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   Chapter 4 Being Cared About Accidentally

Love Fools Me Around By Shui Qingying Characters: 4588

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"Emma Qiao?" Eric had met Nathan's sister before. Thinking back, it was his negligence.

He forgot that he didn't give Nathan too much personal time.

"Okay!" The CEO might have forgotten that Nathan had introduced him before.

"The art exhibition of Alice Qin?"

Eric repeated what Nathan had said. He didn't pay much attention to others or things other than work.

"Yes, Emma said she was a famous female painter and a single mother." There was regret in his words.

"Take more admission tickets!" Since a single mother had chosen this path, she had to bear all the thorns on it.

Eric didn't say anything more. It was not easy for him to say anything more.

"Yes! Thank you, boss! " Nathan was in a daze. He didn't know that if he told the truth, the CEO would help. He was very grateful!

"The schedule is ready. You can get off work ahead of time, not skipping work." Eric would give special treatment to Nathan.

"Yes, sir!" Nathan almost exclaimed. What kind of treatment was this! He had never seen her before.

He had to follow the CEO to wherever he went. If he was sick, he could just treat his illness in a rush. Thanks to Alice, he was going to see this lucky star!

It seemed that he was abusing his employees. Eric shook his head in his heart.

If he didn't explain, in Nathan's eyes, he was indeed crazy at work! He would rather be misunderstood than be understood.

As he was busy with his work, Nathan listed the schedule of the president first.

Then he would contact with Emma sometime. Alice just came back from abroad. Her phone number and address were not decided yet.

However, when Nathan called her assistant, she got a negative answer.

In the CEO office.

"Are you still here?" With a quick glance, Eric opened the file and found that his schedule had come out.

However, Nathan wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, interrupting Eric's work.

"I'm sorry, boss! There's no need for you to help Alice Qin, but she said she had a lot of admission tickets. "

As the CEO's assistant, Nathan felt that he was too humiliated. What's more, it also embarrassed the CEO.

Huh! Eric chuckled in his heart, but he sympathized with Nathan. "Prepare the information about Alice!"

"Yes, sir!" Since he didn't get

off work early, he had something to do.

"You should have a relationship!" His assistant was so unconfident. Before Alice showed up, Nathan was frustrated.

But on second thought, what kind of single woman was Alice? She could raise her child by herself.

"What?" What did he mean? These were two totally different things. Was he ordering him?

"Get out!" He didn't need to explain anything about it. Eric was sure that Nathan would do as he said.

"Yes, sir." The CEO was very kind to him. Nathan didn't dare to disturb him anymore. He went to work.

In the Qingyuan Hotel on the street, room 612.

"Mommy, is that Auntie Emma's brother?" It was unknown whether he was handsome or not. Seeing that her Mommy refused, Elsa frowned.

She didn't like those golden haired men chasing after her, but she didn't mind the men in Taicheng.

Aunt Emma was beautiful and cute. Her brother must be a good man.

"Elsa, aunt Emma is worried about us. Her brother has a job. We can't bother others anymore."

Alice stayed in the hotel for a few days. The reason why she didn't tell Emma the address was that she didn't want Emma to worry about her.

When she returned to Taicheng, she didn't want to rely on others to deal with work and life by herself, and the same would happen in the future.

"Okay." Elsa didn't understand, but stopped asking. Mommy said she would give him the ticket and see him then.

"From now on, only the two of us will be together with mommy. Don't bother others, okay?"

For Elsa, this place was strange, but for her, Taicheng was still a familiar hometown.

Even though many buildings had changed, she would never forget what had happened here. There were a lot of things to do.

"Elsa believes that mommy will take good care of the two of us!" Elsa was satisfied to be with her Mommy.

"Mommy will be busy in the future, but I will arrange everything for you. Will you blame me when Mommy can't accompany you?"

She didn't like strangers, and even her daughter seldom had contact with outsiders. It could protect her child, but it also had disadvantages.

But no matter what, her baby couldn't work with her, which couldn't be changed for the time being.

"Mommy! Are you sleepy? " Elsa didn't answer. She wouldn't blame her Mommy.

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