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   Chapter 35 An Accident

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Clenching the telescope tightly, Elsa stared at the Xiao family's villa with bloodthirsty eyes.

"Miss Molly, you are such a charming woman. You have received letters from your fans for more than ten days in a row." The Butler shook his head and took the letter from the courier with a smile.

He went upstairs leisurely, leaned slightly, raised her hand and knocked on the door. "Knock, knock, knock..."

Hearing the voice, Molly rolled on the bed. This fan was absolutely in love with her. If she gave up after three or four or seven or eight days, she might not feel anything.

But half a month had passed, and the girl still wrote her a letter every day. She suddenly felt that she didn't deserve such love. She didn't know why she suddenly had a sense of inferiority.

She thought about her own situation. 'What was the difference between being kept by Eric?' It was just that Eric said he would marry her, and that word

ood to see her fans anymore.

Because she was still awake and was one of the witnesses, she could only go to the police station with the traffic police to record her confession.

She had no choice but to hold her head. Maybe she should not have gone out today.

Molly had planned to leave in this way, but the man in the private car came over with a bag of fruit. After apologizing, she realized that it was because they were driving in the opposite direction that they hit her.

Molly was speechless. 'How did the driver pass driving test? It was a crossroad! How could he drive in the opposite direction?

How dangerous it is! '


Holding back her anger, Molly took the fruit basket and said, "I'm fine. But the taxi driver is still in the hospital."

Hearing what Molly said, the man's face suddenly changed. The whole family rushed to ask the police which hospital the ambulance had sent the taxi driver to.

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