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   Chapter 3 An Art Exhibition

Love Fools Me Around By Shui Qingying Characters: 5533

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"Amy, you are so annoying!" Staying in her mother's arms, Elsa looked around the place with her big curious eyes.

Most children in Paris had blonde hair with blue eyes. But here, the children were with black hair and brown eyes just like her. Elsa looked around the airport and noticed how the children were with both of their parents. They all looked happy. She also wanted to have a father.

But when she realized she didn't even know her father, her eyes got filled with disappointment. She knew it very well that she couldn't mention it in front of her mother. She didn't want to make her mother sad.

Alice shuffled her daughter's hair softly and gave Amy an apologetic look.

However, Amy didn't mind the toddler's words. She playfully stuck out her tongue at Elsa, and said, "Alice, I've made it clear to Mr. Feng!"

Amy had to go back to her home, but she didn't want to leave Alice and Elsa.

"Z City is next to T City." If something happened and Alice needed Amy help, the latter could easily reach her.

As the adults were talking about business, Alice missed noticing her daughter's expression.

"Okay." Amy was reluctant in leaving them alone though she knew she had to.

"Just go!" Alice had a heavy heart when they came back in T City. Although she had a lot of things to do, taking care of her daughter was the most important.

Alice had thought about what Amy had said about Yates. Even if she'd like someone in the future, Elsa would always have the first priority. No one could replace Elsa in her life.

"Alice, shall I book a hotel now?" The fatigue from travelling such a long flight was making it difficult for her to stand straight. Elsa's condition was worse.

"No, thanks! Your task is to take your luggage home by bus. All the expenses will be reimbursed!"

Alice said with a smile. She believed that Amy would find the gift she gave her when she'd return to her home.

Alice might not have experienced the family affection, but she hoped that Amy could enjoy spending time with her family.

She had worked hard for Alice for a long time and she deserved to be treated right.

"Alice, what about you?" Amy was worried about Alice and Elsa, and she was afraid that she couldn't take care of Elsa alone.

"Don't worry. I'll take care of Elsa perfectly and won't make her sad."

After Alice's assurance, Amy put away her luggage. Alice felt ashamed. Amy's worry proved what a failure she was as a mother.

Without giving Amy another opportunity to stop them, Alice took her daughter's hand in hers and waved goodbye.

Amy waved back once the bus started. As the bus rolled by, she realized that she was abandoned by Alice and her daughter.

But Alice did it for Amy so that she could be with her fam

ily. It filled Amy with gratitude towards Alice. She now became confident of going home.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Eric were also at the airport.

"Mr. Xiang, Miss Li is still in the parking lot." She was waiting for Eric, but they had already left.

"You can deal with it!" After commanding so, Eric closed his eyes, feeling tired. It was troublesome to have friends.

The woman Nathan was talking about was Irene Li. Her brother, Alex Li, was Eric's friend.

"Mr. Xiang, shall we go back to the villa or...?" Eric was trying to take a rest closing his eyes. Nathan knew he shouldn't bother him, but he had to.

Eric opened his eyes and gave him a sharp look. Then he looked away annoyingly and closed his eyes again to take a rest.

He ordered the driver to leave the airport and go to the company. Nathan still wanted to say something, but he hesitated and didn't say anything.

Eric had become colder and more unpredictable during the past five years. Nathan couldn't help but shiver. He didn't want to provoke his cold-hearted boss.

"What else do you want to say?" Eric, however, had noticed Nathan hesitating. He knocked on the wooden cup rack, waiting for him to speak.

He wasn't that heartless what everyone thought he was. He just didn't want to listen to nonsense.

"Nothing!" Nathan shook his head hastily. He had worked for Eric for years and he knew it very well when he should or should not talk. Even if he now wanted to ask for leave, he couldn't express the same to his boss.

"Are you in love?" Eric asked.

"Don't let it affect your work!" He didn't have any problem with Nathan falling in love. He was always supportive to his own people.

"No!" Nathan hurriedly shook his head, feeling embarrassed. He just wanted to help Alice with her art exhibition.

He didn't expect Eric to misunderstand it.

"Tell me!" Eric frowned at Nathan's weird behavior. "Mr. Xiang,

you've misunderstood. It's not about a date." Nathan was feeling shy talking about love.

"Are you getting married then?" It must be about either a relationship or a marriage. Why else would he ask for leave which never happened before? He thought Nathan was being shy.

In Eric's mind, the decision of not to be in a relationship in his entire life was still strong. But he didn't want the people around him to be affected by him.

He was aware that he would change his mind soon.

"Mr. Xiang, it's really not like that! My sister, Emma, has a friend in Paris. Her friend went back to T City and is going to hold an art exhibition."

Emma had asked him to help Alice. He had no choice left but to confess to Eric.

He didn't expect that Eric would think that he was having a relationship. He was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

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