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   Chapter 29 Just For Fun

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"I just want you to come back early." Eric said in a low voice.

"I see." A trace of shyness flashed in Molly' eyes. After hanging up the phone, Molly rubbed Sally's hair and said, "Your father will come to you later. I have something else to do. I'm leaving now."

Seeing that Molly turned around and walked out of the room, Sally's eyes darkened and she suddenly burst into tears. "Mommy doesn't want Sally anymore."

Molly sighed, thinking that her father would come soon, and when he arrived, Sally should not cry.

She opened the door and looked at the man who was about to open it. Giving a nod as a signal, the two passed by each other.

Hearing no cry behind her, Molly felt a little relieved and got out of the elevator with relief.

Now that the little girl's problem was solved, she could finally watch the live broadcast of the mall.

On the first floor of the basement.

Looking at the people surrounding the streamer, Molly suddenly felt a deep sense of helplessness in her heart. She might not be able to squeeze in. Looking at the streamer surrounded by a sea of people, Molly was really curious about her livestream method.

This was the first floor underground, and there was no way to look from the top, except for squeezing...

Molly lowered her head and thought for a long time. 'Forget it. I'd better go out.'

However, she still walked to the end of the line honestly. After waiting for more than 40 minutes, she finally saw the streamer. She found that she only took a coupon from the streamer, which could give a coupon of one and sixty-six cents at a time...

Molly was confused with the receipt in her hand.

When she walked out of the crowd and saw a line of people constantly waiting in line, she helplessly put her hand on her forehead and smiled bitterly. Was this the legendary weapon why the anchor sold well?


Molly sighed. It seemed that all her efforts were in vain. Molly handed the receipt to an old man, and then turned around and walked out of the supermarket.

While walking, Molly looked back and felt that someone was looking at her? No one? Was it her illusion?

Molly rubbed her forehead and left. Molly glanced back and found a familiar face - Elsa.

Subconsciously, Molly clenched her fists. Molly forced herself not to think about that face and quickly walked away. At the corner, she hid in a fitting room for women's fine clothes.

Molly looked at the shadow outside through the crack.

Molly narrowed her eyes and saw Elsa.

She was not sure before. When Elsa showed her face, Molly realized that she was not so calm. She hated Elsa, the woman who ruined her love and career!

Molly wished she could rush out and slap Elsa right now, but she knew... She couldn't. She couldn't be so impulsive. Since Elsa followed her, it meant that Elsa must still want to hurt her.

It was unwise for her to go out rashly to identify Elsa. After calming down and analyzing her current situation, Molly lowered her head and took a deep breath, with her eyes slightly red.

Seeing Elsa's figure disappear at the door, Molly waited for another five minutes before she left the store.

Coincidentally, when she came out, Molly saw Elsa in the opposite shop. Just now, she only thought that Elsa would look back and forth on the road. She didn't expect that Elsa would also be guarding the shop like her.

Molly made up her mind and went back to the shopping mall. There were so many people here. It would be easier to get rid of Elsa.

At the same time, Elsa did see Molly coming out of the store. Seeing that Molly went back to the mall, Elsa came up with another plan.

Although Eric loved Molly and may not remember that Aunt Melissa was in a coma. If she let Molly's boyfriend appear at the mall gate and propose to another girl, she didn't believe that Eric wouldn't mind.

In fact, Eric was very possessive, and he couldn't be dirty. If Molly showed that she was still in love with her boyfriend.

Everyman would abandon such a woman. She didn't believe that Eric was an exception.

In the shopping mall, Molly looked behind her, but didn't find anyone following her, but she didn't dare to be careless for a moment. She trotted to take the elevator, and quickly went up from the stairs outside the first floor, and walked out of the shopping mall through the community on the road.

Without any pause, Molly stood by the road, waiting anxiously, but she didn't dare to stop. She walked on the blind path and looked around from time to time, fearing that a Elsa would suddenly appear and take her away.

She could remember what happened that time for the rest of her life!

She would never forget the humiliation and despair she had suffered at that time. She wanted to run away.

Half an hour later, her phone suddenly rang. Her face turned pale and she was startled. Molly turned on the phone and found that it was from the driver. She swallowed and answered the phone, "Hello, Mr. Li. I'm at No. 1, Z F Road. Yes, it's the intersection of the future City District. I'll wait for you at the intersection to pick me up."

Afraid of being targeted by Elsa, Molly didn't dare to stop the taxi. As soon as she

entered the mall, she called the driver and asked him to pick her up to the villa.

