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   Chapter 34 The Arrogant Elsa

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After hanging up the phone, Molly lay on the bed with a pale face. She shouldn't have hurt her body yesterday because of a fit of anger.

That jerk said she was a coquette. If she was a coquette, she would make him exhausted. With a cold snort, Molly lay in bed playing with her mobile phone to see which streamer had gained a lot of fans overnight...


What kind of makeup is this? It looked good.'

Molly turned over and opened her dresser, happily packing up her cosmetics. Eric treated her well in daily needs.

Although she didn't mention it, he had bought the latest lipstick, eye shadow and bags of some brands in her room.

'Alas, is this another kind of affection?'

Thinking of Eric's face, she snorted and proudly took up the air cushion to pat her face. She wanted to live a happy life, so she decided to ignore the fool.

Eric was a man of integrity. He could do nothing but say vulgar sweet words and act in a domineering CEO style.

Stupid... He always pissed her off and ended up with some vulgar sweet words.

'What's wrong with him?'

Molly thought that Eric's EQ was a little low... And he always went crazy intermittently.

It was okay for her to bear it for one or two times. But she really couldn't bear it anymore.

While putting on make-up and thinking of Eric, Molly felt helpless. Since when the word "Eric" had appeared frequently in her life and mind.

Why would she think of him no matter what she did?

Molly sighed helplessly, feeling conflicted.

Three days passed quickly.

Outside the Xiao family's villa.

A black Bentley was hidden behind the tree. It's the only way out for the Xiao family. Elsa had been here for three days. The more she thought about it, the angrier she became.

It was true that Eric had a talk with her that day, but the lip print on his chest showed that there was no second woman of the right age in the Xiao family's villa except for Molly. In addition, she felt uncomfortable to see the two of them kissing each other!

'The woman beside Eric could only be me!' Elsa's eyes narrowed slowly, and her light pink nails clutched the steering wheel. 'Molly, wait and see. The plan failed last time was just an accident. The goddess of fortune would only favor one person for one or two times, so you won't have the third chance.'

'I'll see how you can escape this time!'

Molly didn't leave the villa until it was dark. Elsa waited for another two days, but still didn't see her!

In the evening, Elsa drove home angrily from the dark of the Xiao family's villa.

She opened the door and slammed it. As soon as she entered the house, she took a vase beside and threw it on the ground.

"Bang -"

The broken pieces splashed. Looking at the broken vase on the ground, Elsa felt a different pleasure. Looking at the pieces on the ground, she couldn't help laughing, as if she saw Molly lying on the ground lifelessly and being dismembered.

Slowly calming down, El

. After reading the letter, Elsa's face darkened. She tore the letter into pieces, breaking it into pieces!

'Feeling uncomfortable? Huh, hypocritical!'

Thinking of the fact that Eric had finished his work ahead of time and came back home, Elsa was furious.

'Feeling uncomfortable? It was just an excuse. It was obvious that Molly had a good time with Eric because he came back home early.

Molly, you are so disgusting.'

Thinking of the man she loved, kissing and hugging Molly, being gentle and considerate to her, Elsa thought that all this should have belonged to her...

She wished Molly could die.

The more Elsa thought about it, the more upset she became. There was nothing she couldn't do. She didn't believe that Molly didn't care about her fans at all.

She knew her best.

"It's rare for you to be so slick in dealing with things, and your words are pleasant to hear. Did Eric teach you these words?" Elsa smiled and said, "Molly, you must be as stupid as before. Don't let me down."

Walking to the study, Elsa wrote a dozen letters. Playing with the letters in her hands, she felt that she would have seen the frightened look on Molly's face when she found herself was invited by her.

Elsa couldn't wait anymore.


The second day.

Elsa waited for the butler to come out.

Soon, the Butler came out.

Then she saw Eric's car and the gate of the villa opened.


Do he still care about the company?

It was only ten o'clock. Why did Eric come back so early?

Eric, how could you be so cruel to me?! '

Elsa widened her eyes and gritted her teeth, "Molly, you can't die too easily!"

Elsa stared at the second floor of the villa with a sinister smile.

She didn't believe that Molly could refuse her all the time.

She asked the servant to mail a letter on her desk every two hours. After hanging up the phone, Elsa lay in the car and thought about how to punish Molly.

She couldn't let her die too easily.

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