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   Chapter 32 Don't Refuse Me Again

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As soon as Molly pushed Eric away, an impatient look appeared on her face. She frowned and asked, "Eric, what the hell are you doing? Is it interesting? "

Eric lowered his head slightly and looked into her eyes. He kept silent and stared at her with burning eyes. He was like a wolf that had locked its prey. Molly could not bear it and looked away awkwardly. She said in a low voice, "You always want me to believe you, but what you did is a right way to treat a girl? Other people's fiancé would like to take his fiancée in his heart. He was afraid that she would be unhappy and jealous of her, but he would cherish her more after jealousy, because it meant that she was excellent enough. There might be someone who wanted to compete with him for that girl, and he would think it's not the fault of the girl. But you... "

'How did you treat me?' Molly didn't say anything more, because she was kissed by Eric.

His action was not gentle.

"Molly, don't refuse me again."

Molly slightly lowered her eyes and raised her voice again. "Don't...again? Could I refuse? Anyway, you will get what you want in the end. It doesn't matter whether I refuse or not! "

When they walked into the hall, Molly stood in front of Elsa and smiled sarcastically at her. She said in a very low voice, "I can't avoid what you want. He never gives me what I want. It's so ridiculous."

She raised her eyes and walked to the sofa where she had just sat. She sat down slowly, lazily leaned against the sofa to watch video and micro-blog.

Elsa looked embarrassed. She turned around and followed Molly into the hall, sitting in the seat where Sam had just sat.

Without raising her head, Molly turned a blind eye to Elsa.

Eric calmed down and lit a cigarette outside. He didn't go to the hall until the cigarette was burnt out.

Subconsciously, he looked for the figure of Molly. Seeing that she was still in the position just now, he felt relieved somehow.

Eric calmly sat next to Molly, but didn't reach out to hold her. Seeing this, Elsa's eyes flashed with joy.

Molly felt someone came to her, then she took a glance at Eric and found that he was standing next to her. She leaned against Eric like a boneless animal, as if she didn't remember the quarrel between them at the gate of the villa just now.

"Eric, Eric." Molly whispered in Eric's ear.

"Now that Sam has left, can you let me go upstairs and go back to my room?"

It turned out that her so-called tenderness was just because that she wanted to leave. She still wanted to leave, using this fake tenderness to make him agree to her leaving.

Eric suddenly raised the corners of his mouth and sneered, "Molly, sometimes I really think that you are not only heartless, but also emotionless."

Molly didn't answer.

Eric smiled mo

aid that she couldn't live in the Xiao family, so you married her? "

Hearing her words, Eric's eyes darkened. Yes, he was always right.

But this time, he was wrong!

His mother was now lying in the hospital, and he didn't know when she would wake up. Her mother loved being clean and traveling so much, and now she could only lie in the ICU, and everything could only be solved on the bed.

It was unfair to his mother!

"I bought a lot of drugs that are useful for the brain. I don't know much about them. I just heard from the doctor that they are all right. They are good to patients like Aunt Melissa, so I bought them." Looking at Eric, Elsa sneered in her heart, 'Molly, you can't defeat me. So what if you run away on the way? I can still treat you in other ways!'

"I know what you mean. You don't have to spend money next time. As a girl, it's not easy for you to make money." Eric looked at Elsa and thought, 'How could such a good girl frame Molly? Molly has made a mistake and refused to admit it till now!

She was the sinner!'

He looked down at his watch and said, "It's late now. You have work to do tomorrow. You can go back first."

Elsa stood up quickly and said in a hurry, "I won't be late tomorrow. I'm leaving now."

"Don't worry, Miss Elsa. I won't deduct your salary." Seeing her in such a panic, Eric smiled without any expression in his eyes.


After Eric sent Elsa to the gate of the villa, he turned around and went back to the hall with a cold face.

He strode upstairs and directly opened the door of Molly's room. A smell of alcohol came to his face.

Eric couldn't help frowning and picked up the uneasy woman.

Eric turned on the shower nozzle all of a sudden and poured cold water on Molly. When Molly came to her senses, she looked at Eric, who was wearing a cold face, and said, "Are you crazy?"

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