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   Chapter 39 Let Me Go

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Hearing this, Molly slowly tightened her grip on the phone. Her originally good mood was destroyed. She sneered and squinted her eyes.

'It's so ridiculous. Claire doesn't like me, I don't like her either

It's so impolite to talk about my appearance when we first met, she was such a mean elder! She knew that I am Eric's fiancée, but she said that she didn't like me, and she was always picking on me in private. If she expressed her feelings honestly, I would think that she was frank, but she didn't! She was a double faced woman.

What's more, since she is an elder, shouldn't she be humble and tolerant to the younger? She was aggressive, satirized my appearance, my fate, my origin and my dignity!

How did Eric get the confidence that I would be obedient to him?

Claire didn't want to see me, fine, I don't want to see her either.' Molly tightened her lips, veins protruding in her arms, and said in a cold voice, "Eric, what if I say no? Why should I avoid seeing her? Why should I coax her when she is unhappy? I'm not happy. Why don't you coax me? Just because you care more about your grandma? "

Speaking of this, a drop of tear rolled down from her eyes. "How can a man make his woman suffer! Eric, don't you think you're going too far?"

"Molly, calm down. Just a few days." Eric's gentle and soothing voice reached Molly's ears. With disappointment in her eyes, she said in a low voice, "Eric, I'm very disappointed in you." she paused for a second and continued, "In this case, I will move out of the Xiao family. Your grandmother and I won't meet each other. Are you satisfied now?"

"Molly!" Eric was a little angry and kept silent for a few seconds. Then he said in a soft tone and sighed helplessly, "Molly, I know it hurts you. But I'm trying my best to make you marry into our family. Don't be like this, or all my efforts will be in vain."

'He tried his best to make me marry into the Xiao family?'

Hearing this, Molly's face suddenly darkened. She frowned, with a complicated expression on her face. She was angry, unwilling, aggrieved and sad. After a few seconds of silence, she asked in a low voice, "Eric, are you saying that with your conscience? I didn't see your efforts... "

Hearing this, Eric's eyes were as cold as ice. "Molly, be good. Don't forget what I have in my hand." Then he looked up at the manager who knocked on the door and came in. "I have something to deal with. You can't move out of the villa."

The phone was suddenly hung up. Eric's eyes turned cold, and his face returned to an indifferent expression. "What's the matter?"

It took Molly more than 30 minutes to make a phone call. 'Eric, what else can you do except threatening me with that video?'!

Her hand holding the phone turned pale. With a gloomy face, Molly closed her eyes. It shouldn't be like this. How could they come to this?

She turned around and went to the bathroom of the hospital to wash h


After a while, the car stopped at the door of a restaurant.

Getting out of the car, Molly took Sally out of the back seat and stood at the door of the restaurant, waiting for Louis to park the car.

'This woman? Molly? Why was she here?'

Looking at the little girl who was holding the hand of Molly, Elsa was confused.

'Molly, I didn't expect you to be such a person. It seems that even god doesn't want you to marry Eric. He is mine!' Elsa thought and sneered.

When she was about to walk over, she suddenly found a man walking to the side of Molly. Elsa frowned.

Seeing that Molly and the man were talking happily, Elsa approached through the crowd, but she couldn't hear their voices clearly.

Looking at the man and Molly, who were holding the little girl's arm, Elsa's eyes widened. She guessed that they were cheating on Eric!

She didn't think there was anything to talk about between a man with a child and a woman at dinner time. 'They must have something to do with each other, not to mention that Molly got out of the man's car.'

'Molly, you are putting a noose around your neck. It seems that this time I don't need to do anything else to make you leave Eric.'

Elsa sneered and followed them into the restaurant.

Looking at the three people just like a family in front of her, Elsa smiled and thought, 'This time, I don't believe you won't be defeated!'!

"I want to eat sweet food!" Sally said excitedly.

"Children can't eat too much sweet food. It's not good for your teeth." Louis frowned and looked at Sally discontentedly.

"Open your mouth." Molly bent down and held Sally in her arms.

Sally opened her mouth obediently to look at Molly. With a gentle look in her eyes, Molly said, "Okay, close your mouth." Then she turned to Louis and suggested, "You're right that children can't eat too much sweet food. But Sally's teeth are very good. It doesn't matter if she eats sweet food once in a while."

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