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   Chapter 14 Mr. Colin Cares About Yael

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Yael was so beautiful and lovely, elegant and generous in his eyes now. He was a little drunk, and now he only cared about Yael. He looked at Yael with a smile and said, "Yosef, look at which other dishes do you want to eat. Let me help you pick them up."

Out of the corner of Yael's eye, she had already seen the slightly drunk look of Colin. He was very handsome, and now he looked so sexy. Yael felt her heart beat faster inexplicably. "I'm full, so I won't bother you. I'm done. Enjoy your meal."

After Yael finished speaking, she put down her chopsticks. Matt patted her on the shoulder and said, "Yael, are you really full? My uncle has been caring about you all the time today. He never picked up food for me, but he picked up food for you... "

Before Matt could finish his words, something more shocking happened. He saw that Colin picked up the rest of the red wine that had been drunk by Yosef and drank it up in one gulp.

It was well-known that Colin was a neat freak. When did he drink other people's remained wine? Matt's eyes widened. "Uncle Colin, are you drunk? Yosef is a handsome man, and he is not a beautiful woman. Do you really like him?"

Colin looked at Matt and said, "You are a man. Why are you jealous? Why do you need me to help you pick up food? Stop it. There is only one Yosef. You are different from him. You can't drink too much. After dinner, you can also go to the company. There is an important meeting in the company this afternoon, and the directors will all go there. You can go there after you get the materials ready. "

Although Matt looked like a playboy, he was very serious about his work. "I know, Uncle Colin. I'll prepare it."

Yael stood up and said goodbye, "Enjoy your meal. I have something else to do, so I won't bother you."

Yael said as she stood up. She was going to apply for the next job. At the same time, Colin stood up and said, "Yosef, I'm leaving too. How about I send you back?"

Yael hurriedly said, "I went to a remote place. You are not on the same way with me, so I won't bother you."

Yael said as she walked out of the room. Then, Colin followed Yael out and said, "Yosef, let's go together."

Yael quickened her pace, and Colin followed her. "Yosef, if you don't need us to send you back, we will leave."

As Colin said, he got on their Maybach with George. Yael walked out of the mansion, hailed a taxi and left. Sitting in the car, Yael kept looking through the recruitment information for computer tutors. She did not notice that a car had been following her from afar at all.

Yael came to an office building according to the address on the phone. She saw that it was a computer technology company. Yael looked at the signboard of the building. And she thought to herself, 'How could there be a shortage of computer talents here?' She walked in with a lot of questions.

She got on the elevator and came to the door of the office designated by the phone. She gently knocked on the door, and a woman said 'come in'. Yael pushed the door open and walked in.

In the big office, a young and beautiful woman was sitting on an office chair and working. When the woman saw a very handsome young man coming in, her expression was instantly full of smile. She warmly pointed to the chair in front of her and said, "Hello, please sit down."

Yael sat down and said, "Hello, my name is Yoselin Song. I saw the recruitment information on the Internet. But there are many people who

know computer knowledge in your computer science and technology company. Why do you hire tutors?"

The beautiful woman smiled and said, "To tell you the truth, I want to hire a tutor for my younger brother. I've already hired several tutors for him before. He hasn't finished his university yet and is addicted to racing all day long. The tutors I hired are all driven away by him."

She continued, "I'm going abroad next year, and I'll have to let him manage the company. But he hasn't even learned basic computer and network knowledge. How can he manage such a complicated company! So I want to find a tutor to guide him. Of course, I didn't ask him to give up his racing hobby. "

The beauty smiled bitterly and said, "Which company's top executives don't need to be proficient in their own company's business? I just hope you can make him learn some knowledge about computer. "

The beauty continued helplessly, "Because my parents are abroad now, and he doesn't want to go there. I really hope you can help me. Of course, the reward will be paid to you as I promised on the Internet. Don't worry. Wait a moment, I will take you to see him as soon as I finish this document."

Yael observed this woman and found that she looked not much older than herself. The woman's fingers moved quickly on the computer keyboard, which showed that she was a professional manager. She couldn't even teach her brother, which meant that her younger brother must like racing very much. It seemed that if Yael wanted to get this job, it had to depend on the beauty's younger brother. Yael had participated in the computer science and technology competition, and there was no problem with her computer knowledge. Now it depended on whether this brother wanted to hire her as his teacher.

Yael sat in the chair and read the latest magazine about computer. The beautiful woman who was working for about half an hour finally stopped her work. She called her secretary and handed the documents in her hands to her secretary. She asked the secretary to print a few copies and send them to all departments. After that, Selena Feng took Yael out of the company.

Yael walked behind the beauty. She saw the beauty with long hair hanging down her shoulders. She was small, exquisite, graceful and beautiful. She wore a suitable business suit, which showed that she was more mature and sensible than her actual age.

But her every move still exposed her true age. She was about 22 years old. If her younger brother didn't go to college, he would at most be 20 years old. That was the age of rebellious boys. Yael thought as she got in Selena Feng's car.

On the other side, when Colin was having a meeting, his phone screen lit up. He took it and found it was from George.

"Mr. Colin, Mrs. Yoselin has been with Selena in the afternoon at the Hunter Computer Technology Company. She just got on Selena Feng's car. It seems that they are going somewhere. I'll report it to you later."

Colin was very familiar with the Hunter Computer Technology Company. Many advertisements of its products were conducted by Howson Computer Technology Company.

Colin had met Selena Feng several times before. She was a small, delicate and smart woman. Selena Feng was also one of the women that Colin despised most. Yael had applied for a job in the computer technology company, which meant that she must be very proficient in computer technology. How many more mysteries did this woman have?

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