Fortunately, it was safe all the way, and she didn't see Elsa.

The driver looked at the sweat on her forehead and smiled, "Miss Xu, why are you sweating?" While they were talking, the driver turned on the air conditioner.

As the cold wind blew, the heat in Molly's heart dissipated a little, and the fear and uneasiness just now gradually disappeared. Molly took out a wet tissue from her bag to wipe her face, and wiped the sweat off her face and began to fix her makeup.

Hearing the driver's question, Molly followed the driver's words and smiled, "Indeed, it's a little hot now. I didn't feel it when I was in the mall just now, but I sweated after coming out for a while. Alas, I'm used to blowing the air conditioner."

"Yes, you are right. My son is also at home now. He can't stay at home without air conditioner on. He says it's so hot every day." The driver suddenly began to talk with Molly.

Molly was so happy that someone was chatting with her to distract her attention and make herself relax.

On the other side, Molly and the driver were talking happily.

Elsa frowned at the entrance of the shopping mall.

After a while, Elsa looked at the listless men.

"Didn't you find her?" Elsa clenched her phone and wiped the sweat off her ear with the other hand.

The men looked at each other, and lowered their heads and shook their heads. "We haven't found the woman you are looking for."

Did she leave?

She had been guarding the door since Molly entered. How could she not find Molly?

It was getting dark. Why hadn't Molly come out yet? She hadn't found that Molly was so good at shopping before.

In the past, Molly had only been shopping for an hour and said that she was tired and wanted to leave. Now, it had been five hours since Eric sent her there. Was she still having dinner in the restaurant of the shopping mall?

"Have you seen the restaurant?" Elsa asked with a frown.

"Yes, we did. Including the children's playground, but there's no woman in a white dress." The men replied.

"Is there only one main gate in the supermarket?" Elsa asked with a sneer.

"There is also a path, which leads directly to a community called Future City District." A man replied.

Elsa was so angry that she threw the lemonade on the ground and said coldly, "She is so smart. She has already run away!"

Seeing that the men lowered their heads and didn't say anything, Elsa took out a bag of money from the car and said, "Divide the money. Don't say you have seen me! Ask those people to leave as well. It's boring to play these games since the protagonist is not here. "

The men didn't understand what she meant, but for the sake of money, they didn't say anything. After Elsa drove away, they began to discuss, "This woman is so cruel."

"That's right. I'd rather offend a villain than a woman in the future. If I offend a villain, I will at most be unlucky. If I offend a woman, my life will be in danger."

Everyone nodded in agreement and quickly divided the money, and asked those who were prepared to make Molly misunderstood also to withdraw.

They took the money and left without asking the reason.

After fixing her make-up, Molly also arrived at the Xiao family's villa.

Looking at a man in a white shirt coming over at the gate of the villa, Molly raised her eyebrows and smiled at the small mirror in her hand. She put the mirror into her bag and looked up at the man who came to open the door for her -- Eric.

Molly curled her lips and smiled at Eric. She straightened Eric's collar and said in a soft voice, "Mr. Xiao, It's not suitable for you to open the door for me."

"I'm here to check if you have brought me the things I want to buy, safe and sound." Eric leaned close to her and whispered in her ear in a low and sexy voice. Molly's ear was the most sensitive one.

As he breathed in her ear like this, Molly's knees became soft. She held Eric's arm and glared at him shyly.

There was no half a kill at this sight. Eric's eyes lit up with a smile.

"Mr. Xiao's love words are really out of my expectation." Molly rolled her eyes, and stood firm and pushed Eric away.

"Really? I didn't see that you have a crush on me. " Eric smiled.

Standing at the gate of the villa, Molly raised the corners of her eyes and smiled, "Mr. Xiao, if you have anything to say, just tell me. Is it necessary for us to equivocate?"

Molly's voice was warm and Eric's eyes were deep. Almost at the same time, Molly took a step back and Eric took a step forward.

Eric narrowed his eyes and smiled, "My second uncle is here."

'So what? What does it have to do with me?'

After a short pause, Molly threw herself into Eric's arms and wrapped her arms around Eric's waist. She said softly, "It has something to do with me? You don't have to deny it in a hurry. You can play with it, and I can also do it. If everyone is not serious about love, no one owes anyone. "

"Oh? Do you think it's for fun? " Eric stared at Molly with his deep eyes and asked, "Do you still want to play?"

The smile on Molly's face disappeared. She said, "Just play."

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