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   Chapter 12 The Competition Between Mr. Colin and Yael

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George agreed to take boxing gloves for Colin. This handsome man was obsessed with cleanliness. He never used other people's things, and everyone knew him well. At this time, Yael in the training room was wiping sweat with a towel. She had taught for the whole morning, and was taking a break.

Yael was drinking water in a chair. When she saw that Matt was happily walking towards a car parking outside, Yael took out her mobile phone and looked down at the message sent by Lillian.

Lilian asked if she had made any progress in her work, so Yael simply told Lillian about her first work today in a text message. Yael was sending a finished text message to Lillian, and suddenly she felt that someone was staring at her, and this person had come in front of her.

Yael raised her head vigilantly, and her eyes met the gaze of Colin, who was staring at her. The two were both surprised. At this time, the bodyguards and Matt surrounded them.

Matt didn't notice the surprise on Colin's face. He had thought that his uncle Colin doubted Yael's ability, a handsome young man.

Matt said to Colin, "Uncle Colin, don't judge a person by his looks. Don't blame me for not reminding you. I and my bodyguards have been subdued by Yosef. Now you are the only one who hasn't fought with Yosef. Here are boxing gloves. Don't blame me for not reminding you. Although Yosef is not as tall and strong as you, he is good at martial arts. Be careful. "

Colin looked at Yael's pink face and said, "Forget it. I admit defeat. I can't beat such a handsome man.

It turned out that Yael was the martial arts coach hired by his nephew, Matt. Colin didn't know how to express his mood. He didn't take the boxing gloves from Matt, but there must be a reason for him not to hit Yael. He smiled and said, "Forget it. I can't do it for such a handsome boy."

What Colin said was true. When he saw Yael, he just wanted to be close to her. Yael's face was pink because she had sweated a lot during the training just now. If she wanted to be strong, she had to fight with the best martial artists.

No matter how much hardship she had suffered, it didn't matter to Yael now. She had a deep-rooted hatred in her heart, so she worked very hard to practice. Yael's whole body was wet with sweat, and her red face looked very beautiful and delicate.

Colin looked at Yael's pink lips in front of him. He really wanted to hold Yael in his arms and kiss her. He looked at Yael very gently and affectionately. How could he be willing to do something to his Yael?

Yael was also stunned when she saw the extremely handsome and gentle face of Colin. How could it be so coincident that the person who came to compete with her was him? A trace of tenderness flashed through Yael's eyes in an instant. At this moment, her gaze was captured by Colin, and Colin's heart beat wildly.

However, Yael immediately regained her composure. She stood up and said to Colin coldly, "Since this handsome man has come, let's have a competition. Just do it, maybe I can win. You can just make a move."

As soon as Yael finished speaking, she walked into the hall and waited for Colin. At this time, Colin just wanted to hold Yael in his arms. How could he compete with Yael? He looked at Yael who was dressed in men's clothes. Yael hadn't accepted him yet, so he didn

't dare to tell others the real identity of Yael.

George, who was standing next to Colin, also recognized Yael at the first sight. He saw that Colin winked at him. He knew that infatuated Colin wanted him to help keep the secret of Yael's identity, so George swallowed all the words he wanted to say to Yael.

Now Yael was ready to fight. With tenderness written all over his face, Colin didn't want to fight any more, but Matt and the bodyguards didn't agree.

"Uncle Colin, it's not your style to admit defeat without a fight. Do you fall in love with this handsome man as soon as you meet him? His kung Fu is really first-rate. Maybe you really can't beat him. You said you couldn't get satisfaction in every competition, and this time even if you lost, you would be very satisfied. If you don't believe me, you can ask them?"

Matt had never seen Colin give up so voluntarily before the competition, and his curiosity suddenly grew stronger.

"Uncle Colin, you just fight with him once. When Yosef subdues you, you'll have a better meal. At that time, you can experience the feeling of fighting with a master. Uncle Colin, don't hesitate. You're a man. Why are you so indecisive today?"

As Matt said, he pushed Colin that didn't want to wear boxing gloves in front of Yael. Looking at Yael who was determined to fight with him, Colin thought, "She not only pretends not to know me, but also wants to fight with me now. Yael, if you really want to fight, just do it. Anyway, I won't fight back."

Seeing that Yosef and Colin were in a stalemate, Matt shouted the countdown. "Five, four, three, two, one."

As soon as Colin stretched out his hand, he actually wanted to put his arm around Yael's waist. Yael didn't hesitate. She instantly lifted up Colin and actually spun with holding Colin.

Matt was terrified. He knew how capable Yael was. If she turned a few circles and threw his uncle out, the consequences would be unimaginable. If Colin was hurt, it would be terrible. Thinking of this, Matt quickly shouted, "Yosef, show mercy. He is my uncle!"

Yael held up Colin at this moment. How could she not know what the neat freak was thinking? She knew that the handsome man was staring at her with tenderness all over his face.

It was impossible for him to do something to her, but if she didn't do it, it would be embarrassing. If the handsome man was excited and told others her true identity, her job would be ruined and her plan would be in a mess, so she had to do it.

Looking at the handsome man in front of her, Yael was sure that he wouldn't make a move. Yael didn't want to punch him, so she had no choice but to lift Colin up with all her strength.

Colin was taken aback by Yael's action. He was a handsome man with tight bones. Although he looked tall and strong and there was no extra fat on his body,

This handsome man was 1.89 meter tall and weighed nearly two hundred pounds. Yael actually easily lifted him up.

Colin was shocked that this woman had magical strength. At this time, Colin didn't know what Yael was thinking. He thought, "Is this girl going to throw me out as an enemy?"

Yael heard what Matt said. It turned out that Colin was Matt's uncle. Holding the handsome man in her hand, Yael didn't intend to hurt him at all. She spun a few circles and put Colin down.

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