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   Chapter 2 Five Years Later

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Around five o'clock in the morning, the door of the presidential suite opened and Eric came out. "Mr. Xiang!" The bodyguards outside stood alerted immediately.

"Ask them to clean up the suite," Eric ordered them with no hesitation, unfazed of the situation.

Dressed in a clean dark blue suit, he looked like a gorgeous model with his jaw-dropping physique.

"Yes, sir!" His bodyguards quickly obliged his order. Fred Xiang followed Eric whereas George Xiang went to the floor service counter to borrow a housekeeping.

Inside the suite's bedroom, the sunshine peeked through the window and fell straight on the bed. The warmth wake Tina up from her dream.

She groggily sat up and eyed around the room but found none. What happened last night? Her eyes went wide. Money! Jason!

Tina hastily removed the quilt that was covering her and got out of the bed. As soon as her feet touched the floor, her legs felt like jelly. They trembled causing her to fall on the floor.

The room was still dark, and since her phone had run out of power last night, she couldn't even turn on the phone's flash. She couldn't see anything in the room clearly.

She somehow caught a hold of the edge of the bed and struggled to stand up. Her eyes shifted to the slit of the window curtains, through which the sunlight was slipping into the room.

Her eyes did a quick scrutiny of the room and found a wardrobe at one corner. Without thinking much, she dashed towards it, hoping to find clothes to wear, as her own were torn. She put the clothes on before walking out the suite and going to the hospital.

After reaching the hospital, she found that Jason had a successful operation and had already left the hospital.

The hospital bills had already been paid. She didn't know where her family were as she couldn't contact them. Even, she was running out of money.

Although her whole body was wearing out, she dragged herself to go to the Lian family house and Lian Group. But unfortunately, people who were in charge in there had changed and she was abandoned overnight.

This made her desperate. How could they do this to her? She lost her virginity to save her brother and got abandoned by her family. Was there anything more miserable in the world than her situation right now?

She wanted to cry. But as soon as tears rolled down her face, her mind raced towards the stranger from last night. She needed to find him before she continued to be crestfallen.

She wiped off her tears and went to a hotel. If she would have to take the decision of killing herself, she'd die with her mind clear.

However, she couldn't find the man, no matter how desperately she tried.

Eventually, Tina had to leave Z City with sadness and unwillingness. She even had to borrow money to buy the air ticket.

Nonetheless, she couldn't end her life. It would have made her too weak for her liking. So, she chose the next possible option that she save her from a dejected lifestyle. She left her old life

completely and stayed away from everything she was familiar with in past.

Five years later At the passenger exit of T City Airport

A car sped by. As the car window was open, many people saw the driver's handsome face.

"He's so handsome! I think I'm in love with him!" exclaimed Amy Chen.

Outside the airport, there were many women who acted like Amy Chen and ready to throw themselves in his arms. Amy Chen was Alice Qin's assistant.

Tina had changed her named to Alice Qin after leaving her old life. She became an internationally renowned painter with her hard work.

Alice Qin smiled. She didn't see the man or have any interest in him. She was in a completely different mood now.

She was holding her four-year-old daughter, Elsa Qin. The toddler smiled at Amy's dramatic expression.

"Mommy!" With a shy look on her face, Elsa Qin held her mother's leg.

Elsa Qin had always brought positive energy in Alice Qin's life. She was full of goodness and happiness. Amy Chen stuck out her tongue playfully at the toddler.

"Baby, do you like this place?" Holding her daughter's hand, Alice Qin found strength from her.

She swore in her mind that she would pay back all the grievances she had suffered in her previous life. Even if it was her family, she would not be softhearted and forgive them.

"Mommy, don't worry. Elsa is with you!" Elsa Qin might be less than five year old, but she was smarter than her peers.

Noticing the sadness in her mom's eyes, she wanted to comfort her.

"Mommy is fine!" Her baby always tried to save her energy whenever she felt down, and Alice Qin was proud of her.

Elsa Qin beamed at her mother and raised her hands. She wanted to be lifted up.

"Okay! Mommy!" Alice Qin squatted down and picked up her daughter. The only happiest thing in the past few years was that Elsa Qin was with her.

Alice Qin was determined that, for Elsa and herself, she would take her revenge on the Lian family and find out Elsa's biological father.

The once coward Tina Lian had died long ago. The person who came back was Alice Qin.

"Mommy, are we really going to live with Uncle Yates?" Elsa seemed not to like the place as she was unfamiliar with it.

Her daughter's words brought Alice Qin back from her thoughts.

"Mommy knows you don't like it here, so we won't live there!" After answering Elsa, Alice Qin mentioned the same to Amy Chen.

"Mommy!" Elsa Qin had already told Alice Qin that she didn't like Yates Feng, and her mother should know that.

Elsa Qin had always been sensitive and straightforward. And Alice Qin also didn't like it if Elsa Qin had taken a disliking towards it.

"I think Elsa is afraid of the possibility that someone will take you away from her, Alice!" Amy Chen teased with a smile. Elsa Qin was indeed a smart child.

She had already explained the situation to Yates Feng, and they didn't ride in the car sent by him.

Yates Feng was a CEO and a member of the famous Feng family in T City.

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