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   Chapter 6 Perfectly

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"Eric has asked someone to investigate this matter these two days. Don't you worry that he will suspect if we have too much capital flow in our bank cards?" Elsa Zhang said in a low voice.

"What will he suspect? We have done it perfectly. What can he know? Even if he really finds out something, as long as I don't admit it, for the sake of Peter Shen, he can't do anything to me."

"You aren't afraid. But I'm afraid. I didn't get anything in the end. On the contrary, I lost the position of Eric's fiancee. It's all because of your bad idea!" Elsa suppressed her anger.

"Oh, I didn't expect that things would turn out like this. I was just kind-hearted."

"You did it for yourself. Don't think that I don't know what you are planning. You really want to get a share of the Xiao family's property. You are afraid that Molly will take away your good, so you did it to her. You are really heartless. No matter what, Eric's mother is your sister!"

"Whoever she is, she dislikes me anyway."

Hearing the two people's words, Molly was so angry that her heart almost jumped out of her chest. It turned out that it was all two people's trick, but they had an advantage in number and Eric didn't believe her at all. She could only get the evidence to expose them.

Molly took out her phone and was about to record the conversation, but she didn't expect that the two of them would go back to the villa. She really regretted that she was slow in reacting.

"Where are you going?"

Molly didn't expect that Elsa would come back again, which scared her.

"Of course I'm going out to make room for you. Don't you like Eric? I'll give him to you."

Elsa was not a fool. She was happy to know that Molly was leaving. How could Elsa stop Molly? Molly was sure about this.

Elsa snorted and took a step closer, "How could you be so kind-hearted? Do I need to thank you? Tell me, what did you hear just now?"

"Do you have anything that you can't tell others? It's a pity that I didn't hear anything. Otherwise, how can you still be here safe and sound?"

Hearing this, Elsa felt relieved. "So, are you really going to give up the position of Mr. Xiao's fiancee and leave?"

"Of course. He hates me so much. Do I still want to marry him and suffer?"

Elsa snorted, "You're smart enough. Leave him. No matter where you are, you can earn money with your beautiful face."

Without saying anything more, Molly strode out of the villa.

She had to leave. She couldn't take part in the food competition, nor did she want to have anything to do with Eric. She wanted to go to a strange city where no one knew her, and treated her illness, and lived a good life. In the future, she had the ability to investigate the two people framing her.

It was late

at night and there weren't many cars on the road. Molly strolled and waited for a taxi to go to the airport.

But suddenly one SUV stopped in front of her. Before she could react, she was dragged into the car by two strange men.

"Let go of me! What are you doing? I don't know you. If you don't let me go, I'll call the police!"

"Girl, you don't know us. Do you know her?"

The shirtless armed man with tattoos pointed to the back seat. When Molly turned around, her face turned pale.

"Elsa Zhang, what do you want to do?"

Elsa opened her red lips and said, "Molly Xu, you think I'm a fool. In fact, you have heard the conversation between me and Helen Qian, haven't you? I'm sure that you will expose me in front of Eric as long as you have the chance, right?"

Elsa seemed to see through Molly.

"If I had heard your conversation, I would have told Eric. How could you have chance to treat me like this?"

Elsa sneered, "Whether you hear it or not, it's your bad luck to fall into my hands."

Molly was shocked. She didn't expect that Elsa would do something to her. "I've told you that I'll leave here and give you and Eric a chance. Why did you do that to me?"

Elsa leaned forward and stared at Molly's face. "Don't think I'm a fool. There is a saying that lookers-on see most of the game. In Eric's heart, you are more important than me. Even if you escape to the ends of the earth, with Eric's ability, he will find you as long as he wants. At that time, you will still replace me, so... I do things... I don't want to leave any leeway... "

Elsa's words sent a shiver down Molly's spine. "What do you want to do?"

"Of course I will destroy you!"

After saying that, Elsa stopped the car on a remote road in the suburb. The two men beside her began to touch Molly.

"No, don't do that. As long as you let me go, I promise you that I will never have anything to do with Eric!"

"Your promise is worthless. As long as you sleep with a man obediently, I won't make things difficult for you. As long as you are obedient, I won't show the video to anyone. Otherwise, Eric and the whole world will see what you look like today!"

As soon as Elsa finished her words, one of the men had reached out his hand to the chest of Molly, and the other man's hand had reached out to the trousers of Molly.

Molly struggled desperately, "No. Elsa Zhang, you are breaking the law. I won't let you go! "

Elsa sneered, "Bitch, how dare you threaten me now!"

As Elsa spoke, she suddenly grabbed Molly's hair and pressed her face against the car window. "See? The sea is not far away. I can kill you to keep your mouth shut!"


Molly had never known that Elsa was so vicious. What should she do? She didn't want to die...

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