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   Chapter 24 Stomach Cancer Was Worsened

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Although it was useless to comfort her, Molly still tried to relax herself. If she was too nervous, she would break down...

"Mr. Gu, we have made an appointment for this examination half a month ago. You have always been in good health. Just take it as a walk around the hospital."

The assistant smiled and glanced at Myron in the rearview mirror.

Myron smiled helplessly and said, "Okay, I know. You really take my mother's words as an imperial edict. How can I not know if I'm healthy?"

"Well..." The assistant's smile froze for a moment, and he continued to be thick skinned, "You are too diligent. Few CEOs of companies work overtime like you. You have been working overtime all the time. Your mother is also worried about you."

"I've already arrived at the hospital. Can I go back to read the documents? I know everything. So in order to make her feel at ease, I'm here." Myron smiled at his assistant.

The assistant sent Myron to the gate of the hospital and then went to park the car.

When the assistant came over, he accompanied Myron from the blood test to the end of the brain wave test.

"Miss Xu, I have checked your medical record. I believe that the doctor on the day shift has told you to eat on time and keep your body and mind happy a few days ago! But what did you do! You haven't eaten three meals a day. Do you still want to live? Don't think it's nothing just because you are young. You will die! Cancer, you know! You will die! " The doctor slammed the test report on the table angrily and scolded Molly.

He said sincerely, "I'm not scaring you. Do you know that you have a terrible stomach now because you didn't eat on time! I suggest that you should be hospitalized as soon as possible. Cancer can't be delayed! "

With a pale face, Molly listened to the doctor's words and sat still in her seat. Tears fell down. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand.

She sat silently and said nothing. She covered her face with her hands, tears streaming down from her fingers, and her voice choked, "Doctor, I don't want to die."

No one was not afraid of death, even an optimistic person like Molly was vulnerable in the face of illness.

Seeing that Molly was crying, the doctor didn't change his tone at all. He still reprimanded, "Now you know you are afraid. Why aren't you afraid when you don't eat? We told you to eat on time. Did we hurt you?" Looking at the slender figure of Molly, he sighed and pushed his glasses. "You don't need to lose weight. You look good even if you are fat. You have cancer at such a young age. Arrange it as soon as possible and then come to the hospital. Your condition has worsened because of this."

Molly hugged herself in fear and curled up in the chair, looking thin and weak.

The doctor also knew that his tone was heavy, but he just couldn't bear to see a young man who ruined her own body. Youth was a capital, but if he was too early to use it, he would die!

"If you don't want to die, just stay in the hospital. The equipment of the hospital is perfect, and we can easily grasp the changes of your condition, so as to avoid the deterioration of your condition again. " The doctor's tone could be said to be harsh, but Molly did not get angry.

She knew it was because of her, but she was forced, but she could not say, nor could she explain.

Molly's heart sank. Hearing the doctor's words, she felt that there was a heavy weight in her heart.


She couldn't be hospitalized. If she was hospitalized, everything would not be the life she wanted.

"Can I not stay in hospital?" Molly looked at the doctor nervously.

"If you don't listen to the doctor, why do you still come to the hospital? The cancer changes every minute and second. Maybe you can't feel it in the early stage. From the moment you feel it, it's too late. Now you have a little chance to treat it. In the late stage... Even in the hospital, it can't be cured. " The doctor signed on the medical record with a pen and said in an indifferent tone. He had tried his best to persuade the patient. If the patient did not want to listen to him, he would not persuade her again.

Everyone had his own choice, but he had to pay for it.

"You can go out now. I have sent the report to the first floor of Building B. You get it and then can leave the hospital." The doctor handed the medical record and the laboratory sheet to Molly and opened the next one.

Molly knew that her problem made the doctor unhappy, but she had no choice. She couldn't be hospitalized.

When Molly went out, Molly was in a daze. Was that all?

She could only live in hospital.

Molly's throat gave out a slight choking

As soon as she went downstairs, she walked towards Building B next to her. Her mind was full of the doctor's words and she didn't pay attention to the people around her.

"Bang -"

"Can you see the way?" The man was riding an electric bicycle and glanced at Molly who was hit by him on the ground.

Looking at the blood on her shin, Molly's tears fell. She slowly stood up and said, "Sorry, I'm fine."

Seeing that she didn't intend to blackmail him, the man quickly rode the electric bicycle and ran away.

But in fact, her legs were very painful. After walking for a short distance

, Molly stopped and could see the blood oozing from the wound.

All of a sudden, Molly was about to cry. Molly felt extremely aggrieved in her heart. She had no choice but to bear it by herself.

