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   Chapter 27 His Tenderness

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Embarrassed, Molly raised her head to look at Claire. She had already apologized. Claire had said so many excessive words in the past but Molly planned to let it go. As long as she could go to the hospital to see Aunt Melissa, she would feel at ease.

However, Claire was not willing to fulfill her wish!

Are you willing to accept that? Of course not!

Early in the morning, Molly got up early to pack up her things and was about to leave the villa early. As soon as she went downstairs, she met a pair of gentle eyes. The owner of the eyes looked at her, as if he had missed her for a long time and looked at her without blinking. Molly took a step back subconsciously.

His eyes were so penetrating that she felt she couldn't escape under them. She lowered her head uneasily. He hadn't asked the servant to tell her if she could go out.

When she turned around and was about to go upstairs.

A deep, sexy voice sounded, "Let's go together. I'll drive you to the downtown."

Molly's heart skipped a beat. Eric said coldly, "I'm just on the same way. Why are you standing there? Come down. "

Molly was stunned for a moment and hesitated. She asked nervously, "Can I leave the villa now?"

"As long as I'm with you, you can go out." Eric, who had always been cold, gave her a rare smile.

It turned out that he could smile. Molly pursed her lips and her long eyelashes trembled slightly. She went downstairs slowly to Eric's side and looked up at him. "Eric, don't you think I have no human rights when you treat me like this?"

Eric looked at Molly with a smile, "What kind of human rights do you want? You have the right when I am with you. "

Molly looked at Eric's eyes and found there was no smile in Eric's eyes.

She lowered her head and nodded. Then she ignored Eric and sat in the back seat before Eric could sit.

Seeing Molly's childish behavior, Eric smiled helplessly, and shook his head and followed her to sit next to her in the back seat.

Molly subconsciously turned around and thought, 'No. Why does he suddenly become so good tempered?'? Is it? 'He took the wrong medicine? '

This was not Eric at all. Molly rubbed her shoulders and wondered if she was masochistic again? It was good for Eric to be gentle, but it was awkward.

Eric's eyes were fixed on Molly Xu. They hadn't seen each other for half a month, but she seemed to have become much thinner. He didn't see her yesterday, because... Didn't she want to see him?

Eric's heart sank when he thought of the Molly's repulsion and turning away of Molly's head just now.

After Eric's car arrived at the next corner, Elsa slowly rolled down the window, with a cruel expression on her face that didn't match it. "Damn it! I can't believe that she really came out with Eric! "

She slapped the steering wheel angrily and started the car to chase after him.

The distance between the two cars was neither too far nor too close. Through the black window, Elsa could clearly see the figure on the driver's seat. Seeing that Molly and Eric sat in the back seat together, she couldn't help frowning and gritting her teeth, "Shame on you! Bah! Bitch! "

When they arrived at the gate of the Xiao group, Elsa saw the two people chatting in the back seats and looked very happy.

It had already exposed that Molly seduced his uncle. She had ripped off Molly's clothes when Molly was on the air and designed a scheme to make Aunt Melissa faint.

But Eric didn't seem to care about it at all. He should hate Molly. Why did he become gentle?

A few days ago, Eric still looked indifferent. What had happened during this period of time?

It seemed that Molly must have been explained to Eric. Eric was so smart that he must have sensed something wrong when he calmed down, so he restored his previous relationship with Molly.

Not reconciled to!

Blue veins on her hands was bulging on the steering wheel. Elsa looked at the two people who were talking with each other with hatred.

Molly seemed to have sensed something and looked this way. Elsa lowered her head to pretend to look for something. She didn't dare to look up at Molly, fearing that Eric would find out that she was following him.

Eric hated being disturbed.

Not seeing the source of the sight, Molly thought it was her illusion just now. She turned to look at Eric and couldn't help frowning. "Mr. Xiao, you just came back. There should be a lot of things for you to deal with in the company. I just go to buy something. You don't need to send me there. It's too troublesome."

"I've told you that as long as it's my decision, there's no room for negotiation. Sending you to the supermarket is what I need to do. You can put forward your opinion, but I won't listen to you." Dressed in a gray suit, Eric looked at her. When he spoke, his Adam's Apple moved up and down. He looked like an important official in ancient times.

In her heart, Molly couldn't help comparing him with Myron. If Myron was a noble gentleman, Eric would be the Prime Minister in ancient times.

All of a sudden, Molly came back to her senses and saw Eric fasten the seat belt on the driver's seat. He held the steering wheel with slender fingers with distinct joints.

