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   Chapter 11 The Pursuit Of Kevin

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At dawn on the second morning, before she was completely awake in bed, Lesley heard her roommate's voice, "Lesley, Lesley, come here. The handsome man surnamed Yun came again. He is waiting for you downstairs. He seems to bring some breakfast. Is it for you? Is he going to pursue you? Oh, my God! It's so early to bring breakfast. You are so happy, Lesley."

Hearing her roommate's words, Lesley was immediately awake, and she did not have time to answer her roommate's questions. She quickly got up from the bed and went to the corridor. As expected, she saw the figure of Kevin. She exclaimed in her heart and quickly went back to the dormitory to wash up and change clothes. But no matter how fast she cleaned herself up, she didn't run downstairs until twenty minutes later.

When she arrived in front of Kevin, Lesley saw the gentle, polite and patient look on Kevin's face. Lesley thought to herself, 'If it were Derek, he would have lost his temper and scolded me.' Recently, she always thought of Derek.

All the schoolmates passing by looked at the two of them secretly. And Lesley could still hear the girls' secretly praised, "Wow, so handsome. It's so gentle of him to bring breakfast so early."

Lesley felt embarrassed and touched her head. "Mr. Yun, why are you here? Isn't it troublesome so early?"

Kevin said gently, "Have you forgotten what I said yesterday? I said I like you, so I'm pursuing you. Bringing you breakfast is also a way to pursue you, isn't it? Don't come downstairs in such a hurry next time. It doesn't matter if I wait a little longer. Take your time and be careful not to fall."

Before Lesley could say anything, girls next to her discussed. "Oh my God, this man is so gentle. He came so early to send breakfast and waited so patiently. I really envy that girl."

Lesley didn't know how to answer Kevin's question. Hearing the discussions of her schoolmates, she was even more embarrassed. After a moment of silence, she said in a low voice, "Mr. Yun, I'm not worth it. You don't have to bring me breakfast next time. I usually go to the canteen with my roommates. I know you have a lot of things to deal with." Then Lesley turned around and was about to go back to her dormitory.

Kevin didn't let her escape this time. He accurately grabbed her wrist, forcing her to turn around and talk to him again.

"Lesley, it's not up to you whether it's worth it or not. I'm willing to do that. Besides, I don't have much work to do. Even if there's a lot of work to be done, you're more important than that. Besides, don't call me Mr. Yun next time, okay? It sounds distant. Can you call me Kevin?" Kevin loosened her wrist and said slowly and gently.

"I... 'Kevin' is too intimate... We are not that close. How about I call you Mr. Kevin?" Lesley looked at his reaction quietly.

Seeing her like this, Kevin sighed, "'Mr. Kevin' is okay, at least more intimate than 'Mr. Yun'."

Hearing this, Lesley blushed and didn't know how to continue.

Kevin suddenly grabbed her hands and put the breakfast box in her hands. He said gently, "If you don't like me to bring you breakfast, I won't come next time, okay? But you have to have breakfast by yourself, okay? You can refuse me, but you can't stop me from pursuing you. Besides, I'll pick you up for dinner tonight, okay? There is a great Western restaurant. I think you will like it."

The warm breakfast box came from her hand. Looking at the

careful and gentle expression on Kevin's face, it was not easy to refuse, so Lesley had to answer him softly, "Hmm."

Kevin was overjoyed to see Lesley agree. He smiled gently, "It's a deal. I'll pick you up at the school gate at six o'clock tonight."

Lesley nodded obediently.

Kevin was more pleased, "Then you go upstairs to have breakfast. I have to go to the company to deal with something. Take care of yourself and don't get too tired."

Lesley just replied, "Goodbye, Mr. Kevin. Be careful." Then she turned around and went back to her dormitory with the breakfast box.

Seeing that Lesley had gone back to her dormitory, Kevin walked to his car and sat in it. He ordered in a low voice, "Drive to the company."

Hearing the order, the driver immediately started the car and left the university.

Sitting in the car, Kevin thought of the conversation with Lesley just now and sneered disdainfully, with a sinister look in his eyes. Suddenly, he remembered something and wiped his hands with a wet wipe.

After she went to her dormitory, Lesley didn't want to eat that box of breakfast. She just put it on the table.

Seeing her come back, her roommate said, "Wow, it seems that I'm right. It's really for you. Does he like you? Lesley, you are so lucky to be pursued by such a handsome man."

Although Lesley didn't answer her roommate's question, her roommate didn't get angry. Her roommate looked at the breakfast box and exclaimed, "Wow, it's still the breakfast from HS Restaurant. I heard that the breakfast in this restaurant is super good, but this restaurant doesn't deliver breakfast. Lesley, I envy you so much!"

After hearing her roommate's words, Lesley thought for a while and said to her roommate, "I don't like the breakfast made by HS Restaurant. Do you want to have it? If you like it, just take it away. Otherwise, I will throw it away, okay?"

The roommate immediately held the breakfast box in her arms, "You don't like it, but I like it. It's very expensive. And it's rare to have it. Give it to me. Don't waste it. Where are you going now? Have breakfast in the canteen?" As she spoke, she opened the breakfast box and began to eat with satisfaction.

Seeing that her roommate was so happy, Lesley thought it was a good idea and didn't trample on Kevin's heart. She replied, "Yes, I want to have breakfast in the canteen. I prefer the breakfast in the canteen."

When she went out, Lesley heard her roommate's mouth full of food. "You're so bad at enjoyment. The breakfast in the canteen is not as delicious as that in HS Restaurant."

Lesley smiled and walked out of the dormitory alone.

On the way to the canteen, Lesley felt strange. 'People like Kevin are rich, handsome and powerful. It's impossible for him to fall in love with me when he meets me. He has seen all kinds of women in his life. There is no reason for him to fall in love with me. Besides, I met him as his brother's woman. Then what was his real thought? Was he trying to make Derek feel bad? But he seemed to like Derek very much. On the contrary, Derek had a bad attitude towards him. Was there any secret between the two brothers? And Derek really doesn't care about me.'

On the way to the canteen, the more Lesley thought about it, the more distressed she became. She had no idea what to do at all. She had to wait until Kevin came to pick her up at night, observe him at dinner, and then make further plans.

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