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   Chapter 2 Yael Was Saved

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Ever since that day, Yael began paying more attention to Samuel and started learning a lot about him.

She knew that a billionaire's daughter was also keen on pursuing him. She even saw a picture in the newspaper where Samuel was holding hands with her and smiling.

That day, their parents had arranged a dinner to discuss about Samuel and Yael's engagement. Yael's parents arrived on time, but they couldn't see Samuel's family anywhere around.

Yael was dressed in a pink gown, which made her look very charming and feminine. Her heart raced as she anticipated seeing Samuel, the man whom she had fallen in love with, to arrive. As she waited, a group of men, all dressed in black, suddenly came in.

They were wearing masks and carried machetes with them, instantly terrifying those who were waiting for Samuel's family.

The group's leader slowly approached Yael's family. Her dad, who was trained in various martial arts, stood up and asked, "Who sent you here? Why are you here? You'd better start telling me your names, or I'll kick your ass!"

With that, he assumed his fighting position. Yael's mother, who wasn't a fighter, hid behind her father. Yael's eyes went wide with rage as she picked up a chair, trying to defend her mother.

The group's leader laughed and said, "You have offended my boss. She has been dating Samuel for a long time, but your daughter dared to seduce him even though he wasn't for the taking. So today, you're all going to die! Your daughter should have thought about your lives before trying to steal my boss's lover."

Yael's father replied, "This dinner was proposed by Samuel's family. We had nothing to do with it. We just simply accepted their invitation. If you have a problem, you need to take it to them. Why don't you leave us out of this?"

The leader broke into a laugh and replied, "Ask your daughter to call Samuel right now, maybe that will put things into a clearer perspective for you."

Upon hearing that, Yael grabbed her phone and dialed Samuel's number. The moment the call got connected, she heard another woman's voice talking in the background.

Ignoring it, Yael said, "Samuel, your girlfriend has sent a gang of men carrying machetes to kill us! What are you doing? Please help us!"

Samuel's impatient voice came through the phone as he said, "Stop joking! Now is not the time. I'll talk to you when I'm free."

After saying that, he hung up. Yael looked at the men and said, "That bastard, I don't want him anymore. There's no need for you guys to make any more threats. Let your boss keep him for herself! Dad, Mom, let's get out of here."

The leader scoffed and said, "It's too late now. Because of you, Samuel has ignored my boss for weeks. He even missed most of their dates. My boss thinks that he has started to fall for you. To tell you the truth, it was Samuel who sent us here."

Another man added, "Actually, our boss asked Samuel to kill you, but since he couldn't do it himself, he asked us to do it for him. You see, they're already married. How can he possibly get engaged to you when he already has a wife? Do you understand? The one who wants you dead is Samuel! We just wanted to tell you that before we killed you."

The man then lunged at her with the machete in his hand. Yael and her father hit them with chairs, disarming them.

Once they started fighting, they realized that these men wer

e much stronger than they had anticipated. If not for their years and years of strenuous training, they couldn't have possibly had a chance of attacking them. However, Yael and her father started to feel weak.

When her father realized that he couldn't defeat them, he grabbed a thick, large curtain and wrapped it around Yael. He then pressed her arm in a certain spot, which made her numb to pain.

He then threw her out of the fourth floor private dining room window. Yael hurtled down the building before landing cleanly in the passenger seat of a yellow sports car.

Colin was in the car listening to music. Suddenly, he saw a woman fall from the sky and land in the passenger seat. He was driving really fast, so she almost rolled out of the car. He acted swiftly, pushing her back into the seat and fastening the seat belt around her.

He then slowed down the car and looked at her. He noticed her delicate face.

Colin couldn't help but think, 'Does she have superpowers? Did she teleport here? Why wasn't she screaming or struggling even though she was falling from such a height?'

He then turned to her and asked, "Why are you sitting there quietly? Say something! You can't be deaf, deaf people can shout. Can you talk?"

As Colin looked at the mute beautiful woman sitting next to him, he couldn't help but wonder, 'Did I meet an alien? And a beautiful one at that? I better take her home first so that I can study her before I send her away.'

Colin's curiosity made him step on the accelerator. They took a few turns before stopping in front of the beautiful mansion where he lived. He had finally brought a gorgeous woman home.

The security guards and Colin's bodyguards were shocked when they saw Colin enter the house with a woman by his side. "Oh my God! Did Mr. Mu really bring a girl into the house? This has never happened before!" one of them exclaimed.

What shocked them more was Colin carrying her up the stairs.

After parking the car, Colin helped the girl unfasten her seat belt. She looked at him, but didn't say a word. He then opened the door for her, but when he saw that she wasn't getting out of the car, he scooped her out of the seat and carried her into the house.

Yael's father had pressed a particular pressure point on her arm, which made her unable to move or speak. That was the only way he could make sure that she would survive the crash. Yael had never thought that she would fall right into a handsome man's car. She was even more surprised when, instead of asking her to get out, he took her home.

Though she was fully conscious, she couldn't move her body or speak, which caused her to feel worried and helpless.

She really hoped that the man next to her was a gentleman. If not, she wouldn't be able to save her parents or her virginity.

Carrying her in his arms, Colin went upstairs. Behind him, one of his servants exclaimed in shock, "Mr. Mu finally has a girlfriend! It's probably the first time he has even touched a woman."

When Yael heard that, she was relieved. 'If he has never touched a woman before, then I might be able to hold on to my virginity after all!' she thought to herself.

As soon as Colin stepped into his bedroom, he placed her on the floor and immediately removed his clothes. He then folded and placed everything neatly in a corner before stepping into the shower. He really was a neat freak!

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