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   Chapter 2 An Encounter In The Rain

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When Lettie was outside the school gate, it suddenly rained heavily. She didn't expect that it would rain today, so she didn't bring an umbrella with her. But it was too late to go back inside the school now. To prevent the rain from seeping through her clothes, she skillfully turned up the collar of her uniform and ran towards the dormitory with her hands covering her head.

She was surprised when a black Mercedes-Benz stopped in front of her.

"Lettie, it's raining cats and dogs. Let me drive you back to your dormitory." Mike got out of the car with an umbrella in his hand. He had been waiting for Lettie near the school gate for a long time. He knew that her dormitory was a little far from the school, so he always wanted to use this chance to get near her.

"No need," Lettie refused straightforwardly. She then turned around and left without even giving Mike a chance to say something.

Mike could only sigh. With a disappointed look on his face, he watched her disappear from his sight, then went back to the car and said, "Drive."

The driver saw Mike's saddened expression through the rearview mirror and felt that it was not worth it. So he couldn't help commenting, "She's just a girl from another city who happens to be a little more beautiful than other students here. But is that enough reason for her to refuse your kindness again and again? She is so ungrateful!"

"What are you talking about? Drive the car now!" Mike's voice was so powerful that the driver shivered and zipped his mouth.

Lettie continued to run under the rain. Her whole body was soaking wet now. Some of the raindrops even fell on her eyelashes and blurred her vision.

At this time, a silver-gray sports car approached her, screeching its tires.

She instinctively dodged to the side of the road, but it was too late. The dirty water had splashed all over her body. Lettie was so angry that she glared at the car and cursed in her heart, 'You have such a great car, but you're a jerk! How careless!'

When the car was already about ten meters away from Lettie, it stopped. Then the glass window of the driver's seat slowly descended. A middle-aged man poked his head out to look at Lettie and then shrank back. He turned to the young man in the back seat and said, "It's a female student walking under the rain without an umbrella. Our car drenched her with dirty water, and I think she's angry."

The young man didn't say anything but opened the door. With an umbrella in his hand, he slowly walked towards Lettie. When he saw that water was dripping all over her body, he snickered, "Hello! Here." With those two words, he put the umbrella in her hand and turned around. He was about to leave when he realized that the young woman looked familiar. He thought carefully. He remembered it now.

She was the campus belle mentioned by his best friends. A surge of excitement ran through him.

But he did his best to calm down before he turned back to her.

Lettie was not able to see the young man's face clearly because it was a bit dark. But she just shrugged it off. With the umbrella in her hand, she started to walk forward. Much to her surprise, the young man turned around and looked straight at her. She was so shocked that she wanted to scold him.

However, she saw a sincere smile on his face. Before she could even open her mouth, he said, "I'm sorry for what happened just now. It was an accident. My driver didn't notice the pothole on the road, so the dirty water splashed on you. How about I take you to the mall to buy some clothes, so you can change?"

"No need." Her voice sounded uninterested. She didn't even spare him a glance when she directly refused. But the next second, Lettie came to realize that her attitude was a bit inappropriate. She didn't want to be rude. However, she also didn't know what to say to this stranger in front of her. So she just said, "Thank you." She shook her dress to get rid of some dirt, opened the umbrella, and ran away.

'Huh? She ran away just like that? She's interesting, '

the young man thought as he watched her back. He could hear the pounding of his heart. He didn't even seem to notice that the rain was already pouring on him.

The lightning that suddenly lit the sky and the roaring thunder that followed pulled him back to reality.

The young man was Claud. He was from the rich Chen family. He was handsome yet unruly. However, it also wasn't difficult to see the kindness in his eyes. His thick black hair exuded a sense of youth in him. Under his dashing eyebrows was a pair of seemingly cold eyes, full of deep affection. He had a straight pointed nose and thin red lips. All in all, he was like a Greek god.

