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   Chapter 21 Being Poor But Ambitious

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Ava didn't know where to start with a series of questions. Looking at the other party's unblinkingly staring at herself, she knew very well that she was in urgent need of job hunting. She valued her face so much, and her self-esteem was also so strong, so she had to be careful in speaking.

"Ava, why don't you say anything? Is there any problem? "

"No, I'm thinking about what the person said just now. It's such a coincidence. One of my hometown said that one of her two classmates was from a rich family, and she couldn't keep up with her homework. She was in a hurry to find a tutor to tutor at home, and the pay was very good. When I heard that, I felt so happy, so I told her your situation immediately. I didn't expect that she was very satisfied and asked you to go to her home for a negotiation directly after school tomorrow... "

"How much is the salary?" At present, what Lettie wanted to know the most was how much money she could make. As for the rest, it didn't matter!

"Fifteen thousand..."

"What? Fifteen thousand? Did I hear it wrong? " Lettie seemed to be struck by lightning and thought she had an illusion. She was completely dumbfounded. To be honest, it was the first time in her life to hear such astonishing salary, and it was only a few hours. Perhaps, her life circle was too small and she had never known the outside world.

"Don't look at me suspiciously. I know you can't believe it, but what I said is true. If you don't believe me, you can ask..." Realizing that she had spilled the beans, Ava wanted to say something but stopped.

"Who?" The words sounded a little harsh. Was it the Playboy, Claud?

"Oh, you don't know him. He is my hometown..." Then she shifted the topic to the main one, "Now she is preparing for the final exam of the semester. Her mother is so anxious to find her an excellent tutor, and the tutor must be a woman. If you can teach her well, you can directly teach her until she graduates from University, including summer and winter vacation. While the salary will not be reduced."

Suddenly, an idea came to Lettie's mind. Was it really Claud who helped her secretly? It was not impossible. It was known that he was very kind-hearted!

Why was the person so generous? Lettie couldn't wait any longer. "Okay, I'll go to her home tomorrow. Give me the address."

Address? Why did she forget the address?

Ava smiled and gave a clever answer, "What's the address... ? How about this? I'll find out the specific address tomorrow and leave a message to you on WeChat. "

"All right!"

"Lettie, the work has been settled. It's time for you to rest assured. Let's go downstairs and go to bed!"

"Ava, I... I really don't know how to thank you. It's all in silence! " Lettie couldn't help but feel a little touched. She seemed to have found a shadow of an aunt from Ava. Both of them looked like tough women, but in fact, they were sincere in everything, clean and efficient, and never sloppily about things!

Ava giggled, "No need to thank me. You should actually treat me a big meal after you get your salary!"

"Of course." Then, a helpless expression appeared on Lettie's face, which shouldn't have appeared in her age. She sighed dejectedly. She didn't expect that she herself would become the Cinderella in other people's eyes!

"Ava, you know what? People who are poor will indeed have short ambitions! "

"Lettie, don't think so. Everyone will encounter a lot of bumps. It's not surprising. That's how life is like. When spring comes back, the tide will rise and fall. Everything will be fine slowly."

"I hope

so!" Lettie lowered her head and didn't know what else to say.

Looking at Lettie, Ava felt sorry for her. She was stunned for a long time and admired her from the bottom of her heart. She looked like a delicate and beautiful girl. But for her mother, she could do whatever!

The Li Group had high reputation in A City, and it had a certain power in the whole province. Unfortunately, such a huge company would never be named as Lin Grooup. Not to mention this company, even his own daughter could only follow his mother's surname. It was ridiculous. Roy was not as powerful as his daughter. It turned out that men couldn't be a gigolo. No matter how hard they tried, it was in vain!

In the afternoon of the second day, it was drizzling outsides.

"Drive slowly on rainy days." Looking out of the glass window, Roy felt a strong sense of desolation. For so many years, he had been deeply in regret with his ex-wife and their daughter, and he had no face to face them. Since he abandoned his wife and daughter and married into the Li Family, Lydia treated him well and the relationship between the two was not bad before. But good times didn't last long. Lydia gave birth to a woman in less than a year and named her Jennifer. In this way, his status in the Li Family was gradually reduced, and no matter how hard he tried, it was in vain...

"Dad!" Jennifer suddenly shouted, interrupting his memory. It could be seen that she was holding a photo of a girl without any makeup and waved it in front of him. "Look, is this girl beautiful? Is she more beautiful than your daughter? "

"What? I was shocked by you just now." Roy drew back the reality from his memory and looked up at the photo——

"Do you think the girl in this photo is beautiful?" Jennifer repeated.

"Beautiful..." As soon as Roy finished his words, he suddenly felt that the girl in the photo was so familiar. He frowned and thought, and then his face turned pale in surprise. How familiar the eyes were? It really looked like her!

Seeing that her father was still in a daze, Jennifer pushed him hard on the chest and narrowed her eyes into a line. "Dad, what are you thinking about? You have been absent-minded all day long. Did you quarrel with mother again? "

"No..." Roy asked urgently, "Who is she? Why do you have her photos? "

What's wrong with her dad?

Jennifer pouted, "Dad, she is just one of my classmates. Why are you in such a hurry? Oh, did you keep a mistress and hide it from mom? And she looks like the girl in the photo, doesn't she? "

Realizing his gaffe, Roy relaxed the muscles on his face and forced a smile, "Sweetheart, I just think she looks like one of my former classmates. You can't talk nonsense. Do you think Dad is such a person?"

"Dad is the best man in the world!"

"This is my dear daughter!"

Jennifer's real purpose was to talk to her father about hiring a tutor, so she came to the point, "Her name is Lettie. She is also a student of our school, one grade higher than me. It was said that she was the best student in the whole grade and always ranked top. How about letting her be my tutor? "

Roy was still full of doubts about the girl in the photo, but he still kept smiling. "Honey, you have to tell your mother about it. It's useless to tell me. I can't make a decision. Don't you know that?" After a pause, he continued, "Your mother is such a freak..."

"Dad, don't forget that you are a man. Why are you so afraid of her? Couldn't you make a decision on such a small matter? I won't listen to her today. Let's see what she will do to me! "


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