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   Chapter 30 Behave Yourself

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"Then stand straight and see your position clearly!" Obviously, Eric was a little angry.

Molly was about to burst into laughter. She stared straight into Eric's eyes like a tempting goblin and said, "I just want to cater to Mr. Xiao. Didn't you notice my good intentions?"

Eric was speechless. This woman was really enough.

He glanced at the woman's makeup and said lightly, "Let's go to see my second uncle later."

The smile on Molly's face froze. She snorted and didn't say yes or no. she still remembered Eric's second uncle.

She admitted that when Sam compared her with Selina, he praised her and she was very happy. But it was true that she was hated and framed by Selina because of that. After she was taken away by Elsa, she was on the verge of death. She didn't want to be a good person, but she could not help helping others.

Then she was hurt. If Eric looked into it the other day, she would only be more embarrassed. Thinking that the man in front of her was not a good man, she suddenly had a sense of accomplishment.

Molly mocked herself in her heart, 'Why are you still so forgetful? You have suffered so many losses, but you still silly to help others. Molly, you are not a Bodhisattva. You are so kind-hearted every day. How can you save all living beings?'?

As long as Molly thought of Selina's trap, she was locked up in the villa. Only when Eric was in a good mood could she get in and out freely.

But in the end, she still had to come back. She remembered the first humiliation, and every time her dignity was trampled underfoot by the Xiao family. How could she get involved in the Xiao family's affairs?

"Mr. Xiao, have you forgotten the relationship between your second uncle and me?" With a cold face, Molly sneered.

Eric was confused.

With a sarcastic smile at the corners of her mouth, Molly said, "Mr. Xiao. Have you forgotten about the male fan a month ago? Your cousin planned a big drama. If you didn't like my face, you might have found a place to throw me away and left me alone. "

"So? What? Are you going to say that you are framed? "

The two looked at each other, and Molly felt that the person in front of her suddenly became strange again.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere became tense.

Molly took a step back and snorted, "If Mr. Xiao is really a smart man, shouldn't you test it yourself?"

"Molly Xu." Eric's eyes darkened and sneered, "Are you crazy?"

With a cold glance at Eric, who was a little angry, Molly asked, "Does Mr. Xiao care whether I'm crazy or not?"

Eric's eyes were filled with coldness. "Well, why don't you have a guess?"

Molly chuckled, "Time flies. Mr. Xiao, you can guess when you are out in my heart. Why should I accept whatever you want to give me? "

Eric raised his eyebrows, wondering if something bad had happened to Molly.

But Molly knew that she was not crazy. She took a few steps back and refused silently.

When a man suddenly showed his affection to a woman, it was either because he really liked her or because he had a purpose. Obviously, she didn't think that Eric liked her. How could she have a good impression on a man with a purpose...

"I just came back from the mall and got a lot of inspiration. I'll go back to my room later. I won't have dinner." Fortunately, she had bought some snacks in the supermarket just now, and her stomach was six percent full. Otherwise, she might have followed Eric to see his second uncle.

"Why? Well, you have to listen to me. Don't piss me off again. You won't really want to lose your reputation. Be obedient. "

The man stood in the sunset in a white shirt. His voice was low and sexy, and his voice rose at the end.

In an instant, Molly understood what he meant. That video...

Molly smiled bitterly and did not refute.

Eric snorted when he saw that Molly withdrew her sharp claws. He didn't care what she was thinking, and it was useless for Molly to refuse. He took her hand and led her into the hall. He smiled gently at Claire, looking innocent and harmless.

With a long face, Molly shook off Eric's hand. Seeing that Claire was unhappy, Molly shrugged her shoulders. Did Claire think that she wanted to see this old woman pull a long face at her?

Claire was always kind and easy-going in front of her grandson, and mean to her behind her grandson back. Claire said everything, regardless of whether she was a girl or her self-esteem.

Seeing her grandson holding the hand of the woman she hated most, Claire put the teacup on the table with a bang.

Molly was fearless, raising her eyebrows.

After a while, seeing that Molly didn't seem to leave, Claire couldn't help but frown and ask, "Why haven't you gone upstairs yet?"

"Miss Ye, I'm going upstairs now."

It was the first time that Molly had listened to her. Of course, she didn't want to stay here.

