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   Chapter 9 Confess His Love

Come Across True Love With Cold CEO By Bai Bian Characters: 6931

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Looking at Lesley's calm face, Derek felt disappointed. 'Yesterday when she saw me coming back with a woman, she was still in disbelief. Why could she come to clean up my room and act like nothing happened?

Doesn't she mind me looking for another woman at all?' Somehow, this thought made Derek even more anxious. And he hated this feeling very much.

He grabbed Lesley's arm and said coldly, "You don't need to clean up my room. I don't want to see you. Get out of the villa as soon as possible!"

Lesley didn't say anything more but left silently. She didn't breathe a long sigh of relief until she left the villa. In fact, when Derek asked her to leave the villa now, she felt relieved. In that room, whenever she thought of the scene that he was making out with that woman, her heart seemed to be blocked by something, and she felt stuffy and uncomfortable.

In a university dormitory in C City.

Sitting on the bed with a book in her hand, Lesley was not in the mood to read it. The handsome face of Derek constantly appeared in her mind, which made her feel upset.

'Did he really care about me? If he didn't care, why did he pay one million dollars for me? But if he cared about me, why did he take another woman back to the villa yesterday?

Did he lose interest in me?' Thinking of this possibility, Lesley felt like her heart was clenched. And her heart ached.

When she was lost in various fancies and conjectures, her roommate came in with the sound of door opening. "Lesley, someone is looking for you at the school gate. It's a handsome man. He said his surname is Yun."

'His surname is Yun? Did Derek come to me?' Lesley thanked her roommate and ran downstairs in a hurry.

Before she reached the school gate, Lesley saw many girls gathering there and discussing. "He's so handsome. I don't know who he's waiting for. I'm so envious.

Ah, ah, he smiled at me. He smiled at me. How happy I am!"

Lesley apologized as she pushed forward. When she saw the man, she immediately became disappointed and slowed down. She walked up to the man and asked in confusion, "Why are you here for me?"

The man in front of Lesley was also tall and handsome, but he was not the one she wanted to see.

"Sorry, I seem to let you down." Noticing her disappointment, Kevin apologized politely.

"No." Lesley felt embarrassed. 'Was it so obvious?' She didn't want to continue the topic, so she asked Kevin, "What can I do for you?"

Kevin looked around and said to Lesley with a smile, "It seems that it's not appropriate to talk here. Let's go out and find a place to sit down."

Lesley looked at the girls around them with eager eyes. Their eyes were full of amazement and infatuation for Kevin, and their eyes were full of envy and hatred for her.

She sighed and agreed to Kevin's suggestion. Then she walked out of the school with him.

They sat down in a cafe near the school. Before Lesley could speak, Kevin ordered a cup of black coffee and handed the menu to Lesley. She had no choice but to order a cup of cappuccino.

The coffee was served soon. Lesley picked up a spoon and stirred it gently. Kevin said, "Lesley, I'll come straight to the point. I fell in love with you the first time I saw you."

"What did you say?" The spoon in her hand fell down because of the shock, making a crisp sound of collision. Lesley looked at Kevin in a daze and couldn't believe her ears. "Well, can you say it again? I seemed to h

ave misheard just now."

'We just met once. How could he fall in love with me?'

However, Kevin smiled and said in a gentle voice, "You didn't mishear, Lesley. I fell in love with you at first sight. I know you are with Derek, but you two are not dating."

'Yes, I'm just his mistress. How could I be counted as his girlfriend?' Hearing this, Lesley smiled bitterly. 'Today, I was driven out of the villa by Derek.'

Kevin continued, "So, Lesley, can you be my girlfriend? I will be good to you. I can give you whatever you want, just like Derek did."

Lesley subconsciously thought that it was a joke, but looking at Kevin's serious expression, she had to be silent. After a long while, she said, "I'm sorry. I can't promise you. I... I don't deserve you."

She knew that Kevin was excellent and rich, but when she looked at Kevin, she could only think of the handsome face that was similar to him but always cold. She didn't know if she fell in love with Derek, but she knew very well that she cared about Derek very much.

"Don't say that, Lesley. In my heart, you are the most beautiful woman in the world, and you deserve the best thing in the world." Kevin looked at her and said in a gentle and touching voice, "Don't refuse me in such a hurry. Promise me, think it over and reply to me later, okay?"

Although she couldn't agree to be his girlfriend, looking at the gentle eyes of Kevin, Lesley had to nod and agree to think it over. Then she stood up and left.

When she walked out of the cafe, Lesley vaguely saw that Derek was driving across the road, and there was a woman sitting next to him. Her heart ached again.

'It seems that Derek really doesn't care about me. Maybe for him, I'm of no importance at all. Anyway, with his identity, he would be definitely no lack of women. How could I naively think that he would come to me?'

"Derek, your car is so cool." In the car, the woman sitting on the passenger seat looked at the handsome face of Derek and said in a sweet voice.

Derek looked indifferent and said in a cold voice, "So-so. If you like it, I can give you one." 'It seemed that all the women around me were interested in my money except for Lesley. Damn it! Why did I think of that woman again?'

After parking the car on the side of the road, Derek felt a little annoyed, but the woman beside him didn't notice his mood change. She cheered, "Derek, you are so kind." Then she put her arms around Derek's neck and kissed him on the lips.

Derek could have dodged, but he didn't refuse her. The woman was a good kisser, but somehow Derek missed the sweet and unskillful taste of Lesley. Smelling the strong perfume on this woman, Derek couldn't stand it anymore.

"Get out!" He pushed the woman away and said coldly, "Get off the car. I don't want to see you again!" He found different women to forget Lesley. But the more time he spent with those women, the better he felt about Lesley.

Although she didn't know why Derek suddenly changed his face, the woman didn't dare to resist when she saw his cold face. She had to get out of the car reluctantly.

The woman finally found this young, handsome and rich man, but she didn't expect to be driven out of the car not long after.

Derek took out a few tissues and wiped his lips. Looking at the red lipstick mark on the tissue, he felt disgusted. As expected, there was only Lesley that made him feel interested. He wondered what she was doing now.

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