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   Chapter 1 Being Dumped, First Encounter

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In the evening, City A was always so busy. People coming and going were running towards a place called "home".

Flora Ye was sitting in the coffee shop near the company, which was her favorite seat by the window. For some reason, she had been fond of this seat for so many years. Perhaps it was because she could see the outside world through the French window. Only in this way could she feel her existence and no longer live in the dark world.

Before getting off work, Ivan Li called her and said that he had something to tell her. They had made an appointment at this coffee shop called "Off Shore".

'If we are closer to the shore, we are going ashore.' This is how Flora Ye thought of this name every time.

It was a matter of two people, but there was a beautiful girl sitting opposite, who looked younger than her. 'Would Ivan be with her?'

"Flora, let's break up. The engagement is invalid. She's Kelly Su. She's pregnant with my child. I'll marry her." Ivan Li's voice was like a heavy hammer punching Flora Ye's heart.

Flora Ye sat opposite Ivan Li, with surprise and doubt in her eyes, but disappeared in an instant. She still looked at him with a smile as if nothing had happened, and said, "Okay. I wish you happiness. "

After saying that, Flora Ye took his bag, stood up and walked straight to the door. But every step was so difficult. Her heart seemed to be cut into several pieces, and her lips began to turn pale because of the pain.

It was no longer close, but destined to be separated. Now she was abandoned again, not because she didn't feel pain, but because her self-esteem made her that no matter what, she couldn't show the timid side to others. At this moment, walking in the lively crowd, she didn't feel warm but lonely.

In fact, it wasn't a long way to go back. Normally, it would only take half an hour to walk back. But today, Flora Ye walked for more than an hour, absent-minded.

The lights turned on, it was particularly cold in the winter night. Flora Ye was tired and sat on a bench on the roadside. She buried her head between her knees, her shoulders twitching. The surroundings were so quiet that she could hear her crying.

It was only at this moment that she could really take off her mask, which she had been pretending to be strong in front of everyone, especially Ivan Li.

She felt heartbroken, as if she had cut off a piece of flesh from her heart, because Ivan Li was not only her fiancé, but also her family. For the past fifteen years, he had been taking care of her and giving her warmth. She still remembered the first time she met Ivan Li. At that time, Flora Ye was only ten years old, but she encountered the biggest disaster in her life. Her parents had a car accident on the way back from a business trip, and they died on the spot. She used to be happy, but she forgot to laugh from then on. Ivan Li kept her company all the time. He lived on the street opposite Flora Ye's house. They used to be friends when they were children. Now that The Ye Clan was in trouble, Ivan Li's family would naturally take care about Flora Ye more.

Flora Ye was five years younger than Ivan Li. Although she was not the daughter of The Li Clan, she had gained warmth in The Li Clan. Fifteen years had passed. When Flora Ye graduated, Ivan Li proposed to her. She was very happy.

But now, the only warmth she had was gone. She didn't know what to do now. Just like an abandoned child, she couldn't find her home. Moreover, she lived in the apartment Ivan Li bought in the city. Now, how could she go back?

But why did she become like this overnight? Flora Ye smiled bitterly. In fact, she was just deceiving herself. More than two months ago, she had found that Ivan Li wanted to say something, but every time, she changed to another topic, because she was afraid that what he said would expose her pretended toughness like a knife.

On the street not far away, there were fewer and fewer people. Only a few cars passed by occasionally, and there was a classic black BMW. A man in casual clothes was sitting in it. He had an angular face, and a pair of black eyes with his golden rimmed glasses.

"Mr. William? Why did you leave so early today? You are so unkind, aren't you? A man's complaining voice came from the other end of the line.

The man in the driver's seat m

ade a turn and braked. He smiled and replied, "It's late. As for the beauties you mentioned, you enjoy yourself. Bye. " Then he hung up the phone, frowning.

Through the glass window, he saw a girl a few meters away, sitting on a chair and burying her whole head between her knees. Somehow, he suddenly felt that the girl was like a pet that had been lost.

He was never a meddlesome person, but when he realized it, he had already got out of the car and walked to her step by step.

Flora Ye felt like someone was in front of her. She looked up and found a handsome man she didn't know at all. The first thought in her mind was, "Why is there such a beautiful man?"

Not knowing when, a handkerchief appeared in his hand. He handed it to her and said, "wipe it." His voice was nice and attractive, but more like a mature man.

Flora Ye took it, wiped her tears and looked up at the man in front of her. "Thank you." Maybe it was because she had cried for too long that her voice was a little hoarse. Her nose had been frozen red by the cold wind. She was like a rabbit in this way.

Looking at her, who was obviously a little girl, William Chen couldn't help laughing at himself. Since when did the cold and ruthless Mr. William have a sense of compassion? As if he had guessed what happened to her. "There are many things to be done in life. Don't give up hope just because you broke up with your boyfriend. "

A girl at her age, she must have quarreled with her boyfriend and cried here. That was what William Shen thought, so he said so.

Flora Ye felt a little embarrassed. She had been pretending all the time, but she didn't expect that her frailty was seen by a man she didn't even know his name. She was a little flustered. She could only stare at him with her red eyes.

Then William Shen turned around and said, "Get in the car and drive you home." Then he walked towards his car, leaving Flora Ye behind.

Flora Ye found that this man was so powerful that she had no time to refuse. She opened the door and sat in the passenger seat.

William Shen started the engine and drove forward quickly. He glanced at her, who had been lowering her head, and asked, "Where do you live? You haven't told me the address yet. "

Flora Ye was stunned and looked up at this strange man. She wanted to tell him the address, but on second thought, it was Ivan Li's house and she had no place to go now. "You can just park in the Wanda supermarket ahead."

William Shen didn't say anything but kept driving. Looking out of the window, Flora Ye turned around and said softly, "thank you. Although she didn't know why such an excellent man would appear when she was most helpless, she was still grateful.

"Are you okay?" William Shen glanced at her. She was not a stunning beauty, but she was unique and elegant, giving people a comfortable feeling. Especially between her eyebrows, there was a familiar feeling. For a moment, he seemed to have an illusion, as if he had seen the woman who was always smiling elegantly in his memory.

Flora Ye nodded and the car stopped. She unfastened the seat belt, opened the door and got out of the car. "Thank you." She thanked him again and closed the door. Then she turned around and walked straight forward, although she didn't know where to go.

William Shen's car disappeared in the dark, as if it had never appeared. Flora Ye's phone suddenly rang. She took it out of her bag tiredly. It was from Anne Chen.

She and Anne Chen had been classmates and friends for four years in college. They had a good relationship. But after graduation, Anne Chen went abroad, so they hadn't seen each other for more than a year.

"Hello, Anne? Why are you calling me now? Have you finished your experiments? " Flora Chen took a deep breath and said slowly. She wanted to sound normal and she didn't want her friend to worry about her.

It suddenly occurred to her that Anne Chen used to say with a smile that she was jealous of her because she had Ivan Li. However, everyone knew the beginning, but they couldn't guess the end, even she herself couldn't.

On the other end of the line, Anne Chen said with a smile, "Flora, I have a good news. I'm coming back tomorrow. We can meet soon. "

It was really a good news. Flora Chen couldn't help laughing. "Okay. Call me when you arrive."

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