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   Chapter 31 Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Captive In CEO's Love Game By Chang Du Characters: 10391

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'Did he?'

Turning her head sideways to take a look at Eric, Molly was relieved to see that the man was still calm.

Lowering her head, she played with Eric's fingers and said, "Mr. Xiao, don't make fun of me. Maybe Eric has some business to talk about, so he has been wandering around the gate of the villa. But no one came. I happened to come back just now."

Seeing that the fire in Sam's eyes was about to ignite her, Molly suddenly said, "Eric, you just bought many clothes for me in the mall, but I haven't tried many of them. I want to go upstairs and have a try."

Looking at the seemingly obedient girl in his arms, Eric got close to her ear and asked, "Molly, are you going to listen to me? Be a good girl. I can accompany you to try them one by one tonight."

Molly took a deep breath and sighed after a long while. "Eric, no girl will really like you when you look like this. You're too domineering. You've always said that I'm stubborn, but haven't you noticed that? You are much more stubborn than me. "

Eric's eyes darkened. "It doesn't matter. As long as I can get what I want, that will be fine." 'I can do anything for you.'

Hearing this, Molly raised her head with her eyes slightly red. It's not sure whether she was frightened by Eric's words or she had thought of something sad. She whispered, "Eric, if you dare, just treat me like this. Don't be too good to me. I will hate you all my life."

Eric felt as if his heart was suddenly gripped by something, and his breath was suppressed.

No matter how he tortured her, imprisoned her, loved her, spoiled her, he could be ruthless to get what he wanted. But now when she said she would hate him all her life, he felt sorry for her...

Molly snorted. 'What the hell was he doing? Why didn't he let me go? It was embarrassing for everyone to keep me here...'

"An hour is enough."

Eric said bluntly. He asked her to stay for only one hour and she can leave after one hour.

Molly nodded. The smell of mint tobacco from him filled her nose. "I can stand it for an hour. Thank you, Mr. Eric." Knowing that she couldn't leave, Molly returned to her original address for Eric.

This title was not only a satire, but also a reminder to herself that the man in front of her was no longer her most respectful brother, but the person she hated the most...

Seeing that Molly and Eric were talking, Sam's face gradually became unnatural. He looked at Molly and Eric's intertwining hands with a smile and said, "You haven't seen each other for half a month, and your relationship is getting better and better. No wonder people say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. However, as long as you don't get married in the end, Molly still doesn't belong to the Xiao family. There are some things that can only be heard when you have a suitable identity."

Eric continued to whisper to Molly and said in a low and sexy voice, "Good relationship? Molly, why are you holding my hand all the time?"

After a short pause, Molly came to her senses and loosened her grip on Eric's hand. She stuttered, "You, stay away from me. T

th at home. I'll go back first." Sam looked at Claire and said. Then he looked at Eric and said, "I'm leaving now."

"Molly, stand up and send uncle off with me." Eric pulled Molly up from the sofa as he spoke.

Molly rolled her eyes. She didn't even want to pretend. But Eric held her hand so tightly that she was forced to follow him to see Eric off.

The two stood at the gate of the villa.

Holding her shoulders, Molly stood aside with a fake smile, watching the two men with different thoughts exchange a few words.

"Well, I'm leaving now." In the car, Sam glanced at Molly, who was standing next to Eric, and then looked into his eyes. "You can go back."

Eric nodded and held Molly, then took a few steps back, watching the car drive away.

Elsa stood at the door of the hall, looking at the two people's bodies close to each other, with a flash of resentment in her eyes. The smile on her original face gradually cooled down. 'How could he be so good to another woman?!

Why haven't they come back yet?

There was nothing to talk about!'

A gust of cold wind blew, and Molly shrank her arms and sighed, "The temperature is still a little low tonight."

"I don't have a coat now, but I can give you a hug. Do you want it?" Eric said calmly.

"Why are you still acting? You are really a good actor, Mr. Eric. " Glancing at Eric, Molly smiled and took a few steps forward.

"Really?" Eric asked with a smile, standing behind her with his back to the light.

Molly turned around and looked at him. Her eyes fell on the red lip print on his chest. "Mr. Eric, you'd better not watch those soap operas. The overbearing CEO's trick is not suitable for you, seriously."

Before she turned around and left, she was grabbed by a gentle force. Eric smiled and pulled her into his arms. "As long as it works."

He said, "I'll try all means. Is there any way to get through to your heart?"

Then he buried his head in her neck.

Seeing this, Elsa clenched her fists with hatred. Her nails pierced into her flesh, but she didn't feel any pain.

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