In school, he pretended to be cynical and indifferent in everybody's eyes. But the truth

was, he was a gentle and romantic young man. He had a kind heart that only a few people from the upper class had. Although his family was the richest in A City, he never looked down on people. As a matter of fact, he was secretly helping his poor classmates in their tuition fees. And because of his status, he was deeply flattered by his classmates. All of them looked up to him.

Lettie, on the other hand, was a young woman from a broken family. She was raised by her mother alone and never got the chance to see her father ever since she was born. Aside from her mother, Lola Zhao, the only relative she knew was her aunt, Luna Zhao. Luna Zhao was her mother's sister. These two women pinned all their hopes on her.

Every cloud had a silver lining. When Lettie was nineteen, she was admitted to the Provincial Normal University with excellent grades. Finally, her mother and aunt's dream came true.

Lettie was a beautiful young woman. Her small face looked so adorable, and her deep-set eyes were tantalizing. She had a cute pointed nose and small sexy lips. A lot of young men were chasing her, but he had always kept her chastity and self-respect. Aside from her fairy-like beauty, she was also talented. No wonder she stood out among the female students in her school.

In fact, she was already known as a campus belle when she was a freshman. Now, she was already a junior student. In the past three years, there had been so many young men who tried to win her heart. But unfortunately, none of them had succeeded. People who didn't know her thought that she was just pretending to be pure and lofty. But in reality, she just didn't want to be connected to others. As a result, the boys from her class could only approach her when it had something to do with their subjects. She was willing to help them as long as it was related to their lessons. But when they started to open the topic of love and emotions, she would become indifferent and ignore them.

Claud had been thinking about Lettie since that night he met her under the rain. He was not satisfied with the result of their first meeting at all. Since the word "impossible" didn't exist in his vocabulary, he would do everything to see her again.

It was a cool night in early summer. Claud and his friends were at a bar. He asked them out because he wanted to gather some ideas from them on how to win a woman's heart.

"Claud, you have to woo her just like in romantic movies. Go to her dormitory every day and bring some gifts. I'm sure she will be moved one day and naturally fall into your arms."

"That's too old-fashioned. Claud should do a little more surprising. Something that she will get interested in."

"Yes. Let's think of something more interesting and outstanding."

"Don't bother, guys. Don't underestimate my capability. She's just a woman. I don't need so many people to think it hard for me," Claud finally said. Actually, he had already fallen in love with Lettie. He just pretended that she didn't mean that much to him.


After drinking a few glasses of wine, Claud became tipsy and started to talk nonsense. "Everyone, listen carefully. I promise all of you. That famous campus belle will fall in love with me unconditionally in less than three months. Do you believe in me?"

"Of course, we believe in you." His friends just said that they believed in him.

But deep down, they felt that it was impossible. In their eyes, Lettie was different from the other women they knew. She was not easy to coax.

Someone from the group named Ryan Gao stood up and said, "Claud, since you are so sure that you'll get her, we believe in you. But... what if you fail?"

"You think I can't do it? Don't you trust me that much?" Claud said.

"It's not that I don't trust you. I know what you're capable of. But Lettie is different. She's not like other women we know. She's too hard to get."

"I don't think so," Claud countered.

"Okay. Since you are confident, then why don't we bet?" Ryan Gao suggested.

"Deal!" Claud answered at once. "If I can't win her heart in three months, each of you can make any request, and I will definitely grant it. But if I succeed, of course, I'll still treat all of you to a good meal. Is that okay?"

"Okay!" "That's great!" "Claud, we'll hold on to your words. We are looking forward to that day."

"Come on, let's drink to Claud's success! To his future love life!" Claud's friends were all in high spirits. It was as if they found a gold mine.

'Ha-ha! Claud will definitely spend a lot of money this time, ' Ryan Gao thought inwardly.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he became.

While everyone was celebrating, a wine glass fell to the floor. The loud bang made all of them turn their heads simultaneously.

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