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   Chapter 22 The Same Thing Happened Again

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Roy raised his eyes in surprise and looked at his daughter for a long time. He couldn't help but reach out his hand and hold her in his arms. He whispered softly in her ear, "Okay, Dad will discuss it with her when I come back. If she doesn't follow my advice, I will..."

"What will you do? Hit her? " Jennifer raised her head, "Dad, you are really useless. Lydia is not a monster. Why are you so afraid of her? The more you are afraid of her, the more excited she is! You have to follow my advice this time. Even for yourself, you should be brave enough to act like a real man. I will support you," she said with a smile.

"Jennifer, you are too young to understand. You will understand my difficulties in the future. There are some things that can only be done out of helplessness..." There was a touch of sadness in Roy's tone. Twenty years passed, the marriage was like a long path. He really felt a little tired, and even tired of it. Perhaps he was really old.

Seeing that her father seemed to be absent-minded again, Jennifer raised her little fist like a child, gently patted his chest, "you always say that I am still young and don't understand something. In fact, I know everything! In fact, you have been making excuses. There are always so many excuses for doing wrong, aren't there? "

Roy was stunned by her daughter's words. He was absolutely speechless. He hadn't looked at his daughter carefully for a long time. He lowered his eyes and looked straight at her. Her black and bright hair was scattered over two shoulders, and she wore red and white sportswear... She looked young and beautiful. He stroked her hair, "Jennifer, you've really grown up." After saying that, his eyes were still fixed on her, but he suddenly thought of someone. He could not help but feel a pain in his heart

"Dad, we're almost home. What did you say?"

"Let Dad think about how to tell her..."

"I don't care what you think. Anyway, I have promised her to come here to register today. If Mom asks about it, I will tell her that Dad has agreed." After saying that, Jennifer snuggled up in her father's arms and closed her eyes.

"All right, all right. For you, I will go all out this time. As long as you really want to advance, I will always support you!" Then Roy looked out of the window, lost in thought. He still remembered the time when he left his beloved wife and the baby...

At this time, Lettie, holding an umbrella, was walking forward step by step. While walking, she looked down at the address on her phone and muttered to herself, "I think I will arrive soon, right?" Fifteen minutes ago, she got off the bus. She didn't expect that she hadn't arrived after walking in for such a long time?

'Alas, I really don't understand those rich people who live in the wilderness as soon as they have money! Do they want to be isolated from the world?'

Lettie shook her head and sighed.

A black car passed her. She didn't think too much and quickly dodged the side of the road.

Perhaps the driver had taken the girl walking on the roadside into account, so he braked suddenly. Unexpectedly, a deep puddle appeared in front of him.

Seeing the dirty water pouring on her, Lettie jumped out of instinct and tried to avoid it. However, she stumbled and fell to the ground accidentally on a rainy day. She instinctively whispered, "Ouch!"

Then, it suddenly occurred to Lettie that the new clothes she was wearing were bought when she went out for lunch. In order to go to a rich family to register today, she specially bought a new dress to leave others a good impression. She didn't expect such a thing to happen.

'Oh my God!' She lowered her head and saw the stains all over her body. Suddenly, she felt that it was a bad day. She suddenly felt that this scene was familiar, and the scene of that day seemed to be repeating. But he was not here.

Lettie raised her eyes

angrily. She looked straight at the driver and wanted to scold him. 'How do you drive? Why do you drive so fast? Are you in a hurry to be reincarnated?' But she wouldn't say what she was thinking.

The driver got out of the car in a hurry and came to Lettie, looking embarrassed. Then, he looked carefully at the girl on the ground with the professional eyes. Seeing that the girl did not seem to be injured, he breathed a sigh of relief. "Little girl, are you okay?"

Hearing the driver's nonchalant tone, Lettie was even more angry. She suddenly stood up from the ground and pointed at the stained clothes. "Don't you see my clothes? It was dirty! "

"It's not a big deal that your clothes are dirty. I can help you wash them, as long as you are not injured."

"It's easy for you to say that. It's my first day to work today. I just bought new clothes. Now, before I see my boss, I soiled my clothes. How can I meet someone like this? "

The driver was always straightforward, and he felt that he was wrong. Without hesitation, he took out the money from his pocket and handed it over to Lettie. "Miss, take the money first. If possible, I'll send my boss back and then send you to the street to buy a new one. I'm sorry!"

What did he mean! The driver's behavior made Lettie feel humiliated. She gritted her teeth in anger. The next second she thought that it was not easy for him to be a driver, not to mention that he had said sorry. There was no need to be too serious!

Therefore, Lettie changed her attitude a lot. "I don't want to blackmail you. Put away your money first. I just want to tell you that you can drive slowly in the future!" Then she turned around and left stubbornly.

"Hey, Miss, wait..." Roy, who was sitting behind them, couldn't help but shout. Although the window was blurred by the rain, he felt that the girl's face was familiar!

This girl was in great need of help, but why did she always keep a look as if money was nothing? And her stubborn attitude was like a person. However, her family was a literary family. How could she let a college student work? Perhaps it was because he missed her too much that he unconsciously associated her. Presumably, there were too many people with high similarities in the world. Stop woolgathering!

Thinking of this, Roy couldn't help laughing, but he felt that he was destined to meet this girl. Seeing her was like seeing his unforgettable lover, and his mood got better. Thinking of this, he put down his sleeping daughter, got out of the car, walked to the girl in diameter, and smiled gently. "Miss, the driver was not good at talking, which made you angry. I apologize to you on behalf of him. I'm sorry!"

The voice was kind and warm. All of a sudden, Lettie stopped and turned her head. The man in front of her was totally different from the driver. It could be seen that his skin was fair, and he was very handsome and gentle. He was a mature man. She was about to say something...

"Girl, where are you going? Let's give you a ride, okay? "

"No, thank you!" Lettie was quite polite. Normally, she seldom behaved like this.

Roy liked this little girl who didn't yield to money very much. Presumably, some people valued their self-esteem more than money, and some people valued money more than their lives. Perhaps he was the latter. He was pathetic!

"Goodbye!" Lettie was about to turn around and leave.

"Miss, wait. Don't you really need me to drive you home?" Somehow, Roy wanted to help the little girl. He took out a business card from his briefcase and, "this is my business card. If you have any difficulty, call me at any time. Keep it. Don't lose it."

"Dad, who are you talking to?" Jennifer had been woken up. She looked out of the window and found it was Lettie. She immediately retracted her head and she was still a little bit in shock. Why was she here? What a coincidence!

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