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   Chapter 15 The Real Purpose Of Kevin

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"Lesley, are you okay? Are you all right? I'm sorry that I'm late." Kevin said gently.

'It was not Derek.' Hearing the voice, Lesley was a little disappointed, but she was grateful for Kevin's appearance. If Kevin hadn't stopped them in time, she really didn't know what she would have done.

"Mr. Kevin, I'm fine. I just don't have the strength. Thank you for saving my life." Lesley answered weakly.

"Don't be afraid. No one can hurt you here. I'll take you away now." Kevin said to Lesley gently.

"Bald man, I'll take this lady away. Next time I see you do something bad to her. Think about what would happen to you." Kevin stared at the bald man coldly.

"Mr... Mr. Yun. I... I don't know this lady is your woman. If I had known, I... I wouldn't have done that. I won't do it again, Mr. Yun. Please forgive me, Mr. Yun." The bald man answered in fear, sweating all over.

Kevin stared at him and didn't answer. He turned around and was about to leave with Lesley.

"Wait... Wait a minute, Mr. Kevin. I still have something to deal with." Lesley stood up straight.

"What? What's up? Lesley? Tell me. I will help you solve it." Kevin asked gently.

Seeing him like this, Lesley didn't know how to say that her mother was detained for a huge gambling debt.

Seeing that she didn't answer, Kevin seemed to understand something.

"Bald man, tell me. Why would Lesley be here?" Kevin asked the bald man coldly.

"Well... This lady's mother... owed a large amount of money to the casino. She asked us to call her daughter and told us that her daughter was rich..." The bald man didn't dare to say anything more as he saw the increasingly cold eyes of Kevin.

"How much gambling debt does Lesley's mother owe?"

"Mr. Yun, five... five million dollars."

"Five million dollars? I thought she owed more than that. Hmm? Are you still going to ask for the money from Lesley while I'm standing here?" Kevin said sarcastically.

"No... No. I'll tear up the bill and let this lady's mother go." The bald man tore the bill and ordered his men to let Griselda go.

"Well, you know what's good for you. I'll take Lesley away. You must make sure that Lesley's mother leaves here safely." Kevin was satisfied with the result, so he stopped making things difficult for the bald man.

"Okay, Mr. Yun. Take care. See you off, Mr. Yun." The bald man answered without raising his head.

Kevin took Lesley to a room above the casino.

"Lesley, you can stay in this room and have a rest. I will send you back to school later, okay?" Kevin whispered to her, afraid of scaring her.

Lesley didn't think she could go back to her dormitory in her condition, or her roommate would be scared. So she agreed with Kevin and went into the room.

Seeing that Lesley turned around and entered the room, Kevin left.

Lesley lay on the bed after taking a shower. She was still scared when she thought of what had just happened.

If Kevin didn't show up in time, she would have been caught by the bald man. Although she couldn't accept Kevin, she was still grateful for what Kevin had done these days.

Lesley decided to say thanks to Kevin and make her thoughts clear to him when she woke up. As for

Griselda, Lesley would really not care about her any more.

Lesley slept for over an hour before she woke up.

When she walked out of the room, she didn't see Kevin. Instead, a bodyguard stood in front of her door.

"Hello, Miss Ye. Boss asked you to wait for him in the room if you woke up. He will send you back to school." The bodyguard told Lesley respectfully.

"Okay, thank you. But I have something to tell your boss. Can you take me to him?" Lesley replied politely.

"Yes. Please follow me, Miss Ye." The bodyguard closed the door for her and led the way.

Lesley nodded and followed the bodyguard.

"This is the room, Miss Ye. I can't go in there. You can go in by yourself." The bodyguard led her to a door and stopped.

"Okay, go ahead with your own business. Thank you."

"No, thanks. See you, Miss Ye." Then the bodyguard turned around and left.

After calming herself down, Lesley was about to knock on the door when she heard someone talking inside.

"Bald man did a good job this time. I'm satisfied." Lesley recognized that it was Kevin's voice. Different from the gentle and soft voice when he talked to her, it was full of coldness.

"No, no, no. It's all your good idea, Mr. Kevin." Then came the bald man's flattering voice. "Mr. Kevin, what about Griselda? Do I still have to ask her to pay back five million dollars?"

"No. I told you to swindle her out of a large amount of money. She kind of did something for me. Let her go this time." Said Kevin.

'I get it. I finally get it. It turns out that it was not a coincidence for Kevin to appear at that moment. Everything was arranged by him. And I'm even grateful to him! That's too much.' Lesley was full of anger.

"In the future, I think Lesley will prefer me to Derek. I can give Derek a heavy blow again. My poor Derek." Kevin's voice sounded pleasant, but it made people shudder.

Lesley couldn't stand it anymore. She covered her mouth and ran out.

Lesley ran out of the casino without thinking. She didn't know where to go, so she just walked aimlessly, trying to calm herself down.

Lesley thought she was so gullible. When others treated her better, she felt that she had met a good man. She had never thought whether it was a fraud from beginning to end. Thinking of the idea before going to bed that she should thank Kevin, Lesley now thought it was ridiculous. 'Kevin probably thinks I'm a fool.'

In the casino, after talking with the bald man, Kevin looked at his watch and thought that it was time for Lesley to wake up. He had to go to see her and send her back, so he walked out of his room.

Kevin saw that the bodyguard he had arranged at the door of Lesley's room was standing respectfully on the first floor. "Is Miss Ye awake? Where's she? Didn't I tell you to keep her in her room and tell her I would take her back to school?"

Kevin thought the bodyguard didn't follow his orders, so he was a little angry.

Hearing what Kevin said, the bodyguard felt a little strange, but he still answered respectfully, "Boss, Miss Ye woke up ten minutes ago. She said she had something to tell you and asked me to bring her to you. I just led her to your room. Didn't you see her?"

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