She opened her mouth in a daze, an

d her eyes wandered. Why did Eric suddenly send her?

As the CEO of a company, didn't he worry about the company's trouble?

Thinking of this, Molly couldn't help asking, "You just came back and accompanied me to the supermarket. Aren't you afraid that someone will come to you later in the company? Shouldn't you go to deal with the company's affairs? I've been bothering you for such a long time, but I have no money to make up for you. "

"Why do I hire so many people? If I can do anything, do I have to hire so many people? " Eric frowned and said helplessly, "I know I might have done something excessive to you. I know I'm not gentle enough, but I'll try my best. Molly, why don't you want to go at all?"

——I've tried so hard. Why did you give me even one step?

He glanced at her face in the rearview mirror and said gently, "Molly, you'd better try. There will be results in the future."

"Molly, you don't have to be so strong all the time. You can have a try..." After practicing for many times in private, Eric still couldn't said that she could rely on him.

Molly lowered her head and said nothing.

Eric thought what he said didn't work and didn't feel sad. He did hurt her too much before.

But when he caught a glimpse of her smiling face, the joy in her eyes, and her red eyes, the last bit of loss in his heart all disappeared.

Eric, who was in a good mood, became gentle.

The car stopped at the gate of the supermarket.

Hiding in the dark, Elsa saw Eric and Molly coming out of the garage hand in hand.

She looked at the man in the frame in her car. Eric, how could you be so gentle to that tramp? The sun reflected. Elsa raised her hand and blocked the sunshine. After blinking to ease her eyes, she continued to look at the man in the photo frame. Her eyes were warm, as if her heart was soaked in a honey jar, sweet and incredible.

"Eric, you are mine." Elsa said with a smile.

It was not like this before. Eric, are all men so heartless? If you like rabbit like women, I will pretend to be a bunny like woman.

Everything would be fine if it weren't for Molly! It was all because of her!

If I hadn't set her up and you hadn't noticed her, would the one standing beside you now!

It's me...

The wind blew through the top of the tree outside the window, and the leaves collided with each other, making a noise, as if to give her a positive answer.

"Ha ha." Elsa chuckled and said, "Okay, okay. Molly, if you dare to steal a man from me, just wait and see. You can hide from me once. Is there a second Myron who will come to save you! People can't always be so lucky... " Elsa stared at the two men whose arms were intertwined with each other. Her eyes darkened, as if a fierce beast was ready to fight.

Eric looked down at Molly, who was holding his arm. The two people were very close to each other, and Molly's face turned red unconsciously. Seeing that there was no other expression on his face, Molly gradually relaxed her strength to hold his arm and whispered, "I'm just wandering around. Are you sure you want to go with me?"

Eric looked at Molly with his deep eyes, and the smile at the corners of his mouth gradually faded away. "What's wrong? I've already left the garage. Do you want me to go back? "

Before Molly could say anything else, Eric's arm, which was held by Molly, changed to hold her hand and pinched it for two times. The feeling was good. He held Molly's hand and Molly was passively pressed against his arm. Molly's face suddenly turned pink.

She suddenly wanted to cover her face and run away. She admitted that she was a loser. Eric just gave her a candy, but she was so shy.

She couldn't help but despise herself.

Seeing that Eric and Molly went into the supermarket, Elsa got out of the car in a hurry and followed them secretly.

In the elevator.

Looking at the shy girl, Eric suddenly had a different impulse.


Molly looked up at him.

Suddenly, a cool mint taste came to her face, and he didn't give her a chance to react.

His long hand scratched her neck, jaw, cheek and ears.

Molly couldn't help but tremble. "Hmm," she replied in a low voice.

Eric's heart was entangled by her soft voice.

He stopped and laughed in a low voice. The atmosphere was quiet for a moment.

The next second, being pushed against the wall by him, Molly pushed Eric's chest shyly and said, "You've gone too far!"

Eric stretched out his long arms and held her in his arms. "Well, well, I'm a little too much. I like you too much."

After they walked out of the elevator, Eric directly took Molly to the third floor and bought her a lot of dress accessories. Molly wanted to refuse.

"You have to go to some important occasions with me in the future. I'm afraid that you will panic at that time. I'll buy it with you, so that I can know what style you like."

She didn't know how to refuse him.

Elsa looked at the man and woman with red eyes and sneered. Molly was not the one who was "thrown into the cold palace", but obviously the "favored Concubine"!

Eric took a look at his watch and said apologetically, "I have a meeting. This project is very important. I'm sorry."

"It's okay. Go ahead with your work. I'm fine."

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