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   Chapter 22 You Have Been Forcing Me

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"Nothing." After hesitating for a while, she continued, "It's not a big deal. I just have a stomachache recently, so I can't stream it."

"I didn't think it was a big deal at first. I thought it was just because I ate too much and didn't go to the hospital until the end. It's a small problem. Don't eat too much recently. Just pay attention to my diet." The truth flashed through her mouth, but she still didn't tell the truth to Myron.

On the other side of the phone, Myron frowned slightly and said in a caring tone. Unconsciously, he rubbed the documents and felt a little worried. "Then you have to take good care of yourself at home recently. It doesn't matter if you don't stream. If you recover, you can win everything back. Have a good rest."

She hadn't been cared for a long time. She didn't care about Eric's concern at all. Myron was special to her. She felt that he was sending Buddha to the West. Such concern made her eyes red. She nodded with sobs, making her voice sound normal. "Mr. Gu, you are a very gentle person. I will have a good rest. I also hope that you should also take care of your body. Don't forget how much you can bear for your work. "

"I will." Myron replied with a smile. He looked up at the secretary who was holding the document and said in a warm voice, "I have something to do here..."

"Mr. Gu, go ahead with your work. I have nothing to do. I will be fine after resting for a while." Molly interrupted him quickly, leaning forward with her tiptoe against the floor.

"Okay. Have a good rest."

"Okay, Mr. Gu, you are so kind." Molly sighed, lowering her head.

Suddenly, a surprised voice came from the other end of the line, "Boss! You've been talking to a woman for so long. " All of a sudden, she said happily, "You're finally enlightened!"

Myron rubbed between his eyebrows and said to Molly on the other end of the phone, "I'm sorry. He's always like this."

"Don't worry. I have to hang up." Afraid of hearing something she shouldn't hear, Molly quickly hung up the phone.

With a sigh of relief, Molly turned around and went back to her bedroom. Lying on the bed, she quickly fell asleep because of the pain and tiredness of her body. When she woke up, she subconsciously grabbed her mobile phone and found that the screen of her mobile phone was full of caring words.

But she didn't post it on micro-blog.

Molly clicked on it in confusion, only to find a hot comment: take care of yourself, health is the most important.

After thinking for a while, she found that she had only told one person, Myron, that she had a stomachache.

Looking at the three bouquets of champagne roses, Molly was surprised. Was the CEO so domineering?

A bouquet of roses gift was equal to five hundred dollars in cash, and a bouquet of champagne was equal to three thousand dollars in cash. Myron gave her three bouquets, and she could take about eight thousand dollars from them.

However, looking at the series of concerned words on micro-blog, Molly was in a much better mood.

She clicked on the keyboard and replied quickly, "Thank you for your support for such a long time. I will take good care of myself for everyone's love and show up in front of you as soon as possible. I love you.

Just as she was reading the reviews happily.

"Knock, knock, knock..."

Closing the micro-blog app, Molly sighed. Only Eric would knock at the door like this. She got out of bed obediently.

With an indifferent look on her face, she walked to the door and opened it. She asked indifferently, "Mr. Xiao, what can I do for you?"

Eric didn't expect her to be so cold. His face turned cold at once. "Nothing. I heard from grandma that you haven't had a good meal recently. I know which restaurant is the most delicious. I've booked a private room. Clean it up. We'll go out later."

"Isn't it too early?"

"It's late. It's already seven o'clock." At this point, Eric asked worriedly, "How are you feeling now?"

"I'm fine. I still feel a little uncomfortable. It doesn't matter." Afraid that Eric would ask more, she just said it didn't matter.

Noticing that her face wasn't as pale as before, he nodded and said, "Go change your clothes now. We'll go out later."

Molly wanted to say that she didn't want to go, but when she saw the indifferent expression on Eric's face, she was so scared that she couldn't open her mouth. She just gritted her teeth and went back to her room to change her clothes and put on a light makeup.

She had always been very elegant. Except that she was encouraged by Selina at the banquet last time, she acted as a food streamer and learned about the diet etiquette. No matter how embarrassed she was, she would wear makeup!

When the door was opened, Eric thought she would be perfunctory, but he didn't expect her to wear light makeup... Thinking of that possibility, Eric smiled.

"It's beautiful." It was rare for Eric to praise her.

Molly's action was stiff for a moment, but Eric noticed it.

