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   Chapter 15 Car Racing between Yael and Hunter frightened Colin

Endless Desire: All I Need Is You By Su Liao Characters: 6866

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It took a while for Colin to return to his senses and quit missing Yael.

It took a while for Colin to regain his composure from Yael. He continued to listen to the financial department reporting the revenue and expenditure of the financial department. When he saw that Matt was looking at him, Colin knew Matt must have noticed his distraction just now.

Selena drove Yael to a military residential compound in the suburb. When the car entered the yard, Yael saw several racing cars parked there. Several young men were checking the condition of the cars, as if they were studying what to modify.

When Selena and Yael got out of the car, those young men stopped what they were doing when they saw them. A tall, thin, and handsome man with long legs came over. His skin was dark, and his long hair was tanned. His big eyes and thick lips looked like a young man who liked to fight.

There was a defiant look in his eyes. "Selena, why are you here again? He is the computer technician you hired, isn't she? I'm not interested in computer and technology companies. You want to keep me in the office all day long. No way. You'd better take this handsome man back as soon as possible. I think he's a good match for you as your boyfriend. Don't plan on my business."

Selena looked at Hunter Feng and said, "Hunter, I didn't ask you to give up racing. You can spare some time to learn. The company really can't afford to lose you. I respect your hobbies, and you should also think about our family business, okay?"

Tears welled up in Selena's eyes as she said. Hunter said with disdain, "Selena, look at you. You are going to become a robot as you keep talking about the company. If you can charge the battery, you can run twenty-four hours and become a living computer. Do you really want to turn me into a robot too?"

Hunter begged, "Selena, don't interfere with my freedom anymore, okay? Don't you want me to be happy every day? Then don't bother me anymore. I'm thinking about car racing every day. I'm not interested in anything else."

Hunter looked at Yael again. He said, "How can you, tender skinned ones, feel the real speed and passion? You don't even dare to take my car. We are not on the same foot. We have different ambitions and don't work together. Well, Selena, don't embarrass me anymore. I'm going to work. You can go back now."

As soon as Hunter finished his words, he turned around and left. Tears had already fallen from Selena's eyes. She said, "Hunter, would you please try again for the last time? If you really can't make it, just forget it."

Hunter sped up his pace to leave. He didn't even turn around and went straight to his partners and racing cars.

"Hunter Feng, let's have a competition. If you won, I'll leave. If you lost, you should learn computer skills from me obediently. What do you think? Do you dare to accept the challenge?" Yael talked to him loudly.

Hunter turned around and looked at the handsome young man, "You? How dare you challenge me? I don't want to bully a person who doesn't even drive a lot. Don't waste time on me. Please leave. This place doesn't suit you."

Looking at the arrogant Hunter, Yael flipped over and landed in front of him. "Hunter Feng, I'll challenge you once only. Words have no basis. We can write it in black and white. If you lost, you have to listen to me, a tender person, to teach you computing skills. If you don't dare to

fight, I understand you. You are afraid of losing, aren't you?"

Hunter was shocked by Yael's movements. He asked, "You know martial arts? According to you movement just now, you have something. Okay, let's race."

Hunter's friends also came over. Selena was also shocked by Yael just now. Before she could see clearly what was going on, Yael had already stood in front of her brother. Selena quickly wiped her eyes. She saw her brother and his friends surrounded Yael in the middle. They were discussing about the written statement.

Soon enough, Yael and Hunter signed their names. Yael would drive a racing car of Hunter's friend's, and Hunter sat in his own. The two cars were parked at the same level, and the race was about to begin.

Meanwhile, Colin received a call from George, "Mr. Colin, I need to report something. Mrs. Yoselin is in a racing car. It seems that she is going to race with Selena's brother, Hunter!"

Hearing this, Colin almost dropped the phone in hand to the ground. "George, what did you say? Yoselin wants to car race with Hunter? Everyone knows that Hunter is the best racing driver in the club. I have lost to him several times. Send me your address. You keep an eye on them and I'll be there soon."

Hanging up the phone, Colin hurried downstairs and drove his Maybach at a high speed. When he arrived at that road, he didn't see Hunter. Instead he saw Yael driving away from him at a high speed. He quickly turned the car around and chased after Yael. He pressed the accelerator to the bottom and kept up with her.

After driving for a while, Colin turned a corner and couldn't see Yael's car. Surprised by Yael's driving speed, he thought, "This girl is so good at driving. She even leaves me far behind in such a short time. It seems that this girl is really not simple!"

As he was driving, Colin still tried to catch up with Yael, who was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, he found a small bridge in front of him, where workers were doing construction works. When Colin was thinking about whether he should go through it or not, an amazing scene appeared. He saw a racing car leaping over from the bridge. It was Yael's racing car. Did Yael fly back and forth from this bridge?

Colin was stunned. After a while, Hunter's car came over. He asked the workers to clean the passage on the bridge for him and drove the racing car through. Now, Colin had known the result of the racing. George also called him, "Mr. Colin, Mrs. Yoselin has won over Hunter!"

Colin said, "I've seen the result. Yoselin is really good at car racing. But why does she want to compete with Hunter in car racing all of a sudden? What's going on?"

George answered, "Mr. Colin, it must have something to do with that Hunter. Is he going to learn martial arts from Mrs. Yoselin?"

Colin immediately denied. "How could it be possible? Hunter has been focusing on car racing. I know his sister has always wanted him to take over the computer technology company and hope he can take over the family business. Her sister seems to be going abroad, but Hunter doesn't give up his heart on car racing at all. Her sister can't persuade him at all."

George continued his report. "Mr. Colin, that Hunter was also shocked by Mrs. Yoselin after he lost. It seems that he was not only convinced by Mrs. Yoselin, but also took her as his teacher. Now, I see that he has left with his sister and Mrs. Yoselin."

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