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   Chapter 2 Mr. Colin saved Yael

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After that, Yael began to pay more attention to this man. She knew a lot of things about Samuel.

Yael also knew that the daughter of the richest man in this region was also paying attention to Samuel. She even saw a photo of Samuel holding the mixed blood woman's hand on the newspaper, and Samuel even showed a rare smile on his face.

Today was the day for the parents of the two families to meet and discuss the details of Yael's engagement with Samuel. Yael's family came to the private room on time, but they didn't see Samuel's parents.

Today, Yael wore a light pink dress, which made her more beautiful and touching. Her heart was beating wildly. She was waiting for the appearance of the cold boy, Samuel, who affected her heart. .

Yael was waiting for her favorite boy, Samuel. Suddenly, a group of men in black broke in. All of them wore masks the moment they entered the room, with long machetes in their hands. The air in the room became tense in an instant.

The leader of the men in black walked towards Yael and her parents. Yael's father was also a master of martial arts. He shouted at the men in black, "who sent you here? What are you doing? Tell me your name, or I'll teach you a lesson! "

As Yael's father said, he stood up and was ready to fight. Yael's mother didn't know Kung Fu, so she hid behind. Yael's eyes were wide open with anger. She picked up the chair behind her, and she and her father protected her mother behind them.

The man in black smiled and said, "you offended my master. My master and my miss have been together for many years, but your daughter dared to seduce my master. Today is your death date. You just wait to die. You should blame yourself for being too bold to compete with our lady for a man."

Yael's father said, "the engagement was proposed by the Samuel's family. It has nothing to do with us. Why don't you talk about it with the Samuel's family?"

The man in black smiled and said, "you can ask your daughter to make a phone call and see what Samuel is doing now. You will understand."

Upon hearing this, Yael took out her phone and called Samuel. When the phone was connected, Yael heard that Samuel was with a woman, who was acting like a spoiled child.

Yael said to Samuel on the phone, "Samuel, your woman sent someone to kill us. They all have machetes in their hands. What are you doing, Samuel? Come and save us!"

Samuel's impatient voice came through the phone. Yael, stop joking. I'll ask you out when I have time. "

After saying that, Samuel hung up the phone. Looking at the group of men in black and the long knives in their hands, Yael said, "I don't want this scum anymore. You don't have to threaten us. No one will take this scum away from your miss. Dad, mom, let's go!"

The man in black laughed, "it's too late. Because of you, my master has neglected my miss for several times. My miss said that my master has dated you many times, and he has begun to fall in love with someone else. To tell you the truth, we are sent by my master. "

Another man in black continued, "my miss asked my master to kill you by himself, but my master couldn't do it, so he sent us here. He is married. How can he discuss the engagement with a girl? Now do you understand? The one who really wants to kill you is my master. We also want you to know the truth when you die. "

After saying that, the man in black rushed up with a machete. Yael's father and Yael picked up the chairs beside them, knocked off the machetes in the hands of the two men in black and took them in their hands.

As soon as they fought, Yael and her father felt that these people were all good at fighting. Yael and her father we

re no match for these men, so they were gradually in a weak position.

Seeing that Yael's father couldn't defeat these men in black, he suddenly pulled down the big curtain of the restaurant and quickly wrapped it around Yael. Yael felt a sudden numbness all over her body, and she was hit the acupuncture point by her father.

Yael's father threw Yael out of the window of the restaurant, and Yael flew down with the curtain. They were in a private room on the four floor of the restaurant. Yael fell down under his father's control. With a muffled sound, Yael fell into a sports car.

In the sports car, Colin Mu was listening to music. Suddenly, he found a beautiful woman falling into the passenger seat beside him. Because he drove very fast at this time, the beautiful woman was about to turn over and get off the car. With quick eyes and quick hands, Colin pushed her back to the passenger seat and fastened the seat belt for her.

He slowed down the car and looked carefully at the woman beside him. This woman's little face was so delicate that he was shocked. He looked at the super beautiful woman sitting leisurely.

Colin thought, "Did she travel through time? Why didn't she scream or struggle when she fell down? "

Colin asked, "What's wrong with you? Why are you sitting there without saying a word? Are you deaf and dumb? No, the deaf can also shout? " "

Looking at the beautiful woman next to him who remained silent all the time, Colin couldn't help but think, "did I meet the legendary aliens today? And she is a beautiful alien? It's necessary to take her home for observation and study before sending her away. "

The strong curiosity made Colin speed up. The car turned several corners and came to the gate of his mansion. When he drove the beautiful woman into the gate.

The security guards at the door and the bodyguards who were watching the monitor were shocked. "Oh my God, Mr. Colin took a beauty home today! This is unprecedented! Unprecedented! "

What surprised them most was that Colin hugged the beauty and took the beauty out of the parked sports car and went upstairs.

It turned out that after Colin parked the car, he helped the beautiful woman unfasten the seat belt. The beautiful woman still looked at him calmly without saying a word or getting out of the car. Seeing that she did not move, Colin stretched out his hand to take her out and went upstairs.

At this time, Yael's father had pointed at her acupuncture point, so she couldn't move or speak. Yael knew that her father wanted to find a way for her, so she was thrown down from the upstairs. She fell on the soft seat of the handsome man. The handsome man didn't push her down, but took her home.

Although she was awake now, she couldn't control her body and speaking function. She could only be worried secretly, but there was nothing she could do.

She really hoped that this handsome man was a gentleman. Otherwise, she couldn't go back to the hotel to save her parents. Apart from this, her virginity was in danger.

With Yael in his arms, Colin went upstairs. Behind him, there was another surprised look. "Our neat freak Mr. Colin has a female companion! Mr. Colin's first woman finally showed up! "

Yael couldn't speak, but she could hear the voice behind her. She thought, "it turns out that this man is a neat freak. It's good that he doesn't touch women. I may be able to keep my body."

As soon as Colin opened the door of his bedroom, he put Yael on the ground. He took off his tight black clothes, only leaving his fitting shirt, and changed his shoes. This tall and handsome man went to the bathroom to wash his hands. He was really a neat freak.

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