

Mary didn't give up. The taste of the blood in her mouth went straight to her brain. She was like a bloodthirsty beast and was extremely excited.

She rushed forward, grabbed Serena's hair and rode on her. "Tell me! Did you set me up! Did you send that message? "

Mike looked at this scene in surprise. He didn't expect that Mary would be so rebellious that she didn't even listen to him. How could she be so cruel to her own sister!

Mary turned her back to Mike and didn't know how angry Mike was, but Serena saw it clearly, enduring the pain of her hair being torn.

A complacent smile appeared at the corners of her mouth, but soon it turned into a pitiful begging, "sister, let go of me! It hurts! Don't be so angry with me. I don't know what you are talking about! "

"You don't know?" Mary snorted and tightened her grip on the hair. "Don't play dumb! If you hadn't texted me and asked me to catch adultery in the hotel! How could I fall into your trap? "

Serena didn't expect that Mary would be so angry. She felt that her scalp was almost pulled down and she was so painful that she was desperate.

But the play had to go on. "Which hotel! Sister? What are you talking about? Why can't I understand? You were caught in a private meeting in a hotel. Why did you blame me? "

"Why don't you admit it?" After thinking for a while, Mary still couldn't figure out who was setting her up. Although she was cold and arrogant, she wouldn't have such a deep hatred with others.

She didn't expect that it was her biological sister who had the same blood with her who wanted to kill her!

"Sister! How can I admit the thing that I didn't do? You can't do this to me just because I didn't intercede with grandpa as you said! "

Hearing this, Mike, who was stunned aside, shivered and the boiling blood rushed straight to his head...


Mike fell to the ground like a hard sculpture.

"Grandpa!" Mary immediately released her hand and rushed over to Mike.

However, it was still too late. Mike's head hit the ground heavily, and his dark red blood blossomed and released a lovely equinox flower.

In the emergency room of the hospital.

The Gu family gathered together. Mary squatted in the corner, with her thin shoulder around her knees. The cold air surrounded her.

It's so cold... The coldness spread from the heart to the limbs.

The relatives of the Gu family kept talking, occasionally looking at her like looking at a monster. Mary didn't take it seriously. She immersed herself in her own world and occasionally looked at the direction of the o

perating room.

The light was still on, and Mike was still in surgery.

Gu family's sounds were getting louder and louder, like boiling water, causing a buzz.

"If I had known that this troublemaker would make Mike like this, I shouldn't have let her enter our house!"

"What an ungrateful man! In this family, Mike protected her the most. I didn't expect that she would return kindness with enmity! She's determined to kill Mike! "

"I should really kick her out! Sure enough, it's a thing that no one wants. She is so cold and even inhuman! "

All the voices gathered together. Mary's eyes were full of the scene when Mike fell down, like a mountain collapsed with a loud bang.

It was all because of her! If she was careful, if she was not so rash, if she...

Unfortunately, there was no "if". It was because of her that Mike had a cerebral hemorrhage. Lying in the operating room, no one knew whether he was alive or dead.


The door of the operating room was suddenly opened, and a nurse wearing a white mask poked her head out.

"The patient has lost too much blood and needs blood transfusion. Who is the patient's family?"

As soon as they heard the blood transfusion, the buzzing men fell into silence.

What was meant by coldness? It was.

Mary had no time to mock them. She jumped up quickly and volunteered, "I! I'm his granddaughter! Draw my blood! "

She had been squatting for too long and felt dizzy. Her body was a little wobbly. What's more, her face was as pale as paper, and she was even the same as the patient.

The nurse looked at Mary with concern, "can you do it?"

Even if she couldn't, she had to put a bold face on it! Grandpa was her most important family member, and she couldn't ignore him.

Mary rolled up her sleeves, revealing her pale and almost transparent elbow. "It doesn't matter! As long as I can save Grandpa, I'm willing to die! "

Mary followed the nurse all the way to the blood drawing room with her unsteady footstep.

She had been afraid of pain since she was a child, so she could take medicine without injection. However, now the tip of the needle was shaking and shining with cold light, but she was not afraid at all.

She looked as if she were a hero. In the past, her grandfather had maintained a peaceful life for her, but now she had to do something for him.

Mary frowned in pain with being stabbed by the needle.

She felt pain but said nothing. The dark red blood was extracted from her body bit by bit.

The nurse ran into the operating room with the plasma. Soon, the door of the operating room was opened again.

The light was still on.

"The lady's blood type doesn't match just now. Does the patient have any other relatives?"

Her words were like a thunderclap.

"It can't? How could this be? " Mary was on the verge of collapsing.

The relatives finally opened their mouth. With a strange expression, it looked like they were looking at a monster. "Didn't Mike tell you? You are not his granddaughter at all! He took you back! "

Then came endless ridicule, "it's just a baby abandoned by others. Does she really think she is the daughter of the Gu family? She is always arrogant and domineering! "

"I was wondering why she was so active to transfuse blood to Mike just now. It turned out that she was eager to get credit. I didn't expect that she was a bastard picked up outside!"

Mary didn't hear anything else.

The only thing lingering in her mind was that she was picked up!

The continuous blows were like the muffled thunder in the sky. Mary finally couldn't stand it. Her eyes went black and she collapsed to the ground.

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