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   Chapter 13 Colin Was Gentle And Considerate To Yael

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It was not until Colin's feet touched the ground that he felt at ease. he breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, he felt dizzy and quickly held Yael in his arms.

Seeing the dizzy look on Colin's face, Yael was afraid that he might fall down. After all, he was not as good at dancing skills as she was, so she didn't push him away.

Colin held Yael tightly in his arms. It felt so warm. He really wanted to hold Yael now and forever. While he was immersed in the intimate contact with Yael with his eyes closed, he heard a voice from Yael, "Are you still dizzy? Let go of me if you don't feel dizzy. "

Colin had to let go of Yael reluctantly. He looked at Yael, who was lean and of delicate beauty, and he spoke, "you are so freakishly strong. I was almost intimidated by you." Yael had felt the tenderness and affection from Colin's voice, she soon turned around and walked towards Matt.

Matt rushed up to Yael, held her hand and said, "Thank you for being lenient to my uncle. He hasn't had a girlfriend yet. If he had been physically hurt, my father and my grandfather would have me to blame . I respect and admire you even more now, Yosef. It's noon already, come on, Let's go for lunch!"

Seeing that Matt was still holding Yael's hand and was about to take Yael to have lunch together, Colin quickly walked over and held Yael's hands in his own hands, "My name is Colin. I'm so happy to see you today, and I'm looking forward to your valuable comments and suggestions."

Yael stared into Colin's eyes and said with a smile, "I'll remember you. Please just call me Yosef like everybody else did."

Hearing this, a smile crept onto Colin's handsome face, "Yosef, are you sure you want me to call you like that? If you like that, I can call you that. "

Yael pulled out her hands from Colin's and said, "You are just like everybody else, so call me Yosef like everybody else did."

Looking at Colin carefully, Matt said, "Uncle Colin, you seem a little strange today. It's like you are in quite a good mood and not cold at all today. Why are you so gentle to my new coach? Don't tell me you fall in love with Yosef at first sight!"

Colin took a glance at Matt and said, "Matt, keep in mind that nobody is allowed to take liberties with Yosef except me. Well, Let's go for lunch then."

Matt was confused by Colin's words. His uncle seem so strange to him today. He even wanted to protect the coach he hired. He looked at Colin and saw that his eyes were following Yosef who was walking in front of them. He really couldn't figure out what his uncle was thinking.

After everybody entered the dining room of Matt's apartment, Matt naturally sat next to Yael. He saw uncle Colin sitting on the other side of Yosef, and looking at him meaningfully, as if he shouldn't be sitting next to Yosef.

Yael clearly felt that someone sitting beside her was very tender and considerate to her, and the expression on Colin's face seemed to tell everyone that he was very interested in her, and at the same time, he was also warning others to stay away from her, including Matt.

Yael only had a little packaged foods in the morning. She was busy for the whole morning and felt starved. When she was about to take the food, Matt stopped her.

"Yosef, it's my first time to meet you. I had the feeling that we are congenial to each other. Let's have some drink today," He then turn to the servant and said, "Go get the two

bottles of ageing Wuliangye Liquor from the wine cabinet. Uncle Colin, Yosef and I will have a good drink today!"

After a while, a full glass of liquor was placed in front of Yael. Although Yael was good at fighting, she had no experience in drinking. She used to gain rich fighting experience and skills through frequent fight with masters in the martial arts team, however, a glass of liquor rendered her flat-footed.

In the past, no matter how happy Yael was with her friend Lillian, they would drink a little red wine, or one or two bottles of beer, or two bottles of yellow wine at the most.

Now, Yael looked at the presence of the full glass of liquor. She guessed that she would be drunk if she downed even less than half a glass of liquor, so she didn't reach out to take the glass.

At this time, Matt had already raised the glass in his hand. Seeing the embarrassed expression on Yael's face, Colin had known that Yael wouldn't be good at drinking.

"Your coach is obviously not good at drinking. Let's drink just between the two of us today. If she got drunk, some people might say that we deliberately embarrass her for the revenge of being defeated, that would be disgraceful! " said Colin, raising his glass.

Colin looked at Yael and continued, "Come on, pour a glass of red wine for Yosef. Yosef, please enjoy yourself. You can drink as much red wine as you can. If you can't, just leave it to me."

After saying that, Colin took the glass of liquor in front of Yael to his place. The way he looked at Yael was full of tenderness and affection.

Yael didn't raise her eyes, but she could feel how gentle and considerate Colin was to her. She tasted the food and then took a sip of the red wine. Under the loving eyes of Colin, she began to eat at ease.

Matt was confused by uncle Colin's behavior, he said, "Uncle Colin, you went too far today. How do you know that my coach is not good at drinking? Yosef, can't you drink liquor at all?"

Yael looked up at Matt and said, "I'm allergic to liquor, and I can't drink much red wine, either. I really envy those people who can drink like a fish. Unfortunately, one's drinking capacity is bred in the bone, and it can't be obtained via training. Make yourselves comfortable and don't worry about me. I have something to do in the afternoon."

Sitting next to Yael, Colin noticed that Yael was too embarrassed to reach the dishes in the distance, so he reached his chopsticks to the prawn in the distance. He picked up one for Yael and put it on Yael's plate. Seeing uncle Colin picking up food for others the very first time in his life, Matt was shocked. Colin picked up a prawn for Yael, and he even helped Yael peel the prawn's shell. Looking at the prawn in the plate, Yael pouted and looked up at the handsome man, who was so gentle today. Matt had been shocked many times today. He looked at uncle Colin, who was with tenderness on his face and had been affectionate all the time to his new coach.

Matt picked up the glass and said, "Uncle Colin, I can see that you are very happy today. Drink some more."

Yael lowered her head. She ate a small piece of cake, a lot of fried vegetables, and the prawn from Colin as well.

Colin was so happy that he drank a lot of liquor. While drinking, he kept looking at Yael's beautiful face. He was so happy. Looking at Yael's red lips, he really wanted to hold this beautiful woman and kiss her.

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