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   Chapter 11 Colin Met Yael By Chance

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Looking at Yael, who was neat in every move, Matt said, "Yosef, you might want to teach me more practical moves and tactics in the future. I don't like fancy yet unpractical moves and tactics. Also, I will try to enhance my basic skills, because that'll help me understand the real essence of your moves and tactics. I know that I will never win in any contest with my current strength. If someone should take down his opponent with just one move upon confrontation, he would be qualified as a real powerful man. Am I right, Yosef? "

Yael explained, "You're only partly right. Some basic skills need to be well practiced to enhance the quickness of the moves indeed. Also, according to the specific tactics used by the opponent, we must be ready to respond quickly to the specific place to attack, such as the opponent's arms, legs, bones, or neck. We have to do it in an instant and without hesitation. The most important thing is to hit them ruthlessly, without any mercy, in case of endless trouble in the future."

Hearing what Yael said, Matt and the bodyguards broke out in a cold sweat. It was obvious that Yael had shown mercy to them in the previous melee. Otherwise, they might have been hospitalized now. They all wondered whether this thin young martial arts coach were a real killer or not.

What she said scared everyone. She was a real master of martial arts and the king of fighting. What on earth had she gone through to cultivate her strong aura and excellent martial arts skills?

Matt said, "Yosef, I didn't know how to practice martial arts or to win in a fight until I met you today. From now on, I would like you to come to my house every day and stay with me, so that I could learn from you every now and then. What do you think?"

Yael said, "That's not going to work. Now that I have worked several jobs, I can only come on set time. I'm applying for a coach, not a bodyguard, you know, I don't want to be anyone's bodyguard. I have a lot of things to do."

Matt replied disappointedly, "Yosef, I know you are not an ordinary person. Well, I respect your decision. I am perfectly satisfied to have you as my coach already."

Last night, when Colin saw Yael turn off the light and go to bed, he raced all the way home. After lying on the bed, he had a good sleep, so he woke up in high spirits this morning.

In the morning, Colin went to the practicing room to practice his martial arts for the whole morning. He was sweating all over. The security guards and bodyguards also practiced their martial arts in the practicing room in the morning. Some of them would go out for a morning jog. Colin would often go out for a morning jog for a while. But today, after he finished practicing, he went back to take a shower. He had work to do today.

After breakfast, Colin called George the bodyguard over and asked him to check on Yael's job. Besides, he asked George to buy curtains for Yael and told George that the place where the customized curtains were made. He emphasized that the curtain must be ready and sent to Yael's place via express delivery by night. George agreed and went out. Colin drove to the company and there were a lot of things needed to be done.

Colin was a half-brother of Matt's father's. As Colin's nephew, Matt was about the same age with Colin.

Colin was less than thirty years old, and Matt was twenty-two years old. There were only five or six years difference in their ages. They got on well with each other all the time.

All the family members had been anxious about finding a girlfriend for Colin these days. Of course, Matt was also very concerned about Colin's great affair of relationship. However

, he really didn't see which girl his uncle had really liked. None of the girls ever won his uncle's heart.

With a cold face, Colin kept a distance from other women, which made many young ladies of famous families retreat, or stay far away from this handsome man, waiting for any opportunity to chase him.

There were still some girls who really couldn't resist Colin's handsomeness and his elegant demeanor, however, all of them were turned downed by Colin.

Although those girls had created many opportunities in the Mu family's old house and other public places, they still didn't get any chance to date Colin, and Colin had never opened his heart to any woman.

A girl who was too active would often make herself embarrassed, because Colin would not give her any chance to chat or get closer. There was no woman who really touched him in Colin's eyes. It was not until Yael appeared that the real single life of this super handsome man ended.

Yael's appearance completely broke Colin's peaceful life as a noble bachelor. Now he fell into the poison of Yael's love. The colder Yael was, the more this handsome man wanted to get close to her, yet she was a super beauty with a heart full of hatred.

The closer he got to Yael, the deeper he fell in love with her. Yael was not an ordinary girl at all. Her virtues were revealed to him little by little. As a handsome man, Colin found that he couldn't live without this little girl.

As soon as Colin returned to his office with the documents from the meeting, he received a call from Matt, who told him that he had hired a handsome coach who was good at martial arts, Matt used to made similar calls before.

However, Every time he went there, Matt would ask him to put up a contest with the coach who were unworthy of Matt's praise. So this time, he just smiled and thought that maybe Matt was just making an excuse to see him and talk about his blind dates. However, he only wanted to talk about it when he had time.

Near noon, Colin received a call from Matt, who told him that if he didn't come soon, the handsome coach would leave. Matt asked him if he dared to put up a contest with his coach.

Colin raised his hand and looked at his watch. George had already come back, but he didn't find out where Yael was. He said that he was going to follow Yael tomorrow morning and report it to Colin after figuring out her exact working place. Fortunately, the customization of the curtain for Yael's rental house was under way.

Colin was depressed about Yael's whereabouts. After answering the phone, he took George and drove his Maybach, heading straight to Matt's place.

Due to Yael's detailed guidance, everyone was very focused on practicing. Just when everyone was about to have a rest, a Maybach pulled over in the courtyard. As soon as the door was opened, the handsome men, Colin and George went out of the car.

Seeing that uncle Colin really came, Matt rushed up to meet him and said, "Uncle Colin, I thought you wouldn't come. I assumed you wouldn't be able to win this handsome coach today. I'll give you a hint. His moves has a style of quickness, so you must be careful. It doesn't matter even if you lose, you'll gain experience anyway. "

Colin looked at Matt and said, "every time you would ask me to be careful, however, every contest before disappointed me, no exceptions are made. How come anyone could be a master in your eyes? It seems like anyone could be admired by you,"

Colin added, "I'm not in a good mood now, so don't blame me for hurting your new coach then. George, go get my boxing gloves. I won't have the mood to have lunch until I finish the contest today."

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