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   Chapter 2 An Excellent Man

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The winter was getting colder and colder each day. Flora had to wear a scarf to keep herself warm. But the scarf was a little big for her small face. It looked as if it covered her entire face except her eyes.

"Flora." As soon as she got off the bus, she heard someone calling out her name from behind. She turned back and found Selina Gu, her colleague. As they worked together, they had developed a good relationship each other.

Flora said nothing, but only stared at Selina Gu. She was feeling too cold to talk, and this was the reason she never liked winter. All she preferred in the winter was to curl up in a ball and sleep. It was the only thing that made her happy in winter.

"Flora, what's up with you? Why do you look like frozen?" Selina Gu asked with a grin. She was an optimistic girl and completely opposite to Flora. Today she was wearing a pink overcoat and carrying her bag in her hand.

Flora rubbed her hands together before answering her with a forced smile, "You know it very well that I'm afraid of cold. As long as it's winter, I want to wrap myself tightly in the quilt and stay at home."

Selina Gu couldn't help laughing. She thought for a quick second before saying, "Flora, you know what, I have heard the recent news of how all the major newspapers, magazines and TV stations are fighting over the opportunity to interview the general manager of Shen Group. But no one knows how he looks like. He must look handsome and cool. Sunshine will also trying to achieve the opportunity, but I don't know who will get the chance at last."

Flora said impatiently, "I don't care about who he is. I just want to finish my work." Both of them walked towards their company building.

Sunshine was a magazine. Flora had been hired after graduation and worked there for a whole year.

They had only entered the office on the fifteenth floor. Flora was summoned over to the editor-in-chief's office before she could even put down her things.

The editor-in-chief was a middle-aged woman over forty. Her name was Merry Yang. Flora was often praised by her because of how serious she was with her work.

Merry Yang's office was on sixteenth floor. Flora walked out of the elevator and walked over to her office and knocked on the door.

Merry Yang's voice came from inside. "Come in."

Flora pushed the door open and walked straight in without making noise as she was wearing a pair of UGG boots.

"Ms. Yang." Flora stood at a distance from Merry Yang's desk.

Merry Yang was reading a document when Flora called her. She put down her pen and looked up at Flora.

"Flora, I have a case for you." Although Merry Yang was more than forty years old, she still looked young because of how well she had taken care of herself.

Flora stared at her in confusion. "What is it, Ms. Yang?"

Merry Yang flashed her a smile as she explained, "Recently, the general manager of Shen Group, William Shen, has come back from abroad. He is the person that all the media outlets want to get in touch with. So naturally, Sunshine also needs to work hard. I've decided to send you to interview him. You will be responsible for the new column 'Celebrity Memory' that we are planning."

Flora was stunned. She had never thought that this task would fall on her. But since she was a worka

holic, she would never give up no matter how difficult it was.

It was the third day since she broke up with Ivan. Flora recovered quickly. She didn't give up herself like other people who had been abandoned and cheated on by their lovers. Or perhaps because of that strange man's words at that night had really affected her.

Merry Yang looked at Flora carefully and noticed the bags under her eyes. "Flora, didn't you get a good rest last night?"

Flora came back to her senses and shook her head. "No, it's nothing. I will try my best to finish my task."

"That's good. Take care of yourself and don't get too tired." Merry Yang had also worked hard since she was a young girl. Thus, she could understand Flora.

Flora nodded, "Okay. I'll go to work then." Merry Yang nodded her agreement before Flora took her leave. The moment she closed the door behind her, she felt more tired. Flora took a deep breath and thought to herself,

'You can't think too much. Flora, come on. Work hard. Otherwise you may lose your job!' She actually had to encourage herself to go to work. Instead of taking the elevator, she took the stair to stable her worrying mind.

As soon as she returned to her seat, Selina Gu came to her. Her seat was on the opposite side of Flora's. Selina Gu gave her a curious smile and asked, "What was it about? What did Ms. Yang want you to do? Did she criticize the program we made last month?"

Flora sat on the chair quietly. After cleaning her table, she looked up and smiled, "Don't worry. I didn't get scolded, but I was assigned the task you were talking about this morning. I can't believe this!"

As soon as Selina Gu heard that the interviewing job fell on Flora, she became more excited. She beamed and exclaimed, "Flora, you must be so happy to have such a good opportunity. I heard that William Shen is a handsome man, and most importantly, he is single. All women are coveting him and ready to throw themselves at him."

Flora seldom cared about these things, so she had no idea who William was, nor did she have interest in him. It was not until Selina Gu and the editor-in-chief told her that she knew the general manager of Shen Group was William Shen.

"It's time to work. Send me the information you have collected about William Shen." Flora smiled and turned on the computer.

Soon Flora received the document she asked from Selina Gu. She wasted no time in opening it and taking a look. She was taken aback, because what she found out was astonishing. William indeed was an excellent businessman.

He was thirty-five years old, elegant and mysterious. He graduated from the Stanford University with a master's degree in economics. He had never dated any woman before.

After reading the information, Flora wondered the man must be difficult to get along with. 'He must be very arrogant,' she thought.

"Flora, what do you think about William Shen? Doesn't he seem the best? Would you like to be his girlfriend?" Selina Gu turned around and asked her with a teasing smile. She was so confident that anyone who saw William would be infatuated with him.

"You're only focusing on his outside," Flora said seriously before resuming her work.

Selina Gu was stunned by Flora's sharp comeback before she turned back and shrugged off the comment.

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