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   Chapter 13 Derek Was Impulsive

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Lesley looked at the back of Derek and his female companion as they walked away mercilessly.

Lesley kept telling herself that she shouldn't have anything to do with Derek anymore. How could a person like Derek care about her?

But she was still very sad. Her eyes were red and she wanted to cry.

Kevin saw her red eyes with tears. She was born with a pale face, which made her face more delicate, making people feel pity for her.

Seeing her like this, Kevin couldn't help reaching out to wipe her tears and comforted her in his arms.

Before Kevin could get close to her, Lesley realized her gaffe.

Lesley stood up quickly and said to him in a broken voice, "I'm sorry, Mr. Kevin. I need to go to the bathroom."

Kevin was awakened by her action. He was a little angry that he actually had the mood to pity her, but he did not show it on the surface. He called a waiter, "Please take this lady to the bathroom."

The waiter replied respectfully, "Yes, sir." Then he turned around and said to Lesley, "Miss, please follow me."

Lesley said, "Thank you." Then she left with the waiter.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Lesley, Kevin sat back in his seat and took out his phone to make a call.

"Hello, I need to know all the information and things about Lesley Ye before tomorrow." After saying that, he immediately hung up the phone and sat there to calm down.

The waiter led Lesley to the bathroom, "Miss, here we are."

"Okay, thank you." Lesley thanked the waiter.

"No, it's my job to serve you." The waiter replied respectfully.

"You can leave now. Please tell that gentleman that I'll be back soon." Said Lesley.

"Yes, Miss." The waiter turned around and left.

Lesley also turned around and walked into the bathroom, trying to freshen herself up.

Looking at her red eyes in the mirror, Lesley sighed slightly. She put some cold water on her face and told herself not to be so emotional next time.

When she was about to go out, Lesley was pushed against the wall.

Lesley was terrified and was about to scream, so the man had to cover her mouth.

The strong and familiar smell enveloped Lesley. At this time, she saw the face of the person opposite her. It was Derek.

"Why... Why are you here? This is the ladies' room." Lesley said in a trembling voice.

Derek knew he was scaring her, but he didn't want to explain. He was very angry at the thought that she came to dinner with Kevin.

Derek sat at the table two miles away from them, but he still couldn't help looking at Lesley, and he was not in the mood to answer the female companion beside him.

Seeing Lesley come to the bathroom alone, Derek couldn't help but follow her, ignoring the voice of his female companion behind him.

Derek didn't say anything. He just stared at Lesley's eyes and felt happy when he found that all she could see was him.

Lesley felt that Derek's eyes were so beautiful. When he stared at her motionlessly, she was totally attracted.

Suddenly, Derek kissed Lesley's lips forcefully, leaving her no time to react.

At first, Lesley was still struggling and kept beating his chest with her fists.

So Derek pressed Lesley's hands against the wall and kissed her with his tongue.

The kiss was not gentle at all. It was like he was punishing her. But Lesley soon fell into it. Kevin's tongue

swept every corner of Lesley's mouth, making her feel his breathing.

Slowly, Lesley stopped struggling. Instead, she became soft and attached herself to Derek.

Feeling her reaction, Derek let go of her hands and put them on his waist. He hugged and kissed her.

Derek's kiss was no longer violent, but gentle. He touched Lesley's lips carefully, as if he was treating a treasure. He turned all his tenderness into a kiss and passed it to Lesley.

When Derek let go of her, Lesley couldn't stand anymore and leaned against him.

Derek was satisfied with her reaction. His face softened.

Holding her earlobe gently, Derek asked, "Why are you with Kevin? Is it really because I'm not gentle enough to you?"

Before Lesley could explain, a voice came from the door.

Derek quickly held Lesley in his arms and hid in the cubicle of the bathroom.

When the voice outside disappeared and there was no one else, Lesley pushed Derek, "I'm going back. Mr. Kevin is still waiting for me. "

Hearing this, Derek said in a sarcastic tone, "You call him Mr. Kevin already? Huh?"

Lesley didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. She explained, "It's not what you think. I have to go out and make it clear to him. I'll explain to you later." Then she pushed Derek away and ran out of the bathroom.

Looking at her back, Derek didn't get angry. He tidied himself up and walked out leisurely.

As soon as Lesley sat back to her seat and was about to speak to Kevin, Derek came.

Derek pulled Lesley into his arms and said coldly to Kevin, "Stop pestering my woman. It's not interesting to play such a trick for the second time."

Kevin answered, "Derek, I'm not playing any tricks. I really like Lesley. She is so excellent and beautiful. Doesn't she deserve my love?"

Without further ado, Derek turned around and walked out of the restaurant with Lesley in his arms.

After Derek left, Kevin suddenly smiled. 'As I expected, Derek's got a crush on Lesley. I certainly can't give up on Lesley.'

Derek opened the door and pushed Lesley into the passenger seat rudely. Obviously, Lesley could feel that Derek was still angry, but she didn't dare to say anything.

Lesley thought of what Derek had just said. "Such a trick? Did something really happen between the two brothers? Did Kevin really have a purpose?' Lesley couldn't figure it out.

Seeing that Lesley was still in a daze and had no intention of coaxing him, Derek became angrier. But he didn't say anything. He just drove quietly with a gloomy face, and the atmosphere in the car was a little dull.

"Well... I didn't choose to be with Mr. Kevin. It was a coincidence. I just had a meal with him." Lesley explained carefully.

"What? I don't have a name? Call me Derek. And don't call him Mr. Kevin." After hearing her explanation, Derek's face softened.

Lesley didn't go against his will. She called out obediently, "Derek." Then she just sat there quietly without saying anything.

Seeing her like this, Derek cooled down and told himself not to be mad at her.

After sending Lesley back to school, Derek watched her walk into the dormitory building safely before he turned around and left.

After taking a shower, Lesley lay on the bed and thought about Derek's reaction today, thinking that he might also care about her. She felt so sweet and fell asleep.

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