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   Chapter 4 Meet Again, Drunk (Part Two)

Play Love Tricks On CEO By Cong Jin Characters: 6255

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"Come on, follow me." Paul Ling is the son of The Ling Group, and naturally a playboy. He changes women more quickly than changing clothes. Although he is 28 years old and has a wife, he still can't change his nature. What he loves to do most is to provoke women. He kept many mistress.

"Let her go." A cold voice appeared. Everyone in the room looked up at the man standing at the door and couldn't help but marvel. This man not only had an impeccable appearance, but also gave off the aura of ruler.

Flora looked at the man standing at the door and couldn't help but feel happy. It was him, the man who comforted her when she was at her worst.

William quickly took Flora from Paul Ling's hand, and the situation was reversed in an instant. Flora was held in William's arms, and she could clearly smell him, a man she didn't even know. But somehow she felt at ease.

William looked at Paul Ling coldly, and his eyes were sharp. As long as he thought of the scene that he had seen when he came in and Paul Ling was going to kiss her, he would like to beat him up. William knew The Ling Group and the other two men in the room.

"The general manager of the Ling Group. Well, I wonder how your grandfather will react tomorrow." After saying that, William put his arm around Flora's shoulder, turned around and walked out.

Standing still, Paul Ling couldn't help but shiver, because the man just now was William, who was known as the Hades with a smiling face by all the business people. If anyone offended him, he would never come to a good end. He didn't expect that he was so unlucky today. The woman he provoked had something to do with William. Frustrated, Paul Ling returned to his original seat.

Flora followed William and leaned on him, because she was drunk. "Well, thank you..."Her voice was like cotton candy, giving people a feeling of warm and sweet.

William let go of Flora, looked at her and said softly, "wait for me at the door." Without waiting for Flora's answer, he walked towards his room.

Flora leaned against the wall, her face burning. 'What's wrong with me? Why is he so gentle?' She wondered. Flora murmured to herself, "Flora, what are you doing?"

She tried her best to knock on the wall with her head. When William came out of the room, he saw a drunk woman maltreating herself.

"Are you going to commit suicide? It must be very painful, right? " William chuckled. He found the girl in front of him more and more interesting.

Flora heard the voice and quickly turned around. Looking at the angular face in front of her, she could not help but feel embarrassed. She did not expect that her embarrassing action was seen just now. She quickly lowered her head and said, "I did not commit suicide. I just want to wake up."

'What a good way to sober up!' William smiled. It was the first time that he had seen someone hit the wall in order to sober up. "Let's go. It's getting late. I'll drive you home."

Flora did sober up a lot because of hitting the wall. But before she could say anything, the man had already gone downstairs. She had to follow him. But even she h

erself didn't know why she was so obedient.

At the door of the "SURB", William stood still. He was waiting for Flora who was walking slowly behind him. Hearing the footsteps, he turned around and said, "I'll drive you back. Don't wander around alone. It's so late, and you still drink so much." After that, William realized that there seemed to be a lot of blame in his tone.

Flora was obviously depressed and said weakly, "I... Anne.... " Lowering her head, no one could see her expression clearly, but William could tell that she was standing in front of him with red eyes.

He felt a little frustrated. Why did he feel familiar and even distressed for a strange girl whose name was unknown to him? This was not good for him.

"Let's go." He took off his coat and put it on Flora. Then he opened the door and got into the car. Flora opened the door of the passenger seat and got in.

Just now, Anne's servant had sent a message to tell Flora that she had gone back. She was so drunk that she fell asleep. Flora sat on the passenger seat. She turned her head to look at the man in the driver's seat, who was only wearing a sweater, and then looked down at the man's suit jacket on him. There was a faint fragrance of mint.

"Thank you. Every time I am in trouble, I always meet you. You can call me Flora. " Flora said in a low voice. She really appreciated the man who had helped her two times.

"My surname is Shen. And are you not going to tell me where you are going this time? " 'Why can this woman be so simple? No, she's so insensitive, ' William thought.

Flora was even more embarrassed, but she still replied, "QH Community."

In fact, Flora didn't live in the QH Community. It was a house that only the rich could afford. How could she afford it? It was because Anne knew that she had broken up with Ivan and had no place to live for the time being. So Anne was helping her.

Hearing that, William didn't say anything more. He just wondered why he had never met her since she lived in the QH Community. He felt himself more and more strange.

Flora sat in the chair obediently, the car drove steadily. Leaning against the back of the chair, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. A few strands of hair on her forehead fell.

From the rear-view mirror, William could see the relaxed look on her face. His heart softened. No one had dared to sleep in his car so recklessly. More importantly, everyone around him knew that he had a rule that no one could sit in the passenger seat. But even he himself didn't understand why he didn't refuse this woman.

William frowned, but for a moment, he was still calm. He drove to the QH Community, but when the car arrived, she was still not awake.

Flora didn't know why she could sleep so soundly. For several nights in a row, she had never slept peacefully, with a smile on her face.

The car stopped. William sat on the driver's seat and turned to look at Flora. It turned out that drunk women were not crazy.

William was right. Flora was a good drinker. As long as she was drunk, she would sleep. She would never do anything out of line

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