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   Chapter 5 What Happened In The Garden

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They talked to each other with evil intentions.

It was no wonder that married men would complain that it was not a good thing for women to gather together!

Their whispers came to Lettie's ears. The smile on her face obviously faded a little, and her heart was getting more and more uncomfortable. The idea of leaving was getting stronger and stronger.

On the other side, Claud's eyes were fixed on Lettie through the surrounding crowd, as if she was a scenery that he would never get tired of. Before that, he had thought that it was easy for him to chase a female student. But now, he had completely changed his mind. He regretted gambling with his classmates. If Lettie knew this, he didn't know what would happen? He would be embarrassed at that time!

Claud shook his head and sighed. He had never had such a feeling for any girl in his life. It was really good and comfortable!

After class, he finally got to know something about Lettie from Ava. She was a good girl with good appearance, decent and knowledgeable. If such a girl could marry into the Chen family, it would be good fortune of the Chen family. But now, he couldn't take back what he had said. What should he do?

The more Claud thought about it, the more upset he became. All of a sudden, he saw that Lettie lowered her head with a helpless look on her face. These girls were teasing people again. Damn it!

Claud hurriedly pushed the crowd aside, strode forward, held Lettie's hand and left the noisy living room. He trotted all the way to the quiet garden.

"Why do you bring me here? Please get your hands off me! " Lettie shook off his hand and glanced at the handsome man indifferently.



"I want you to have some fresh air in the garden."

"No, thanks! Is there any backdoor? " Lettie was not in the mood to listen to him. She just wanted to escape from this place.

"Isn't there the back door behind you?" Claud snickered, "what? You want to escape? "

"Yes, I don't want to stay here for one more second!" While Lettie was speaking, she had already taken steps with her beautiful legs.

Claud quickly pulled her back and held her waist tightly. "Why did you run away?"

Under the bright moonlight, the two thick eyebrows frowned. The white skin made his lips more ruddy and sexy, and the perfect facial features made his a little unruly. At this moment, his eyes were full of intoxicating tenderness.

Lettie was almost close to his face. For a moment, she was absent-minded and then came to her senses. "What do you want?" Then she pushed his chest away and shouted, "let me go! Let me go!" She was already full of anger and had no place to vent it!

Claud staggered a few steps and almost fell down because of Lettie's overexertion. Suddenly, Claud lost his temper and shouted, "Lettie, don't go too far. You are..." So rude! He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He pulled her over and kissed her without saying anything.

"Uh..." Lettie was stunned. She didn't expect him to do that. So she struggled again, trying to push away the man who trapped her tightly.

As for Claud, he was just like a man who had fallen in love with her. No matter what, he would never let go of the woman in front of him!

For this sudden assault, Lettie was somewhat unable to react. Her delicate body was tightly imprisoned by him. Inadvertently, a

delicate smile appeared on her face, and her whole body exuded the tenderness of a young girl. Her small hands involuntarily wrapped around his neck, forgetting everything...

Claud was also immersed in love. In the past, girls always surrounded him, but he had never fallen in love with them, let alone kissing them. But the woman in front of him was different from those girls...

Just then, Lettie suddenly realized something. "What are you doing?" As she spoke, she slapped him two times.

At this moment, Claud was completely shocked. He lost the ability to think for a moment. He just looked at the beautiful woman in front of him and felt incredible! Then, his hand naturally loosened and instinctively touched the slapped face!

Just then, a black figure flashed by like a ghost.

"Who is it?" The two of them looked at the black figure at the same time, but saw nothing.

Lettie still felt that there was someone else. She glanced at Claud sideways. Before he came to his senses, she straightened her back and walked towards the back door arrogantly.

"Hey Why did you leave? " Claud asked in a low voice, but she didn't seem to stop. So he tried to goad her. "Lettie, aren't you afraid that your classmates in the living room will laugh at you if you leave for no reason? You are still the campus Belle! How ungraceful you are! "

No matter what, Lettie was just a mortal, she couldn't stand being provoked. As expected, she stopped and turned to look at him coldly. "You are so ridiculous. Have I ever admitted that I am the campus belle?"

"What?" She did not admit it! Claud was speechless. He looked at her and giggled, forgetting the pain on his face.

Although Lettie said in a tough tone, she had already had a good impression of him in her heart, at least she didn't have any aversion to him. Seeing him standing there giggling, she felt a lot better. Finally, she pursed her lips and smiled. "Then tell me, how can I be considered to have demeanor?"

She was more beautiful when she smiled!

Claud couldn't describe his feeling, and then he smiled, "just like you now..." Before he finished his words, he looked at her without blinking and marveled in his heart. Her soft hair casually fell on two shoulders, and her figure was curvy and beautiful. Her pure eyes were full of charm, and her sexy red lips were intoxicating

She was flawless and irreplaceable!

So he walked towards her in disobedience.

At the same time, Lettie blushed and her heart pounded. She looked at his angular features, his sharp and deep eyes, and his cynical appearance, which made him look attractive. She was also instantly fascinated and dizzy.

He approached her step by step, forcing Lettie to step back. Out of instinct, she asked, "you... What do you want to do? "

"What do you think?" There was obsession in his eyes. He was only half a meter away from her, and his breath was unusually heavy. It filled the whole garden, mixed with the fragrance of flowers.

Lettie frowned slightly. She still stepped back, and unconsciously retreated to the edge of a rockery

"Watch out the back..." Claud smiled cunningly and was still impenitent after being slapped by her two times. When she turned her head, he held her tightly in his arms again at an extremely fast speed, unwilling to let her go for a moment. The next second, he kissed her on the lips.

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