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   Chapter 1 The CEO Is A Neat Freak

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Colin Mu, the son of the richest man in Z City, was experimenting in the laboratory. He was a biology researcher and had always dreamed of contributing to science. Whenever he developed a new theory, he would experiment on it and invent a new product until it was successful.

And this time was no exception. He finished his tests, changed his lab coat, and disinfected himself before he walked out of the laboratory.

He was an adventure enthusiast. He loved sports like racing and cross country running. He also partook in martial arts along with some of his bodyguards.

Moreover, he managed several sectors of his business, so his schedule was usually a very busy one.

He was a neat freak. He looked extremely handsome and always had an expressionless look, which made him seem unfriendly.

He had a chiseled face, thick eyebrows, deep set gray eyes, and a sharp nose. Although his features make him remarkably attractive, he also seemed wise. Wherever he went, women would swoon over him.

However, his resting cold expression made it impossible for those women to approach him.

Besides, he always had his bodyguards around him, so the girls would admire him from afar. They would stand far away from him, praising his beauty and admiring him, but no one dared to come near him because they had heard that he would order his bodyguards to throw them away even if they tried getting any closer.

There were so many rumors about him. Some said he had depression, others said that he was impotent and some others believed that he was gay. It was all because of his beauty and his extreme sense of cleanliness.

He was dressed in a black suit as he sat in his yellow Lamborghini, answering a phone call from his nephew, Matt Mu.

"Uncle Colin, my dad and grandpa are arranging a blind date for you. You're nearing your thirties and single, so they're a bit anxious about your future. I heard more than two thousand women are waiting to go on a date with you. All you need to do is audition them on three aspects and decide whom you want to go on a date with," Matt Mu said.

A faint smile appeared across Colin Mu's lips as he asked, "And what might those three aspects be, Matt? Is it some sort of a beauty contest?"

Matt Mu replied, "Of course it is, Uncle Colin. The three main aspects in which you will be judging them is their appearance, mannerisms, and lifestyle."

"Tell them that I am not interested and that it won't happen," Colin Mu said in a cold voice.

After the call got disconnected, Matt Mu phoned his father.

"Dad, it's me, Matt. Uncle Colin just told me that he isn't interested in the blind date and that he wants to cancel it. I can't tell whether he's sick of women, or if he hates them? I have never seen him bring a girl home. That being said, please cancel the arrangements.

My uncle's a gremaphobe and has a short temper, so I guess it would be hard for any woman to go out with him, after all," Matt said with a sigh.

Meanwhile, Yael, a stunningly gorgeous college girl, was having dinner with her family in a very posh restaurant. She was born with the most beautiful features a woman had ever had, perfect body, bright eyes and sexy collarbones.

She was tall and had glass-like skin. Her nose was sharp and well-defined; her lips were as red as a ripe cherry. The most beautiful feature was her high cheekbones, whi

ch made her seem like an angel.

She was an athlete, so her body was naturally well-toned and sexy. Yael often participated in a lot of sports events, which also helped her become a strong and influential person.

Although she was only twenty years old, she had a great sense of maturity and was often calm, even in chaotic situations.

Because of her goddess-like appearance, the moment she entered the restaurant, she made heads turn, as she was the most beautiful in a crowd of beautiful women.

Moreover, Yael was really popular in college because of her looks and her intelligence. The professors and students knew of her name.

Even shopkeepers in various local supermarkets, gift shops, etc., knew her. And most of her professors, who were men in their twenties and thirties, had a crush on her.

Every time she walked around, people would admire her beauty, even if she was dressed simply in the college uniform, or her sports jersey.

She was a racer, a professional Chinese boxer, a track and field athlete, who had won many medals for the university.

Moreover, she was also a writer, who had written her first book when she was only in her junior high. The book was called "Go Your Own Way." Yael was the star of the university. Whoever knew her, loved her for her beauty and admired her for her talent.

She often received love letters and strange confessions of fantasies from the boys, who followed her everywhere, making every other girl jealous of her.

In fact, there were only few girls who were good to her, and due to her busy schedule, she didn't have time to make friends or fall in love. Besides, she was not interested in accepting those boys' proposal, because she thought it was too creepy.

Moreover, none of them had what it took to win her heart. She wanted a man who could dance and sing with her as well as she could.

That year, Yael won the dance championship effortlessly. She participated in the finals with Samuel, who was a family friend of hers, and together, they performed an original composition.

In the end, they both won the competition as a team, with all the intense efforts from the both of them. Samuel was always cold, but he looked remarkably handsome, which attracted Yael.

While everyone else swooned over Yael, Samuel was indifferent to her, which piqued her interest in him. Why was he always so cold to her?

Only later did Yael learn that it was Samuel's family who suggested that they work as a team. In fact, Samuel was busy in running his family business, and didn't have much time for anything else.

Samuel liked music, art, and sports. He had won many tournaments and championships, including a very recent boxing match. He had a lean yet muscular body, which made him seem cool and handsome. Many girls often admired him for his physique.

Yael couldn't help but admire Samuel as they rehearsed their song over and over again. His voice and his singing inspired her so much that she dreamed of being the heroine in his composition. She would often become so absorbed into their performance that she forgot everything else around her.

After their performance, Yael flushed as she congratulated Samuel and hugged him. By then, she had fallen in love with him.

Looking at them, even the audience started shouting, "Kiss her!" Yael looked at him shyly while Samuel kept a calm expression.

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