While crying, she walked towards the Building B.

As soon as she walked out of Building B, the sun rose. Looking at the bustling city, Molly felt bitter in her heart.

Holding the report, Molly felt her heart was cold. She took a few breaths, and tears fell again.

In fact, Molly was not so fragile, but she was really sad. She put everything in her heart, and she had suppressed it for too long.

After crying, Molly wiped her face to make herself look less embarrassed, but she was thinking about something and didn't see the road for a while.

"Bang -"

Fortunately, this time, Molly reacted quickly and grabbed the railing beside her, so that she did not fall.

"Mr. Gu! ." The assistant exclaimed.

Looking at the crying woman, Myron stepped forward to hold Molly and asked softly, "What's wrong?"

Molly shook her head and said in a hoarse voice, "I'm fine."

"You said you were fine. Your voice is hoarse because of crying. Why are you here? Are you feeling uncomfortable?" Myron asked in a gentle voice, glancing at Molly's body. When he saw the bleeding wound on her shin, his eyes darkened.

"Why haven't you treated your wound yet?" He frowned and looked at her wound. "Assistant Liu, go to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of alcohol and cotton swabs."

"Okay." Assistant Liu saw the wound on her leg, and nodded and ran to the pharmacy.

"Thank you. It's not a big deal." Molly didn't know how to express her gratitude, so she could only say "Thank you" dryly.

"Fortunately, it's just a bruise. Girls' skin is the most delicate. If there is a scar, it will be ugly." Myron helped her to a chair on one side. "Haven't you told me why you came to the hospital? No one came with you?"

Molly turned her head slightly and looked at Myron gently. She felt that Myron was more like her brother today. She pursed her lips and smiled politely. "Thank you for your concern. I really came to the hospital for a check-up. Didn't I say that I was not feeling well a few days ago, so I came to the hospital for a check-up. The doctor said there was nothing wrong."

"That's good." Myron replied gently.

Taking a look at Assistant Liu who ran back, he smiled gently and said, "Thank you."

"Thank you." Molly nodded at assistant Liu with a polite smile.

Ding! ! !

Assistant Liu heard Molly's voice clearly and found that Molly was the woman who had talked to his boss on the phone that day. There was a secret. No wonder his boss asked him to buy alcohol. It turned out that he knew her. He thought it was out of kindness.

It seemed that the CEO was going to apply medicine to this woman in person!

Assistant Liu looked at Myron with satisfaction. He had a sense of pride that his son finally knew how to take care of a girl. Although his boss was easy-going, he knew self-respect.

Everyone in the upper class knew that Myron was a gentleman.

Assistant Liu secretly glanced at Molly. It turned out that the CEO liked this kind of girl. Those girls who chased the CEO before all mistook it. The CEO did not like Lolita, nor did he like ladies, nor did he like overbearing women.

What the CEO liked was this kind of fragile dodder flower.

But why did he think that his boss hadn't figured it out yet?

Myron opened the lid of the alcohol, and dipped a cotton swab in it, and looked at Molly and said, "It will hurt a little later. Bear it."

Molly was timid and was afraid of a lot of things, such as alcohol wiping the wound...

"No, no." Molly bit her lower lip and took a pitiful look at Myron, trying not to be wiped.

Helplessly, Myron wiped the sand with a cotton swab and said gently, "Hold on."

The little girl in Molly's heart cried to the ground. 'Mr. Gu, you are not gentle anymore.'

The moment the alcohol touched the wound.

"Ouch!" Molly took a deep breath and looked at Myron with grievance.

"Miss Xu, it's useless to look at me like this. Be careful next time. Don't get hurt again." He wanted to say no firmly, but looking into her eyes, he couldn't say anything too determined. He could only say in a gentle voice, "Don't get hurt again."

Feeling the gentleness of his action, Molly slightly bent her lips and said in a gentle tone, "Mr. Gu is so gentle. You must have a girlfriend, right?"

Myron paused and said, "I don't have a girlfriend. I'm single dog."

"Hahaha..." Molly didn't expect that Myron would describe himself as a single dog. She laughed and said, "It doesn't matter. Even a single dog but the most handsome and rich one. I think you are the best."

Not knowing why, hearing her praise, the corners of Myron's mouth curved in a good mood.

After treating the wound, Myron had breakfast with Molly. The two of them separated.

Then Molly went to the garage and took the car back to the Xiao family's villa.

She sighed and started the car.

In the Xiao family's villa.

Molly came out of the garage and entered the hall. Just as she went upstairs, a familiar voice suddenly came from behind.

"Where did you go last night?"

Molly looked back and found it was Eric!

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