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   Chapter 19 Unless There Is A Trap

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A strong smell of coffee filled the room.

Ava took a deep breath and said in a coquettish tone, "So am I only beautiful today?" It seemed that she was not very satisfied with his praise, but her face was shy, with a layer of red clouds, and suddenly became full of feminine. In fact, she didn't dress up to get him. It was the nature of every woman. Even if she was praised by another man, she would also feel very satisfied. Maybe women were all like this!

"What? Well, you're indeed beautiful every day. " Claud nodded in a daze. Then he looked at her, lost in thought. How could it be possible? Ava had never been so gentle before. If only Lettie could be as gentle as her!

His eyes made Ava instantly stop looking at him and lowered her shy face. After all, she was an innocent girl! After a while, she remembered the purpose of coming here and quickly changed the topic. "Claud, have you settled down the work?"

Claud nodded, "Yes, I have. I've already made up my mind. I'll tell my father to let her go to work in his company later." He said it with understatement, not considering whether Lettie would go or not! After all, he didn't really know her.

Only Ava, who had been classmates with her for three years, knew her. She said without hesitation, "She will never work in your father's company. Don't even think about it. I know her very well. Maybe you haven't known Lettie for a long time and don't know her real temperament. Do you know what she is afraid of most? "


"Pity! Besides, it's your father's company. She won't go even if you beat her to death! "

It turned out that her self-esteem was so strong? Claud was suddenly enlightened and frowned deeply. "Then what should I do?" The Industrial Company of Chen Group was so powerful, but he was still a student and could do nothing. His father once said that he would never let him get in touch with people and things in the business world during his study life. Therefore, except for his father's company, he did not know the upper class or the high officials in the business world at all.

"What should I do? You can't even help her, let alone us unknown soldiers. We can't help much... "

"I can help her!"

The voice seemed to come from a fantasy, or from hell. All of a sudden, the two person's faces turned pale with fear. They simultaneously raised their heads. Obviously, Jennifer's charming figure was standing in the middle of them, looking at them with a faint smile.

"It's you, Jennifer! Why are you here? " Claud's eyes were round and his voice was full of embarrassment and anxiety. Where did she come from? Why was she everywhere? Haunting!

"Why can't I be here? Not just today, okay? I often come here to drink milk tea. Maybe it's your first time to be here, right? " Jennifer said calmly and jokingly. Then she glanced at Ava and said, "Oh, Ava, you are here too!" Then she sat down beside Ava.

Ava smiled awkwardly, "Jennifer, well..."

Jennifer interrupted her and forced a smile. "I heard what you said just now. You just want to help Lettie find a job. I can help her. The problem is, I don't know if she is willing to do it or not! "

"What job?" The two person said in unison again.

What job? Jennifer hadn't made up her mind yet. She lowered her eyes and was lost in thought. Several days ago, her mother, Lydia, to have said that she wanted to have another nanny at home. Of course, the name "nanny" was not a good title for a college student, not to mention Lettie! If she was told to be a nanny directly, she would not agree, let alone Claud and Ava!

'Wait! Tutor was more appropriate.'

"Hey, what's the job?" Claud urged, "I think you said it casually, didn'

t you?"

He was the one who asked for help, but he had to put on a condescending posture in front of her. He was never willing to bow his head to her. If his mouth was sweet, she would die!

Jennifer pouted and forced a smile. "Don't worry. I've already made up my mind to let her be the tutor at my home..."

Claud was about to drink the tea when he coughed and laughed at Jennifer.

"What are you laughing at? I'm telling the truth. My mom has already said that she would help me find a tutor. Now Lettie urgently needs a job. Why don't I take this opportunity to help her? Isn't that okay? "

The two looked at each other, speechless.

According to the current situation, Jennifer was right. Only tutors were suitable for her. Lettie had classes in the daytime, went to do the tutoring after school and could even have a dinner. She was absolutely not qualified for other jobs, because she had to attend classes in the daytime. It was not easy for her to insist for three years, and she was about to graduate in the next year. They couldn't let her give up so easily!

After thinking it over, no other jobs were more suitable for her than being a tutor. Claud picked up the teacup and took a sip of it. He looked at Jennifer in confusion and was about to say something——

"Don't refuse me in a hurry. I haven't finished yet!" Afraid that he might refuse, Jennifer stood up abruptly and said in a more serious tone, "In fact, My mom finds that I've been learning less and less these days. She was too anxious to do business and she was not in the mood. She always quarreled with my father and said that he didn't take good care of me, so she said that she must help me find a tutor, but I didn't agree. Now it's just the right time. With Lettie's good grades, she can teach me more than enough, and it's not wrong to make money at the same time. Do you think what I said is reasonable? " Jennifer looked so sincere, and then showed her usual smile, without the innocence of a girl, as if a trick had succeeded. For an instant, even she herself couldn't believe that what she had just said would be so smooth and eloquent!

Claud was a little stunned, but judging from her expression, it didn't seem to be false. Would she really be so kind?

"You don't have to look at me like that. I really want to help her. Besides, I really need to ask for tutor. It's the best for Lettie to come to my house to be my teacher. My mom will certainly agree when she sees her. If you don't believe me, you can call her."

Claud took a look at Ava, hinting to ask her if she was okay.

"Claud, I think it's a good idea! It's not easy to meet such a good thing. In my opinion, this job is like a windfall for Lettie... "

"I can hire her at a high price," Said Jennifer urgently.

"How much is it?" Claud, who had been silent for a long time, finally asked. The reason was that he knew Jennifer very well. She had always been a bad person. So he had to find out whether it was true or not. Although it seemed to be a good job, he couldn't let anyone hurt Lettie!

"How about fifteen thousand?" Jennifer shrugged and said indifferently.

Hearing this, the two of them were surprised at the same time. "Fifteen thousand?" How could it be?

Although he came to this world with a golden key and grew up in a pile of money, he had always looked down upon money. However, he knew a little about the market outside. As an ordinary college student, the starting price of her salary was over three thousand, and a graduate student was only more than 7000, and she must be in a big city. Now, it was hard to believe that Jennifer offered such a high salary. Unless there was a trap, it was impossible!

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