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   Chapter 10 Quarrel

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Derek took out a cigarette box, lit a cigarette and began to smoke. The inside of the car was gradually shrouded in smoke, full of the smell of tobacco. He sat in the car quietly smoking, and his face was gloomy.

He sat in the car and didn't intend to leave. His mind was full of the figure of Lesley.

Her voice, her appearance, her blush, her lips and her body occupied his whole mind.

Suddenly, Derek saw a familiar figure. 'Isn't that Lesley? What was she doing here? Did she miss me so much that she came to see me here?' With this in mind, Derek put out the cigarette, got out of the car and walked to the side of Lesley.

"Lesley, what are you doing here? Is it because you know I'm here?" Derek stepped forward and asked in a low voice.

"I... No... I just happened to have something to do here." Lesley was thinking about him. She was startled when she heard his voice. But she was afraid that Derek would think she was trying to badger him, so she explained uneasily.

"What's up? What's the matter? Why don't you have classes at school at this time?" Derek stared at her suspiciously. Obviously, he didn't believe her explanation.

"I'm really not pestering you. It's because... because someone wants to see me here." Lesley was afraid that he would hate her because of this, and almost cried. She didn't realize that what Derek thought was so important to her.

Derek was unhappy to see her reaction. 'Did she feel wronged to come here to see me? Didn't she care about me at all?' His face became gloomier.

Seeing that his face looked worse than before, Lesley was a little nervous. 'Did I say something wrong to displease him? I don't think so. It seems that he doesn't like people like me who always badger him.' Although she thought so, Lesley couldn't help but feel sadder.

Looking at her aggrieved face, Derek became angrier. 'I didn't scold her, and I didn't blame her for disliking me. Why would she feel wronged?'

Derek opened his mouth and was about to say something to Lesley when he suddenly heard the voice of Kevin.

"Lesley, you are here. I thought you had left. Can you wait for me here? I'll drive you back to school. I'll worry about you if you go back alone." Kevin looked at Lesley affectionately and said to her gently.

Derek was not pleased with the sudden arrival of Kevin. He asked in a bad tone, "Kevin, what are you doing here? Who allows you to talk to my woman?"

After that, Derek turned around and asked Lesley, "You said you have an appointment with someone here, so you have an appointment with him?" He gritted his teeth, as if he would kill anyone as soon as Lesley said yes.

Lesley was frightened by Derek's tone and didn't dare to answer. She had to avoid the question with her head down.

Seeing her like this, Derek understood. 'It turns out that she has an appointment with Kevin! We just got separated and she hooked up with Kevin. I can't believe I still miss her.' The more Derek thought about it, the angrier he became.

At this time, Kevin said, "Derek, it's me who made an appointment with Lesley. Don't blame her. You're scaring her. Be gentle to girls." As he spoke, he reached out his hand to hold Derek's


Hearing his words, Derek shook off Kevin's hand. Staring at Kevin angrily, Derek said, "'Lesley', who allows you to call my woman so intimately? What do you care what I do to my woman? It's none of your business! If you don't have anything else to say, just get out of here. I will send my woman back myself." Then he turned around and was about to take Lesley away.

After struggling for a while, Lesley looked up at Derek and said weakly, "Wait a minute, I... I can't leave with you now. I... I have something to talk to Mr. Yun."

Derek looked at her coldly and said sarcastically, "Mr. Yun? It seems that you also think I'm tougher and he's gentler. So you want to follow him? Suit yourself." Derek shook off her hand and walked towards his car.

Lesley staggered, ready to drag Derek. "No, I'm just..." But Derek walked too fast and didn't listen to her explanation.

Lesley had no choice but to give up. She stared blankly at Derek's figure, but her mood was even worse.

At this time, Kevin said, "Lesley. It's okay. That's how Derek is. He won't stay angry at you. He'll be fine when he calms down. Let me send you back." Then he tried to put his arm around Lesley's shoulder.

Lesley dodged his arm nimbly, stood straight and said indifferently, "I'm sorry. You'd better not like me. I don't want you and your brother to get worse because of me. Besides, I don't deserve you. You can like better girls than me."

Hearing this, Kevin didn't get angry. He said gently, "My relationship with Derek has nothing to do with you. There is nothing in love that doesn't deserve. I only know that I like you. Besides, didn't you say that you would consider it? You changed your mind so soon. Uh huh?"

Hearing this, Lesley thought about what she said just now. She pressed her lips, "Okay. But I have to go now. You don't have to see me off. Go ahead with your own business." Then she turned around and left, leaving no time for Kevin to answer.

Kevin stretched out his hand and tried to hold her, "Lesley..." But he failed. He stood still and watched Lesley leaving. Then he turned around and looked at the car of Derek. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He sneered and left.

In fact, Derek just went back to his car angrily and did not drive away. He thought to himself, 'If Lesley really leaves with Kevin, I'll teach her a lesson next time I see her.' Then he quietly stayed in the car and watched the interaction between Lesley and Kevin. In fact, he also thought why he had to wait for Lesley's response, but he just wanted to know what was in Lesley's mind.

When Kevin looked at him, Derek saw Kevin too. Derek knew that Kevin was that kind of person, cold and gloomy.

But at this time, Derek was not in the mood to think about Kevin. He felt much better when he saw Lesley go away alone, not with Kevin. But he was still worried about Lesley, so he drove slowly to follow her. He didn't leave until he saw Lesley safely return to the school.

Lesley went back to her dormitory. Lying on the bed, she thought of the quarrel with Derek and the confession of Kevin. Her mind was in a mess, but she didn't know how to solve it. Soon she fell asleep.

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