Without even taking a step forward, Molly was

held in Eric's arms. After a moment of silence, Molly wondered what the man was going to do.

Eric pressed her face against his chest. Hearing Eric's heartbeat, Molly blushed.

Looking at his grandmother's gloomy face, Eric pursed his lips and said, "Grandma, I hope you can accept her. I hope you can bless your grandson's marriage."

'My god? I will die!'

What the hell was Eric talking about? Was he out of his mind! Didn't he take the medicine!

Claire was going crazy!

Raising her head from Eric's arms, Molly asked in a low voice, "Eric, are you insane?"

Eric's face froze and he looked down at Molly.

"You broke the rules in this game. We can't get married." Said Molly Xu with a cold smile.

"Yes, I can't control you, but I can control myself."

"Shut up!"

Now both Claire and Sam were looking at Eric, but it seemed that Eric was irritated. It was the first time that he lost his temper in front of Claire.

He tried his best to suppress his desire to strangle Molly. She really deserved to have been with him for so many years. She knew what to say to make him angry and what to say to make him sad.

After a long while, Eric lowered his head and glanced at the lipstick mark on his chest. With a smile at the corners of his mouth, Eric said, "It's okay, Molly. I have plenty of time for you to agree."

"Eric, it's not that I don't wish you happiness. Look at this woman. She makes you angry every day and can't help your company. What's the use of her? ? Let's not talk about it now. Do you want your mother to pass out because of anger as soon as she wakes up? " Claire pounded the table and said angrily. She hated her grandson for not being able to live up to her expectations and this woman was too shameless.

"She will love me." Eric's voice sounded hoarse and sexy, and his eyes darkened.

At first, Molly wanted to retort, but when she saw Eric's eyes, all the words she wanted to say were stuck in her throat.

Molly lowered her head with her back to the crowd and turned her back to Eric as well. Thinking of Eric's eyes just now, Molly couldn't help trembling.

The man behind Molly turned her around and held her in his arms. He reached out and rubbed her hair. Eric said, "Behave yourself. You will have everything."

Molly tried her best to give him a faint smile and answered very seriously, "I believe in Eric." Molly changed the name fawningly and didn't call him Mr. Xiao.

Molly blinked her eyes, smelling his Mint tobacco. She breathed slowly and looked at Eric timidly.

"Good girl." Eric said in a hoarse voice.

Molly nodded and let him put his hand on her waist.

Claire understood that this woman didn't like her grandson. It was her grandson's threat to keep this woman by his side.

Claire cursed in her heart, 'Molly Xu is a seductress.'

Seeing this, Sam knew that it was not the right time to talk about business.

He had prepared the business proposal in his mind and felt very sad. He had planned to get a promotion and a pay rise, but now he was holding the business order in his hand.

He had spent a lot of money on this business order, so that he could talk about work with Eric at this time.

After hesitating for a while, Sam looked at Claire for help. Seeing his son-in-law looking at her, Claire also had a headache.

"Eric, your second uncle has something important to talk about with you. You have been busy these days, so I didn't ask your second uncle to disturb you. It's not easy to meet you today," said Claire, glaring at Molly who hadn't left. Claire didn't continue to speak, but turned to her grandson.

Molly thought she was helpless. She didn't want to stay here either.!

She tried to push away Eric's hand around her waist, but failed. Instead, he held her tighter.

Molly gave Claire a helpless look and ignored Claire. Molly had walked for a long time in the mall and half an hour on the road in high heels. Just now, she stood outside for a long time. Her feet were numb and she felt that her feet were about to be inflamed.

Molly looked at Eric helplessly and pulled his sleeve. Eric looked down at her, and Molly signaled him to lower his head. Eric obediently lowered his head, and Molly whispered in his ear, "I'm so tired standing. Can you let me sit for a while?"

"I'll do whatever you say." Eric replied in a low voice.

Molly nodded. What else could she do? She had always been obedient.

The next second, Eric took her to the sofa and sat down, looking at Sam who was sitting opposite him.

Molly lowered her head and smiled politely.

Sam's face darkened. What else could he do now that Molly had sat down? Should he ask Molly to go upstairs directly?

Annoyed, Sam pretended to be calm and even asked, "Where have you been? Why did you come back so late? If you don't come back, Eric will go to the mall and bring you back. You can't lose even a second. "

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