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   Chapter 28 Eric's Love Words

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Eric handed the card to Molly and said, "You can pay by card. I picked these clothes for you. Do you understand?" Eric touched her head and left by the elevator with a smile.

Upon hearing this, Molly felt warm in her heart. She knew what kind of person Eric was. But this time, after taking a glance at the price list, she indifferently handed the card given by Eric to the cashier. It was so expensive. Would she spend her own money?

'Only fools spend their own money.'

Looking at so many clothes, Molly felt a little headache. "Send these to the Xiao group for me. I can't take so many clothes."

The person knew who she had seen just now and also knew Eric's attitude towards Molly. But to be on the safe side, the salesgirl still asked, "I don't know your relationship with Mr. Xiao."

"I'm his fiancee." Said Molly without any mental burden.

"You and Mr. Xiao are a perfect match. You look like a real couple." After knowing her identity, the salesgirl became more respectful to Molly.

"Really?" Molly pursed her lips and smiled. She glanced at the activity poster on the ground outside and raised her eyebrows to look at the sales clerk. "Do you have any anchor activities here? I'm a little curious. Where are those streamers? I didn't see any streamer along the way. "

Molly seemed to be attracted by the poster. Seeing that Molly had bought so many clothes, the sales clerk was willing to tell her. She smiled and said, "This is an activity held by our supermarket, but it's on the first floor of the basement. Our third floor is featured with luxury brands, and only five of them are pasted on the ground. Other decorations are not allowed to be pasted on the ground, so there is no anchor here. Besides, it is impossible for us to ask the anchor to publicize our luxury goods. Our luxury goods are brands, and we don't need publicity. "

Molly nodded and asked, "What are the anchormen on the first floor selling?"

"They are all children's and old people's favorite things, but they are very interesting. They can only see them if they are happy. The goods sold are also very good, but our service targets are different. Our service targets are not old and children, but young successful men and women..." Hearing the salesgirl's endless speech and even looking down upon those streamers, Molly was a little unhappy.

But she didn't show it. She just smiled when the sales clerk looked at her. She didn't recognize or deny it.

"Thank you." After expressing her thanks, Molly went to take the elevator and pressed the button of the basement first floor.

From the salesgirl's words, it was not difficult to understand that the anchormen here did have their own skills. The luxury shop assistants said that the sales volume was very good, which indirectly proved that these anchormen were very good.

Elsa, who was in the next luxury store, couldn't wait to tear the salesgirl's mouth apart when she heard the salesgirl's first words.

How could she said that Molly and Eric looked like a real couple?

'I'm not happy when she praised that woman like that.'

Elsa looked coldly at Molly who was taking the elevator. If I could hurt you once, I could hurt you for the second time. I don't believe that you won't die this time!

On the first floor of the basement.

As soon as Molly walked out of the elevator, she saw a crowd of people not far away. She didn't know what they were looking at. Seeing that the crowd was so crowded and lively, she subconsciously thought that it was a streamer who was surrounded.

When Molly got closer, she found that there was no streamer in the room. When Molly turned around and was about to leave, a child suddenly ran out from the room, and held her leg and cried, "Mom, don't go. Sally will be very obedient in the future. Don't you want to take Sally? Sally will listen to you and go to the kindergarten to have classes. I won't beat my classmates anymore. Mom, don't go."


When did she give birth to a daughter? No no no! When did she have a daughter?

Looking around at the people pointing at her, Molly could not help but feel embarrassed. She just passed by for a while, but why did the child cling to her?

With a sigh of helplessness, Molly pursed her lips, and bent down and gently wiped the tears off the little girl's face. "Well, don't cry. No one will abandon you. My little baby, you are so cute. How can anyone abandon you? Did you get lost with your mom? "

"Mom! You still want to lose Sally. " The little girl pouted and tears fell down.

Molly scratched her hair crazily. She could say that she liked children very much if they didn't cry.

"Can you stop crying? I won't lose you, as long as you don't cry." Molly's patience was running out.

The little girl was the most sensitive one. Noticing that Molly was a little angry, she bit her lips and looked at her with an aggrieved face.

In the face of such a pitiful look, Molly could only say that she had failed.

She took out a piece of wet tissue from her bag and wiped the tears off the little girl's face. She coaxed in a soft voice, "It's a good girl not to cry."

Just now, she was impatient not only because of the baby, but also because she felt sorry for the baby. She didn't know how long she had been separated from her parents, and her voice was almost hoarse. How could she bear to see it? She just pretended to be angry to stop Sally crying.