All of a sudden, she felt a little unaccustomed to Er

ic's behavior. She thought to herself, 'Molly, do you like being maltreated? Eric praised you. It means that you are excellent and deserve him!'

Pooh! Pooh! Pooh!

How could she have such an idea? Eric didn't deserve her!

In the car.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Molly turned her head to look at the scenery outside the window, without looking at Eric.

Feeling the coldness from the person around her, Molly curled her lips. He really thought he was a domineering president. Who did he think he was? He was not the Bodhisattva of the world, but she had to provide for him every day?

It was enough to be angry for no reason, and to be angry from time to time.

He could be angry, but he would find fault with her as soon as he was angry. The mud man still had temper. He forced her like this every day. She still felt that she was mentally strong until now!

"What do you like to eat?" He asked abruptly.

Molly lowered her eyes and glanced at the man next to her. Seeing that he was not looking at her, she said, "I like porridge recently."

Hearing that Molly didn't continue, Eric held back his anger and asked, "What else?"

"As for seafood, I'm not a picky eater. I didn't have favorite food." Molly said all the answers at one time. She didn't want to talk to Eric.

This man only communicated with her body. She was not interested in chatting with him. He didn't know how to respect her. She didn't even want to stay with him!

When the two arrived, Eric got off the car first, and walked to her and opened the door for her.

With her mouth slightly open, Molly looked up at Eric and wondered, 'Didn't he take the medicine today?'

Or is he out of his mind?

He suddenly treated her so well. It was impossible for him to say hello to her.

However, Molly took the opportunity to come out and said, "Thank you."

Hearing her thanks, Eric felt that he was an outsider. The fingertips of his fingers, which were holding the handle of the car, turned white. Inexplicably unhappy, he suppressed the unhappiness and smiled, "You're welcome. We are family."

Molly's face froze and she lowered her head! 'Who is your family?'

The waiter parked the car in the garage, and Eric took her arm into the private room of the restaurant.

Taking the menu from the waiter, Eric quickly ordered the dishes. He smiled gently at Molly and said, "I ordered a lot of your favorite food."

"Thank you." Molly replied politely.

"Molly, grandma told me that you haven't had a good meal recently. I ordered a lot of dishes today, all of which are your favorite. You must eat them all later." Eric looked at her with concern.

Leaning against the chair, Molly frowned and said unhappily, "Eric, I can't eat so much."

The normal atmosphere suddenly became cold. Eric looked at Molly and smiled. There was a knife hidden in the smile. He looked into her eyes and felt uncomfortable.

"Molly, you told me you couldn't finish it?"

Molly snorted and sensed that something was wrong. "Why do I have to eat all?"

"What if I want you to finish it?" Eric was very angry. This woman had said so many things she liked to eat in the car, but he ordered all of them. He hoped that she would be happy and eat them all, because she had never been hungry from a live broadcast.

He was afraid that she wouldn't be full.

He felt that he had neglected her recently. He wanted to take her out to have a good meal and make her happy, but this woman only wanted to annoy him!

'Molly, if you care about me a little bit, will you still talk to me like this?'?

She could smile so happily to others, but she had never been kind to him. For a moment, his heart sank and he wanted to give up.

However, he was not reconciled!

Eric stood up and walked towards her, with his hands on her shoulders. The two were so close that she could feel the anger of him.

Molly subconsciously wanted to step back, but her shoulders were tightly held by him, unable to move.

She pressed her lips tightly, afraid that she would say something to make him angry again.

After a long time.

"Eric, what the hell do you want to do?" She raised her head and looked at Eric impatiently.

Eric didn't answer. He stood up and lit a cigarette, looking at her.

Being stared at by Eric, Molly was a little scared. "I need to go to the bathroom."

Eric stepped forward to block the door. He looked at Molly and said in a cold voice, "Come here and give me a hug. I will not be angry anymore."

Feeling insulted, Molly threw her bag on Eric's body, and looked at him with an embarrassed face and said coldly, "Eric, is it meaningful for you to do this? Why do you have to force me to do something I don't want to do? Why should I coax you when you are angry? Who are you to me? "

Eric narrowed his eyes and gave a mocking smile, "I just want you to tonify the body."

After taking a few deep breaths, she stared into Eric's eyes and said word by word, "I have told you at noon. I'm not feeling well. I can't finish the dishes you ordered."

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