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   Chapter 37 Kick That Bitch Out

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The company had been doing well these days, but recently, Sam always wanted to take advantage of their relationship to get promotion. It was not a good sign for him to be too arrogant.

Eric lowered his head and thought for a while. He picked up the coffee on the table and felt a headache again.

In the café of South Avenue.

The man anxiously waited for the traffic light. When the traffic light changed, he drove out and stopped the car in the white line in a minute.

The first thing could be seen was a long leg coming out of the car, followed by a man in a suit coming out of the driver's seat.


"Ding Dong, Ding Dong..." When Molly was chatting with Sally and asked how she was doing at school, her phone rang.

She looked at the caller ID with a smile and touched Sally's head gently. "Your hair is so soft."

Then she picked up the phone.

"Hello?" Squinting at Sally who was eating desserts, Molly thought, 'Sally is such a good girl. As her parents, why don't they care about her?

Is there really something that can be solved only by worrying?'

Although Molly was a little annoyed, it was other people's business and she could not ask. She sighed helplessly in her heart.

"Where are you and Sally now?" Louis said in an anxious and uneasy tone. Looking around the shops, he was at a loss. Where was Sally? Where was his daughter?

Hearing the man's worry on the phone, Molly felt relieved and said in a softer tone, "Your daughter and I are at the Green Café on the roadside. We are sitting by the window."

Under the sun, Louis was sweating all over. Hearing that his daughter was in a cafe, he quickly ran up and looked at the nearby shops.

He looked for her one by one, his daughter, his daughter!

Green Café!

This one! It was not until he saw the name of the shop that Louis felt relieved.

He breathed a sigh of relief and pushed the door open.

Clang! Clang...

Molly looked up and found that it was almost autumn outside. It was not very hot, but the man was sweating.

She was surprised. 'How could he be so embarrassed?' Thinking of that he was worried about the child, Molly felt relieved. She raised her hand to touch Sally's head and said gently, "Sally, look back. Is your father picking you up?"

With an unhappy face, Sally turned her head to look at the man walking towards them and nodded at Molly. The little girl slowly lowered her head and said in a muffled voice, "That man is my father. Mom, are you leaving again? Don't you want Sally anymore? Sally is a good girl. "

Feeling a headache, Molly closed her eyes, raised her hand and rubbed between her eyebrows. She explained to Sally sincerely, "Sally, I'm not your mother. I'm not married. I don't even have a boyfriend. How can I have a daughter as old as you?"

At this time, Louis also walked up to them. He felt a little embarrassed when he heard his da

can't coax me well this time! "

Claire, who was sitting on the sofa, said with a cold face, "Look at yourself. You're already more than 20 years old, but you're still so unruly. Eric, I know a lot of good girls. They come from families of equal social rank and have a good temper."

"Grandma." Eric felt a little helpless. He frowned with displeasure. He would listen to his grandmother's opinion, but he would not agree with her. "Marrying someone is for living, not for a family of equal social rank. I think Molly is pretty. Can you tolerate her more?"

Eric rubbed between his eyebrows with a headache and looked at Claire expectantly. "I know she's a little reckless and silly. It seems that she doesn't know how to behave herself, but I think she's very lovely. You might as well get to know her. She's also an excellent woman."

A trace of displeasure appeared on Claire's face. She thought for a moment with her poor eyebrows and said, "I've lived for more than half of my life. I don't want to say anything more. If you like this woman, just let her go out. Don't let her show up in front of me before you get married. She makes me annoyed."

Standing in front of the window, Molly looked down at Claire who was complaining about her.

She even humiliated her.

Did Molly care? From the very beginning, she had been passive in obedience.

'Did Claire just think that everyone should like her grandson and be chosen by him? Now it's the 21st century, why did she still talk about marriage with a family of equal social rank?' Molly's face darkened.

She turned around and went back to her room. There was no need to listen to their conversation anymore.

"Grandma." For the first time, the smile on Eric's face disappeared in front of Claire. He asked, "Is that really necessary?"

"Get Molly out of here tomorrow. I don't want to see her again!" Claire stood up and walked away without looking at Eric.

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