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   Chapter 5 So Heartless

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With her eyebrows knitted tightly, Molly roared, enduring the pain all over her body. In return, Eric plundered more fiercely.

After the violent storm, Eric lit a cigarette contentedly. He took a cold glance at the disheveled girl, and suddenly opened the door and kicked Molly out of the car.

The soft body fell on the hard road, and Molly felt her bones were broken. Looking at the luxury car, she roared angrily, "Eric Xiao, you... Ahem... "

The car galloped away, and Molly was choked by the rising dust. She was too aggrieved, but she could tell no one.

She took a taxi back to the villa. Before she entered, she saw her things thrown at the door. She was very angry. Before she entered, she saw the mean face of Helen Qian.

"Molly, how dare you come back? Well, all the things are outside. You don't have to go in."

Looking at Helen Qian, Molly snorted, "This is the Xiao family's house, not yours. What qualification do you have to drive me away? "

"Why didn't I have qualification? My husband is Eric's uncle. Since his father passed away, Peter Shen has helped him a lot. When Eric built his company, Peter bought a house to support him. It's much better than a woman who repays kindness with ingratitude like you, a beggar!"

Speaking of this, Molly couldn't help laughing. Back then, when Peter Shen bought a house to support Eric, Helen Qian made a noise and hung herself at the gate of the Xiao family to ask the Xiao family to pay back the money. Now she became like this and was so arrogant. She was snobbish.

"Ok. I also don't want to stay here!"

Molly gritted her teeth and didn't want to argue with Helen Qian. She turned around and put the important things on the ground into her bag. When she picked up a jewelry box, Helen Qian's high heels stepped hard on the back of her hand.

"What are you doing?" Molly raised her head to look at Helen Qian and tried her best to hold back her anger.

"The bracelet inside is my sister's. you can't take it away." Said Helen Qian, with her hands on her waist.

"This is my birthday gift from Auntie Melissa. Why can't I take it away?"

"Humph! You made my sister in a coma and the same as people who are in a vegetative state. How dare you take things from the Xiao family now?"

Molly pulled her hand back hard, and Helen Qian almost fell down. Looking at the back of her red and swollen hand, she paused and continued to pick up the things.

Just as she was about to pick up the jewelry box on the ground, Helen Qian kicked the box far away. The box finally stopped on the steps not far away. Molly hurried to open the box.

The jade bracelet inside had been broken in half. It was a good purple jade, her favorite.

Exasperated, Molly walked up to Helen Qian and slapped her across the face. "Helen Qian, what the hell are you doing? You're just a hen that doesn't lay an egg. What qualifications do you have to do evil in the Xiao family?"

"You bitch! What are you talking about?" Covering her burning face, Helen Qian glared at Molly and gnashed her teeth.

Molly cast a cold glance at Helen Qian and said, "Well, you don't dare to admit it. There should be a pile of medical records in your room. Don't think that I don't know why you didn't lay an egg. It's all because you slept with many men and had too many miscarriages!"

"Molly Xu, I'll tear your mouth apart!



Helen Qian, like a shrew, was about to hit Molly. But before she could reach Molly, the man's voice forced her to stop.

Not far away, Peter Shen and Eric got out of the car. Peter Shen looked at Molly and was confused.

Before Molly could say anything, Helen Qian grabbed the jewelry box from Molly's hand and said, "Look, Eric. This is your mother's birthday gift for Molly. But Molly said it was trash and she didn't care about it, so she smashed it!"

Looking at the broken purple jade bracelet in the box, Eric's eyes turned red. He strode to Molly and grabbed her arm fiercely. "Do you know how many relatives and friends my mother entrusted to find this bracelet? Do you know how much it cost? It's more expensive than your life!"

Molly didn't expect that Helen Qian would confuse right and wrong in this way. Enduring the pain in her arm, she hastily explained, "It's not like that..."

"What? You seduced my husband and made my sister so angry that she was sent to the hospital. A bitch like you can do anything!" Helen Qian stepped forward and slapped Molly in the face. Eric swung his big hand, and Molly fell to the ground. Her forehead happened to hit the stairs, and blood immediately flowed out from it.

With tears all over her face, Molly crawled to Peter Shen, and pulled Peter's trouser legs and said, "Uncle, tell everyone what happened that night. I didn't seduce you, right? Please, tell them that I was wronged!"

Peter Shen felt a little embarrassed and his face darkened. After thinking for a while, he said, "Molly, I'm sorry. I drank too much that night and couldn't remember anything. I didn't know what happened."


"I know you're not a casual girl, but even if I'm a jerk, I wouldn't do that to you. I know my sister has always treated you as her daughter." Peter Shen interrupted Molly.

Hearing this, Eric raised his eyebrows. He felt something was wrong, but he couldn't tell...

"Molly Xu, everyone saw you naked lying on the same bed with my husband. Why are you still defending yourself?"

"Helen Qian, I believe that the truth will come to light one day. Those vicious people will come to no good end!"

Molly covered her forehead and got up from the ground. Because of the violent impact of her head, she felt dizzy as soon as she stood up. She staggered a few steps and fell to the ground again.

Clenching his fists, Eric controlled himself not to help her. "Go back and reflect on yourself. Don't go out of the room without my permission, or I'll be sick of you!"

"Eric Xiao, I will make you regret for what you have done to me!" Looking at Eric's handsome face, Molly roared.

With an evil and attractive smile, Eric squatted in front of her and said, "Let's wait and see!"

Molly struggled to get up from the ground and picked up the things one by one.

In the past two days, Molly had been obedient and stayed in the room, waiting for Eric to relax his vigilance.

By chance, Molly heard a conversation outside that Eric had gone to T Country to negotiate about the competition. Hearing that, she immediately cheered up and quietly left the villa in the early morning.

But before she went out of the villa, she suddenly heard the conversation outside.

"Manager Zhang, I have done what you asked me to do. Can you give me the remaining money?"

It was Helen Qian's voice.

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