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   Chapter 38 It's Not A Big Deal To Have Fun

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Early in the morning, Molly left the villa as if she knew nothing.

This time, she asked the driver to send her to the hospital. At least, she didn't want what happened yesterday to happen again.

After getting out of the car, Molly didn't take another step.

She didn't like hospitals very much. She had never had a good thing since she went to the hospital. Every time, she came to the hospital because of her health. She felt that her life was shorter every time she went to the hospital.

She didn't want to be like this. She wanted to live, she wanted to live well...

Molly crouched down feebly and looked up at the White Red Cross shelf in confusion. Her face turned a little pale. Could she really not be completely healed?


This word was almost overwhelming her. No one knew why she crossed out a day on the calendar every day. She was counting down her life.

She was under great pressure all by herself. Just yesterday, she was wondering what would happen if she died. 'Would anyone be sad?

How sad would it be? Would anyone feel sad for her? '

She had never imagined that.

Maybe no one would be sad at all.

Molly stood up indifferently and followed the nurse to the doctor's office.

After passing the test result to the doctor, Molly lowered her head and waited anxiously, like a person at the end of the road, waiting for the redemption of a beam of light.


Molly sighed deeply. She had expected a better result. She sneered at herself and thought, 'I have asked you to stay in hospital, but you didn't listen to me.'

Yes, it was not because the medicine prescribed by the doctor was not effective. Cancer was a very difficult disease, and she had never cooperated with the treatment. It was her!

She was wasting her life! She was the one who didn't take good care of her own body!

Molly covered her face and squatted down. She was afraid and aggrieved. She cried alone, like an abandoned child.

What should she do?

"Miss Molly?"

A familiar voice sounded above her head. Molly didn't dare to look up. She wiped her tears on her clothes. She was silent and didn't stand up.

"Mr. Myron, you got the wrong person." The manager said and was about to leave with Myron.

As soon as Myron returned, Molly happened to raise her head. Seeing her red and swollen eyes, Myron suddenly felt sorry for her. Why was she crying so sadly?

"Miss Molly, what's wrong with you?" Myron walked quickly to her and helped her up. "I know the director of this hospital. If you feel uncomfortable, I'll take you to have a look." Before he could finish his words, he pulled Molly away and walked towards the elevator.

"Nothing. I'm really fine." Holding Myron's hand that was holding her arm, Molly said in a hurry, "Don't bother. I was too happy just now. Look, I've already had a check-up. The docto

o his side and asked.

"Yes, I like her very much," said Sally, nodding her head.

"Miss Molly, I know it may be a little abrupt, but I believe the person who can help the child for two times must be a kind person. I want Sally to recognize you as her godmother. Is that okay?" Louis suggested with a smile, "I think it's a good thing that you and Sally can meet each other three times."

"Well... Sorry, I can't promise you. " Molly firmly refused, "Mr. Louis, I have something else to do. Please take Sally to have a check-up. I'm sorry."

Then she walked past Louis.

Sally turned around and was about to chase after Molly. Louis held her up and coaxed in a low voice, "Sally, we'll see her in a few days. Don't cry."

"Really? Dad. "

"Really, you have to be obedient."

"Okay, Sally is a good girl."

Outside the hospital.

Suddenly, Molly's phone rang in her bag. It's Eric.

"Hello, Mr. Eric. You' always call me. What's up?" Molly rolled her eyes and said sourly. It was not because she lost her temper. 'Didn't Claire say that I should get out of their Xiao family?'

It's none of his business if he didn't marry her!

"Molly, when will you go home?" Eric didn't get angry when he heard what she said. He just thought that she was dissatisfied with his calling her every day.

"What are you doing? Think of me? Do you want me to appear in front of you right now?" Molly said.

Eric nodded slightly and burst into laughter. Although he knew that Molly couldn't see him right now, he was still in a good mood. "Well, then show up quickly."

"What the hell is it?" Molly was speechless. 'What the hell was he doing?'

"My grandmother is not in a good mood these days. Can you avoid seeing her at home? Come to the company and have dinner with me in the evening. Don't eat at home." Eric's eyes darkened. He also felt that his grandmother had gone too far this time.

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