"Do you know the child's parents?" Molly knew that it was a waste of time to ask. If someone knew Sally, she would have taken the child away just now.

Seeing that no one answered her, Molly turned around, and squatted down, and sorted out the little girl's dress, and helped the little girl comb her messy hair again.

"Don't cry. I'll help you find your parents." Molly was about to take the little girl's hand and leave, but after taking a look at the little girl's one shoe, she had no choice but to buy a new pair of shoes for the little girl.

Looking at the blister on her delicate feet, Molly suddenly couldn't help but want to cry. How could there be such careless parents? If it weren't for her, someone who said that she was the girl's mother and took her away, how sad the parents would be.

"Change the shoes into soft ones. There are blisters on her feet." Molly handed the shoes she was going to buy to the shop assistant and took a pair of dancing shoes for the little girl.

Seeing the blister on the little girl's feet, Molly didn't want to let the little girl go either. She took the little girl to a drugstore nearby, and asked the nurse to break the blister. Then Molly held the little girl with one hand and dance shoes with the other.

"Don't cry. I'll take you to buy some drinks." Holding the little girl in her arms, Molly bought a cup of honey from a beverage shop and handed it to the little girl who was lying on her neck. She said softly, "Drink some water. Your voice is hoarse because of crying. I don't know how long you have been standing there."

Thinking of this, Molly held her hands tightly. It was really heartbreaking. A child was looking for her parents in the supermarket. Her voice was hoarse and her shoes had left. She was still surrounded by a group of onlookers.

She should be more afraid and sad.

The little girl took the honey teapot, and put her arms around Molly's neck and said in a hoarse voice, "Sally is very good. Mommy, don't lose me."

With the other hand holding the shoes, Molly patted the little girl's back gently and said, "Your mother won't leave Sally. She just lost you by accident. You are her baby. How could she leave you? I'll take you to your mother now."

Knowing that she was not the little girl's mother after all, Molly took a look at the little girl in her arms with a little pity. If only she really had a daughter of such an age.

Molly took the little girl to the broadcast station of the supermarket.

Molly knocked on the door politely and said, "Hello, may I help the child find her parents now? The child has left her mother. "

When the broadcaster saw a woman in a white dress come in, a group of single men's eyes lit up.

It was undeniable.

Molly looked very obedient. She was still holding the little girl in her arms, looking like a "Fairy".

"Okay, okay. What's the name of this child?" Everyone suddenly became very active.

Looking at so many warm-hearted people, Molly's heart softened. Her dissatisfaction with the fact that no one had sent the little girl to the broadcast room faded away.

Remembering that she didn't ask about the child's name, she looked at the little girl who was obviously on guard against the crowd and asked softly, "Can you tell me your name?"

"My name is Sally Su." Seeing that it was Molly who asked her, the little girl told Molly in a low voice with her blinking black eyes.

"How old is Sally?" Asked Molly.

"Sally is five years old. She is a good girl."

"Yes. Sally is awesome. " Rubbing Sally's head, Molly looked at the broadcast and said with a smile, "Her name is Sally Su. She is five years old. I just found her in the mall on the first floor of the basement."

The broadcaster nodded, and took a look at Sally's clothes and turned on the radio. "Now there is a notice about looking for someone. Now there is a 5-year-old girl named Sally Su. She was lost in the mall on the first floor of the basement. Now she is in the Broadcasting Center on the fifth floor. Please come to the broadcast office on the five floor to recognize your child. Now, please cut in a notice about looking for someone..."

Three minutes later, the broadcaster cut off the broadcast.

As soon as he finished, a phone call came in. "Which room is my daughter in on the five floor now?"

"It's on the left of the five floor and the fourth room is the broadcast room." The broadcaster said.

"Sally, don't cry. I'm coming to you now!" The man on the phone sounded very anxious. It seemed that he did not mean to lose the child. On the way, the child had always said not to lose her. Molly almost felt that the child's mother did not like the child.

But from what she had seen just now, it seemed that she had guessed wrong.

Molly took the little girl down and put her on the chair.

Molly rubbed her shoulders and felt a headache when she saw the quiet Sally.

"Ding Dong! Ding Dong!"

Eric? Why did he call her at this time? When Molly answered the phone, Molly asked, "Hello, why are you calling me now?"

"Are you still in the supermarket?" Eric asked.

"Yes, I'm in the supermarket." Molly smiled, "What's wrong? Do you want me to buy you something? "

"There's something you need to buy for me." Eric smiled.

"What is it?"

"Can you buy me a Molly and send her home before six o'clock?"


Molly blushed, "Why do you ask me to go back so early?"

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