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   Chapter 5 Yael Did Not Mean To Meet The CEO

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Lillian also learned free combat. When the two girls practiced it, they often fought against each other. They had a good relationship. Lillian had always admired Yael, but she didn't expect that Yael would suddenly become like this. Although Lillian was not as good-looking as Yael, she was a beautiful woman, but she was two years younger than Yael. She was in high school now.

Lillian took Yael to a hotel. After checking in, they walked in. The receptionist saw that Lillian took Yael in.

They couldn't help gossiping, "nowadays, many young people come out to have fun. Look, the couple just now are really eye-catching, especially that handsome man. He is so handsome."

Yael and Lillian heard the discussion behind them. They knew that they must have misunderstood Yael's gender because of her male dress.

After entering the hotel room, Yael finally relaxed. Lying on the bed, she was very sad. Lillian soon fell asleep, but Yael couldn't fall asleep.

"Samuel is too cruel. She even hurt my family for his woman. I must take revenge." Yael doesn't care about her identity as a girl now, because her heart hurts too much. Yael clenched her fists and said," Samuel Xia, you owe me. I must get it back. "

On the second day, Yael and Lillian came out of their rooms and entered the elevator. The elevator ran for a while and opened on the lower floor. Then, Colin came in with two bodyguards.

When Yael saw the handsome neat freak enter the elevator, Colin's cold expression swept across Yael and Lillian. His eyes suddenly fixed on Yael and he walked towards Yael.

Yael' expression was cold. She looked at Colin indifferently.

Colin reached out his hand to her unexpectedly. His hand brushed Yael's short hair, and there was a smile on his handsome face. "Why does this handsome man look so familiar? Are you a woman? Why do you look so much like my woman? "

As soon as Colin finished his words, he bent down and looked at Yael carefully. Yael said coldly, " Handsome man, you've got the wrong person. There are many people who look alike."

Colin said in a sarcastic tone, "This hotel is run by our own family. How could it be so coincident that you live in the hotel of your own family? What a coincidence! "

Looking at the bag in Yael's hand, Colin said, "by the way, in the pocket in your hand, actually is my suit. Although you cut your hair short, I still recognize you. Come home with me."

As soon as Colin finished his words, he naturally wrapped his arms around Yael's waist. Yael wanted to stretch out her hands to pull down his arms, but he held her more tightly like an iron wall.

At this time, Yael was not in the mood to talk about love. She secretly winked at Lillian, and Lillian took a look at Yael knowingly.

When the elevator arrived at the first floor, the door opened. Colin was very proud. He recognized that the handsome girl in men's clothes was his woman as soon as he saw him. Although the handsome man didn't recognize him, after carefully looking at her, he still found Yael's identity through a few small details.

At this moment, he was thinking about taking Yael back to ask what was going on with the hotel case and what it had to do with his woman.

Yael was not in the mood to stay with him. As soon as the elevator door opened, Yael gave a glance at Lillian, and then Lillian took action. Yael kicked Colin back and forth on his leg. As soon as he loosened his grip, Yael gave him a Shoulder fall and Colin fell to the ground.

Seeing that, two bodyguards surrounded her. Yael and Lillian knocked them down easily. Yael pulled up Lillian and ran out of the hotel. A taxi came over. They opened the door

and walked on, and the car drove forward.

Colin and his bodyguards followed them out. When they saw Yael and Lillian get on a taxi, they also got on their car and followed them.

Seeing that someone was chasing them, the taxi driver asked what was going on. Lillian said, "there are several lechers chasing us. Sir, please drive quickly. Don't let them catch us."

The taxi driver was a loyal person. He drove the car into a small alley, turned left and right, and soon shook off the following cars. After making sure that no one was chasing them, Yael and Lillian rushed to their rental house.

Yael and Lillian paid the fare and got off the taxi. Lillian took out her phone and called the landlord. The landlord was a fat woman of more than 50 years old. She took Yael and Lillian upstairs. It was a two bedroom room and it was clean. Yael signed a contract with the landlord and paid the rent. The fat woman said, "you can change residence now. I'm leaving now."

After the landlord left, Lillian looked at Yael and said, "Yael, why did the handsome man say that you are his woman? You know each other? He has been saying that he will take you home. I think you are not in the mood to talk to him. This time we taught him a lesson. I guess he won't bother you anymore. "

Yael didn't have a good rest last night, and she was so sad that Lillian saw Yael was very tired.

She said, "nothing. you are always followed by a group of boys. This time you have short hair, but I didn't expect to catch up with one. Don't think about it, who can you fall in love with? It is he who is beyond his power Have a rest first. I'll buy you some daily necessities. Wait for me. "

Lillian went out. Yael lay on the bed and wanted to sleep for a while. She was too tired. When Yael was sleeping soundly, there was a knock on the door. Yael thought it was Lillian, so she opened the door.

She saw the handsome face of the neat freak appear at the door. When she was about to close the door, Colin had opened the crack of the door and walked in swaggeringly. Yael was shocked when she saw the handsome neat freak came here. "How did you find this place? I don't think it's easy to find here."

After entering the rental house and going into the bathroom to wash his hands, the neat freak handsome man walked out. Colin looked at the simple furnishings in the room and then walked into the bedroom. He returned to the living room and walked towards Yael, who was shocked by him.

Yael stepped back in a hurry and said, "what are you going to do? If you keep going forward, I won't be so polite. We are not familiar with each other, are we?"

Colin stood and said, "I've sent someone to investigate you. Your name is Yoselin Song, and your nickname is Yael. It's nice to hear. But in the past two days, your family was inexplicably exterminated, although you escaped. There was a girl who died because of you. Of course the police didn't know that you had escaped. It was written on the newspaper that a family of three had been chopped to death and their family had been exterminated. "

Yael's face was very pale. She said painfully, "since you know that I am a survivor of the extermination, why do you approach me? Logically speaking, you should stay away from me and avoid me. Why do you still try every means to investigate me and approach me?"

Yael continued in a calm voice, "I've already forgotten your previous promise. You don't have to be so serious. I don't want to get you involved in this. I don't want anyone irrelevant to be involved. Since you know everything, I'm carrying such a great hatred and may be hunted down at any time. You should leave now."

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