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   Chapter 18 Help Her Find A Job

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A city was an extremely prosperous city. The bright sunshine shone on the ground, as if it was inlaid with a series of beautiful pearls. Even passers-by seemed to be covered with beautiful colorful clothes. There were a lot of high-rise buildings, busy streets, large shopping malls, and numerous chimney...

Standing by the window of the building at the top floor of the city center, Claud looked at the prosperous city with a myriad of thoughts in his mind. What would Lettie think of what he had done in the NJ city? How should he face her? Besides, would she forgive him for telling such a big lie to her mother?

The more Claud thought about it, the more upset he became. It was noon when he came back from the NJ City, but he didn't go back to his own home, nor did he go to school. Instead, he went straight to Mike's house. Like brothers, they each had their own key.

As soon as he stepped into Mike's single apartment, he immediately called Mike, "Mike, come home right now. I have something important to discuss with you. Hey, I'm in your apartment. Don't make a mistake. "

'At my home? What happened? Does it have anything to do with Lettie?'

Without thinking too much, Mike replied, "Okay, okay, I'll be right back."

After hanging up the phone, Mike called the driver and asked him to pick him up at the school gate as soon as possible. Then he rushed to the dean's office and asked for a leave.

On the way, the car drove at a high speed under the urging of Mike and arrived at the gate of their house in a short time.

"Mr. Wang, give me the key. You can go back first!"

Mr. Wang, gave the key to Mike, "drive slowly." he said.

As soon as the driver left, Mike got off the car in a hurry and went straight to the elevator. It could be seen that there was no one in the elevator. He went straight to the 30th floor.

Mike opened the door of the apartment and saw Claud standing alone and arrogantly in front of the French window in black T-shirt.

"Claud, what happened? Why are you calling me back in such a hurry?" Mike asked eagerly, narrowing his small eyes.

Claud slowly turned his straight body, he was very calm. With his hands in his trouser pockets, he glanced at Mike at the door. He was very serious and then he smiled, "Friend, you are quite fast..."

"What's the matter? Tell me quickly. I've been driven mad by you." Mike stared at him expectantly.

With a complex expression in his eyes, Claud walked to the sofa and sat down. He beckoned Mike, "close the door and come here to sit down."

"Oh..." Mike was in a daze and finally came to his senses. He closed the door and walked to the opposite of Claud, about to sit down.

"Do you know that something happened to Lettie?" Claud said coldly.

"What?" Mike, who was about to sit down, stopped and trembled. Then he sat down slowly, thinking, 'no wonder I haven't seen her in the school for several days. It turns out that something has happened.' What happened to her? Over the years, he had been paying attention to everything about Lettie. On the day of her classmate reunion, when she left the Chen family silently, in fact, Mike immediately ordered a driver to follow her, afraid that she would be unsafe alone. The driver didn't leave until he sent her to the platform in her dormitory building and saw her arrive safely... 'Alas, it is all my fault. I am too busy these days to chase a Korean star with my classmates, so I neglect her. Otherwise, she might be fine. Damn it! '

"Hey, what are you doing? No response at all! " Claud patted him on the shoulder and looked up at him.

Mike was stunned for a while and looked a little embarrassed. Then he came to his senses, "Claud, you just said that something happened to Lettie. What h

appened to her?"

"Three days ago, her mother suddenly fainted..."

Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong

The phone suddenly rang. The two of them took out their phones from their bags.

"Claud, it's yours."

It had to be said that in the modern society, the cell phone was very important, everyone couldn't leave the phone!

Claud immediately pressed the answer key. As soon as he put the phone near his ear, the other party's voice, like thunder, almost deafened him. He immediately put the phone on speaker, "Ava, sometimes I really doubt your gender. As a girl, can you speak gently? You're going to deafen you. "

"Cut the crap! Claud, do you know that Lettie came back last night? "

"I know. What's wrong?" Claud pretended to be calm, but he was eager to know more.

"Since she came back from the hospital last night, she has been silent and depressed. No matter how I asked her, she ignored me. Until the lunch time, she suddenly pulled me to the playground and told me seriously... "

"What did she say? Tell me! "

"She said that she had to find a job. As long as she could make money, she could work part-time. Then she asked me to help her look for it as soon as possible. But I'm not capable of doing that. You know, I'm also a student from another city. I'm not familiar with this place. Where can I find... "

"Ava, don't say anything. Where are you now? Is she with you? "

"She was just there. Maybe she went out to look for a job!"

"Ava, go and find her back as soon as possible. I'll find a way to deal with the work. Go!" Claud was so anxious that his heart suddenly ached. It was the first time in his life that he felt so heartbroken for a girl.

"Don't be silly. It's such a big city. Where can I find her? Don't worry. She will come back as soon as she has the class. What you need to do now is to help her find a job that is more suitable for her. If you can really help her find a good job, you should know that at that time, she will naturally be happy! "

"You're right. I'll pick you up right away. Let's discuss it."

"I have class now. How about after school?"

"Okay, I'll pick you up at the school gate later. Don't let her know." Claud was suddenly enlightened. He stood up and walked out of the door. At this time, he seemed to have forgotten Mike and ignored him.

"Hey, where are you going?" Mike also stood up.

"I'm going to help her find a job." As soon as Claud finished his words, he suddenly stopped, turned around and reached out his hand. "Mike, can I borrow your car?"

"Oh, the key is on the plate on the shoe cabinet. You can take it yourself." Then, Mike pleaded, "Claud, can you take me with you? I want to go with you. "

"No, no, No. I have a lot of things to do. Wait for me at home."

Mike frowned slightly. He didn't expect that he came back in a hurry just to stay at home and wait? How ridiculous!

Claud picked up the key and rushed to open the door. He Take the elevator down the stairs and hummed unconsciously.

In the evening, at the Island Coffee House.

Claud stirred the coffee in his cup and stole glances at Ava's makeup from time to time. He felt a little awkward. She seemed to have never been dressed so carefully. She was always in the neutral style, but why was she different today? The vintage long dress set off her graceful and charming figure. Although she wore light makeup, she was very beautiful...

She looked much more beautiful than before!

It proved the saying, "Buddha depends on the golden clothes, and people rely on the clothes!"!

"Have you seen enough? I feel embarrassed. " Ava blushed with shyness. If possible, she was about to remove her makeup immediately.

Claud grinned, "ha ha, you look so beautiful today!"

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